Incisione a bulino di un gioiello
Incisione a bulino di un gioiello

At school with Marco Bicego

A goldsmith lesson. The teacher is Marco Bicego or, better, the Academy promoted by the Italian fine jewelry brand. The goal is to train new specialists in the production and processing of jewelery. and it should not be surprising: companies need qualified personnel and cannot find them on the job market. All that remains is to train it with a school or with courses organized by the companies themselves. In the case of Marco Bicego, it is a training course that combines classroom lessons, structured training and individual coaching for the inclusion of professional figures in the company and to enhance specialized production capacity.

Lavorazione artigianale di gioielli d'oro
Lavorazione artigianale di gioielli d’oro

The importance of learning a trade seems to be a recommendation from the past. Instead it is very current. And it can be very prestigious. To increase quality work and make our territory attractive again, we have launched this training course based on our values ​​of tradition, excellence, artisan savoir-faire and innovation: a program that is part of our company’s mission to preserve and enhance a historical savoir-faire, supporting the link with the district and the territory where this same goldsmith tradition has its roots.
Marco Bicego, founder and creative director of the brand

Marco Bicego
Marco Bicego

The initiative is carried out in collaboration with Gi Group, an Italian multinational of work with seven offices in the Vicenza area, and the professional institute Scuola Arte e Mestieri of Vicenza of the Veneto Productivity Center Foundation. Those who take the courses will learn techniques such as burin engraving, one of the most typical entirely manual processes of the brand. Admission to the program, after selection, was aimed at talents from different backgrounds, with or without previous experience in the goldsmith sector.
The Academy has already started on September 5 with a training program lasting 120 hours, which will be followed by an induction and onboarding period in preparation for hiring in the company.

Incisione a bulino di un gioiello
Incisione a bulino di un gioiello

Bracciale in oro Lucia
Bracciale in oro Lucia di Marco Bicego

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