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Anello con boules in oro e gemme

Marco Bicego adds colors to the Africa Gemstone collection

The Venetian jewelery house Marco Bicego has, among its qualities, the merit of not making successful collections obsolete. In other words, it does not happen that after a short time […]

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Bracciale con fiocco

Marco Bicego and the Lucia collection, a tribute to the designer’s mother

With a work spanning over two years, Marco Bicego has completed a collection that he particularly cares about. In fact, the collection is called Lucia, the name of the designer’s […]

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Marco Bicego, collezione Lunaria Petali, collana

Spring with petals for Marco Bicego

The Lunaria Petali collection by Marco Bicego, flowers and diamonds with a delicate gold processing ♦ ︎ Marco Bicego stays on Lunaria, but the spring air makes a flower bloom. […]

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Modelle a Inhorgenta

Who runs for Inhorgenta

Back Inhorgenta, with a thousand exhibitors and a competition that teases the brands ♦ ︎ In Munich, Inhorgenta returns (22 – 25 February), with about a thousand exhibitors coming from […]

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Cristina D'Avena con i gioielli di Salvini

The jewels of Sanremo Festival

The jewels of the Sanremo Festival: Damiani for Patty Pravo, Arisa between Salvini and Marco Bicego, Foglietta with Pasquale Bruni … ♦ ︎ Many years ago the Sanremo Festival, the […]

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Violante Placido, collana di Pasquale Bruni

The jewels at the Venice Film Festival

Jewels and bejeweled on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival. Here are the choices of the stars ♦ ︎ Let’s face it: not everyone at the Venice Film […]

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Bracciale a cinque fili di Marco Bicego, collezione Jaipur

Marco Bicego back to Jaipur

Marco Bicego widens the collection dedicated to Jaipur: necklaces and bracelets in gold and colored stones. Marco Bicego back to Jaipur. Or, better, he extends the reach of the Indian […]

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Bracciale in oro, tuchese e diamanti

Marco Bicego returns to Africa

Marco Bicego presents three new extensions of the Africa collection ♦ ︎ The father of Marco Bicego, Giuseppe Bicego, started his business founding a gold chain factory, in Vicenza. The […]

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Bracciale in oro giallo della collezione Marrakech Supreme

Marco Bicego again in Marrakech

Marrakech Supreme, the new Marco Bicego collection characterized by softness ♦ ︎ Marrakech, the city of Morocco famous for its square, its mysteries (also Alfred Hitchcock has set there The […]

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Unoaerre, bracciale in bronzo dorato Venus

Jewelry, financial statements between gold and lead

Jewelery financial statements are not all gold according to Pambianco ♦ The 2016 was not a golden year for jewelery, but not too bad. A round of informal phone calls […]

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Mattioli, collezione Puzzle, modello Bikini in oro rosa e madreperle fuxia

Chains on exhibition

In Vicenza 80 jewels that have the chain’s protagonist ♦︎ There are chains that bind and there are chains that release. There are also chains that like. Those that are […]

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Orecchini Lunaria in oro, madreperla e diamanti

Marco Bicego, new steps on Lunaria

The new line of Lunaria collection designed by Marco Bicego: gold, mother of pearl and diamonds ♦ Marco Bicego is attracted by the stars: it is known. Less known is the […]

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Bracciale a cinque fili

The Paradise lightblue by Marco Bicego

The Paradise of Marco Bicego is expanding with aquamarines of Africa and Brazil. Marco Bicego scale even the steps leading to Paradise. But, in this case, the Paradise is on […]

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Emma Stone

(Italiano) I gioielli degli Oscar

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch […]

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Bracciale n oro gialo e diamanti

Marco Bicego to Masai

The Masai collection designed by Marco Bicego, white gold or yellow slight spirals with diamonds. The Masai were a nomadic people active in the highlands around the border between Kenya […]

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The moon view by Bicego

The moon view by Bicego

The satellite of the Earth continues to inspire Marco Bicego: Lunaria Lapis is the latest variation of Lunaria, classic collection of the Venetian designer (as we anticipated here). Lapis is […]

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Bracciali in oro giallo e bianco

Bicego goes to Masai

The Masai are a people living between Tanzania and Kenya. Shepherds, but also warriors, are famous for the colorful beaded jewelry they wear. The new collection of Marco Bicego beside […]

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Collana in oro e lapislazzulo

Bicego blue moon

Marco Bicego lands at Baselworld 2016 with a novelty: Lunaria Lapis. Lunaria is one of the most famous collections by the Veneto brand. And, since the jewelry line is inspired […]

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Who is going at the Italian Jewelry Festival

Who is going at the Italian Jewelry Festival

There will also be the designer Marco Dal Maso with its brand Marco Ta Moko, among jewelers selected from Neiman Marcus for The Italian Jewelry Festival, dedicated to the jewelry […]

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Marco Bicego, bracciale con gemme colorate

Bicego, colors in Paradise

Marco Bicego, Vicenza’s brand with ascendant in the US and Britain, renews the historic Paradise collection. The jewelry line, very colorful, but discreetly, includes 18K gold bracelets, necklaces and, above […]

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