Alison Lou, earrings
Alison Lou, earrings

Alison Lou, jewels and smiles

The new amusing jewels of the American designer Alison Chemla and her Alison Lou ♦ ︎

She creates jewelry that is beautiful to wear. But also fun. It is the idea on which the work of Alison Chemla, the founder and designer of the New York brand Alison Lou, is based. As in the Pop Art movement, Alison Chemla is also inspired by popular and contemporary motifs. For example, with his now famous Emoticore collection, which uses expressive icons that all add to smartphone messages.

Bracciali con conchiglie e palme
Bracelets with shells and palm trees

Next to the icons, Allison Lou then added themes like Casino and Secret Garden, but always with the addition of a bit of irony. The Mama Mia collection, instead, was created after a summer trip to Italy: it is an expression that she must have listened to who knows how many times. Finally, in the spring of 2018, Alison launched Loucite, a collection of hoop earrings made of lucite, a material that is polymethylmethacrylate, a plastic, and hand-painted enamel. Although the material is not precious, the jewels of the Loucite collection were worn by Emily Ratajkowski, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Gigi Hadid, Tracee Ellis Ross, Celine Dion. They also like jewelry with a smile.

Anelli in oro e diamanti
Gold and diamond rings
Alison Chemla
Alison Chemla
Anello in oro, smalto e diamanti
Ring in gold, enamel and diamonds
Collana in oro con pavé di rubini
Gold necklace with ruby pavé
Anello Fettuccine, collezione Mama Mia
Fettuccine ring, Mama Mia collection
Anelli in oro e smalto
Gold and enamel rings

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