Anello sulla mano destra
Anello sulla mano destra

Wedding rings, how to choose

Wedding rings, guide to choosing it (and 5 ideas to find the right wedding ring for you) ♦

Jewels have always played a decisive role in relationships, not only from the most frivolous point of view, as one of the most appreciated gifts a man can give a woman, but also from a much deeper aspect, of union between two people. That’s why choosing a wedding ring to share with your life partner shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The ring for the couple’s most important day, in fact, will be worn (hopefully) for a lifetime. In short, the choice must be decided after thinking well. And also keep in mind that the ring must be combined with different clothes, different seasons, in the evening as in the morning. In short, it must always go well.

Anello di fidanzamento indossato assieme alla fede matrimoniale
Engagement ring worn together with the wedding ring

So, is it better to choose a classic wedding ring, in simple yellow gold? Or in rose, white or platinum gold? A shiny, satin or diamond wedding ring? Here is a selection of what you can buy on the internet: the wedding ring, like love, has no boundaries. And for the measure? The size of the ring can be easily determined by following these instructions.

1 yellow gold ring. It is like a gray suit, which is good for all occasions. A classic. It never clashes, no one will notice it too much, but don’t think you stand out. There are those who choose a yellow gold band ring precisely because it is a little anonymous, no one will ever have anything to say about your choice, and in 20 years it will do the same. Others, however, find the yellow gold wedding ring too boring. To you the choice.

Noi2, fede nuziale in oro giallo by Damiani
Noi2, yellow gold wedding ring by Damiani

2 rose gold ring. Years ago, rose gold was considered too flashy and not suitable for marriage. Today this is no longer the case: those who choose pink gold appreciate the warm color of the metal. Among other things, there is not just one type of rose: the color, in fact, depends on the amount of copper that is used in the alloy with gold. The brighter the pink, the more copper will have been used. To be precise, pink gold is usually composed of 75% gold (yellow, therefore), 6.5-5% silver and 18.5-20% copper. Of course, you don’t have to have copper allergies.

Fede Nuziale Toujours in oro rosa
Toujours wedding ring in rose gold

3 white gold ring. Discreet, classic, perfect even when complemented by a small diamond set in the band: white gold continues to have a good number of admirers. However, its luster depends on the type of rhodium plating used (this also applies to the other colors of gold). When white gold loses its luster with wear, it risks being confused with silver. But don’t worry: just take it to a jewelry store for a new quick rhodium plating and it will be as good as new.

Anello in oro bianco Heart Beat
Salvini, Heart Beat white gold ring

4 diamond rings. The classic solitaire is usually a ring intended for engagement. In that case, however, the diamond is branded on the outside of the gold band. Nothing prevents, however, that small diamonds can also be used for wedding rings. But in this case they must be placed very discreetly on the ring so as not to become excessively showy.

Anello di Piaget Possession, in oro rosa e diamante
Piaget Possession ring, in rose gold and diamond

5 platinum rings. There is not only gold: platinum is a great metal for wedding rings. In addition to being very chic, platinum is also a metal that does not easily cause allergies, and is very resistant. However, it is a little more expensive than gold. Not only that: once worn it is not distinguishable from a normal white gold ring: therefore, if you choose platinum, you don’t have to worry about showing the price.

Cartier, anello in platino (versione uomo)
Cartier, platinum ring (men’s version)

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