Collana e bracciale in oro bianco, giallo e rutenio indossati. Copyright:
Collana e bracciale in oro bianco, giallo e rutenio. Copyright:

The reflections of Gold Art

Gold Art is one of the large Italian jewelry companies. It was born in the district of Arezzo in 1978 on the initiative of Domenico Tavanti. It was born as a company producing finished products for wholesalers, and since 2000 also producing semi-finished products. But thanks to some acquisitions of jewelry brands, Gold Art, in addition to producing on behalf of third parties, also creates jewelry to be sold directly to the public through brands such as Tavanti and Falcinelli, while 7Ar specializes in the production of super light tubes and Coi is active in the distribution of jewels.

Collana Snowflakes con oro diamantato e colore ottenuto con cataforesi. Copyright:
Snowflakes necklace with diamond gold and color obtained with cataphoresis. Copyright:

One of the house specialties is diamond cutting. It is a gold processing which, through the incision made with diamond tips on the surface of the metal, makes the jewel shine by creating micro facets on the surface. Technological design has brought this manufacturing technique to excellent levels, allowing infinite patterns to be created not only on the sphere, but on any desired shape. This is demonstrated by the large necklaces, but also bracelets, earrings and rings, sometimes worked with the addition of colored enamels.

Dettaglio della collana Snowflakes
Detail of the Snowflakes necklace. Copyright:
Gold Art, collana in oro, lavorazione con cataforesi
Gold Art, gold necklace, cataphoresis processing. Copyright:
Una modella indossa collana, bracciale, orecchini e anello Gold Art
A model wears Gold Art necklace, bracelet, earrings and ring. Copyright:

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