Farewell to Ivan Consoli

One of the best-known Italian jewelers appeared at just 52 years old: Ivan Consoli, at the helm of a Maison also famous for its creativity as demonstrated by many patents. The ring that becomes a bracelet has introduced a new concept, capable of merging the excellence of high-end Italian goldsmith manufacturing with engineering and high technology.

Anello in oro che si trasforma in bracciale
Gold ring that turns into a bracelet

From Bergamo and based in Grumello del Monte, Consoli was married to Lucia and father of three children, Leonardo, Giorgia and Filippo, and assisted in running his company by his sisters Raffaella and Nadia. The designer continued the work of his father Serafino Consili, from whom the brand takes its name. Ivan Consoli was among the few Italian jewelers to boast the diploma from the GIA, the Gemological Institute of America obtained in 1992, as well as having obtained the diplomas of Master of Goldsmith’s Art and in Applied Art from the Benvenuto Cellini Institute of Valenza Po.
Serafino Consoli, bracciali e anelli
Serafino Consoli, bracelets and rings

Thanks to his ability, at the beginning of the 2000s, he was able to bring success to the small boutique in Grumello del Monte in the province of Bergamo, involving some of the most renowned jewelery and watch brands in his projects, obtaining over time numerous awards and recognitions. Under the leadership of Ivan Consoli, over the years the Serafino Consoli brand has progressively conquered international markets with over 250 dealers around the world: from Europe to the United States, from the Middle East up to the recent introduction in Australia and the Pacific area.
Un frame del filmato «Shape of Life»
A frame from the film «Shape of Life»

Consoli also amazed with his latest communication campaign, giving life to the manifesto film The shape of life, considered a work of cinematographic art currently competing in various international film contests.
Serafino Consoli, orecchini con diamanti, rubini, smeraldi, zaffiri
Serafino Consoli, earrings with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires

All about the mysterious Moldavite

Moldavite is not a disease, but a stone, even if there are some who suffer from Moldavite. The disease, in truth, only damages the psyche, because thinking that a simple mineral has the power to modify the state of health or protect against evil spirits (or things of this kind) can only be described as simple ignorance or a disorder psychic. But beyond these bizarre aspects, Moldavite has its admirers in jewelry.

Anello in oro giallo con moldavite
Yellow gold ring with moldavite

The mineral. Moldavite is a green vitreous silica rock, which can have different shades: forest, olive or green-blue. The aspect that makes many people fantasize is that this stone has a different origin than usual: it was formed, in fact, from the impact of a meteorite probably in southern Germany about 15 million years ago. But it must be added that it is not the only mineral substance present on Earth to have an origin of this type. In any case, from a geological point of view it is simply a type of tektite. Its discovery dates back to 1786, when it was presented during a lecture at the University of Prague. The term Moldavite arrived only in the mid-nineteenth century, it derives from the Vltava river, in Bohemia (Czech Republic), from where the first described pieces came from.

Anello in oro bianco con moldavite
White gold ring with moldavite

Where is it. Moldavite is found in an area that includes southern Bohemia, western Moravia, the Cheb basin (north-western Bohemia), Lusatia (Germany) and the Waldviertel (Austria).

Collana di moldavite
Bracelet with moldavite

The mineral. Moldavite is a beryllium-10, similar to the composition of the Australian (Australian) and Ivory Coast (Ivorite) tektites. In short, it has nothing so mysterious. The properties of the mineral are similar to those of other types of glass and the reported Mohs hardness ranges from 5.5 to 7 (on the scale a diamond is 10, the maximum). Moldavite can be transparent or translucent with a moss green color, with swirls and bubbles inside or on the surface. Unfortunately, in China they seem to have created imitations of Moldavite, in reality simple glass. If the stone has a smooth surface with no threads (called lechatelierite) inside it, it is probably fake. The real mineral, in fact, has bubbles and various inclusions that resemble small worms inside, which may indicate its natural origin. If this mineral intrigues you, you can visit a museum dedicated to Moldavite, the Muzeum Vltavínů, in Český Krumlov, Czech Republic.

Pendente di moldavite
Pendant with moldavite

Moldavite in jewelry. Moldavite is not a very common mineral in jewelry, but rings or necklaces made with this material, in faceted or natural form, have an appearance that appeals to many. There are, however, three different qualities of Moldavite: high, medium and normal. For jewelry, only high quality moldavite is generally used.

New standards from the Responsible Jewelery Council

The 2024 annual report of the Responsible Jewelery Council (RJC), a standards organization for the global jewelery and watchmaking industry, is entitled The Artisans of Change: Crafting Our Future Together. The association has now grown from 14 founding members to 1,828 members worldwide by year-end 2023, in 71 countries.

It’s an exciting time to be part of the RJC, contributing to the progress of both industry and society, whilst understanding our impact on the planet. Only through collaboration and cohesion can we ensure a strong future for the companies and communities that are part of this journey. Thank you to all of you who go beyond compliance to strive for a better world.
Melanie Grant, executive director

Melanie Grant
Melanie Grant

2023-2024 was also the first year that Melanie Grant served as executive director. The focus of the organization is the definition of recycled materials within the Chain of Custody (Coc) standard, and a key element of this is the definition of recycled gold, and LGD standards are coming, London Good bars Deliveries that meet certain characteristics defined by the London Bullion Market Association. In early 2024 the RJC elected a new president, Dave Meleski.

It has been a very busy start to my term as president. I met the staff during my first visit to London for my first board meeting and immersed myself in the current challenges with the team. There is a lot to do with our growing organization and the ever-changing world in which we operate.
Dave Meleski, RJC President and President and CEO of Richline Group

Dave Meleski headshot
Dave Meleski

Not just automatons for Van Robot

The word robot was invented by the Czech writer Karel Čapek in his play Rur in 1920. The author imagined a kind of android used to work in a factory. The idea of machines with a vaguely human shape, however, is much older. And even today, with the first real robots produced by big hi-tech companies, it remains fascinating (until someone loses their job because of them). In any case, the silhouette of the robot, in a fifties version, was also liked by Tatiana Van Lancker. So much so that the designer founded her Maison, Van Robot. It goes without saying that much of her jewelery is inspired by the figure of the robot.

Anello in oro 18 carati, tormalina cabochon, diamanti champagne
18k gold ring, cabochon tourmaline, champagne diamonds

The jewels are handmade in 18 carat gold and precious stones in a workshop in Arezzo, one of the jewelery districts in Italy. Tatiana, in fact, spends a lot of time in her house in Tuscany. in Italy. Van Robot was launched in 2020 and the idea of the jewel-automaton, which also expresses irony and lightness, was liked. The brand thus also landed at the prestigious Couture in Las Vegas. Alongside the robot-shaped jewels, the designer also added more traditional jewels, but with a well-defined creativity.
Pendente in oro brunito e acquamarina
Pendant in burnished gold and aquamarine

Tatiana Van Lancker was born in Paris, raised in Sydney, she spent twenty years in London and now lives between Rome and Tuscany with her husband, two daughters and their dachshunds. Her professional background is also eclectic: she has worked as a manager at BSkyB, business director at Soho House, a global platform of physical and digital spaces and founded the interior design studio Studio LVL in London. All jobs that no robot could have done.
Bracciali in oro con pietre preziose e semi preziose
Gold bracelets with precious and semi-precious stones

Pendente in oro, diamanti champagne e bianchi
Gold pendant, champagne and white diamonds
Orecchini in oro 18 carati, morganite cabochon, diamanti, opali a goccia
18k gold earrings, cabochon morganite, diamonds, drop opals

The jewelry store is online with Lucchetta 1953

The name already indicates the origin of the company: Lucchetta 1953. In that year Stefano Lucchetta founded the factory in Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza), then managed by Armando Lucchetta and today by Massimo Lucchetta, the third generation active in the production sector of gold and silver jewellery. The company is not, however, a classic third-party manufacturing as often happens in the Vicenza district, because it offers its own collections and also stands out for another aspect. Since 2016 he has decided to distribute his made in Italy jewels also through Amazon. An experiment that was successful, overcoming some people’s distrust towards the online jewelery trade.

Ciondolo con cavallo in oro 14 carati
Horse pendant in 14k gold

The success of the experiment, which continues, was also recently recognized by the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy, as an example of how even a company that works in a refined sector such as jewelery can profitably use multi-channel, i.e. digital sales that complement the traditional channel of traditional jewelry trade.
Bracciale a cerchio in oro 9 carati
9ct gold circle bracelet

Orecchini Albero della vita in oro 14 carati
Tree of life earrings in 14k gold
Orecchini a goccia in oro 14 carati
14k gold drop earrings

The reflections of Gold Art

Gold Art is one of the large Italian jewelry companies. It was born in the district of Arezzo in 1978 on the initiative of Domenico Tavanti. It was born as a company producing finished products for wholesalers, and since 2000 also producing semi-finished products. But thanks to some acquisitions of jewelry brands, Gold Art, in addition to producing on behalf of third parties, also creates jewelry to be sold directly to the public through brands such as Tavanti and Falcinelli, while 7Ar specializes in the production of super light tubes and Coi is active in the distribution of jewels.

Collana Snowflakes con oro diamantato e colore ottenuto con cataforesi. Copyright:
Snowflakes necklace with diamond gold and color obtained with cataphoresis. Copyright:

One of the house specialties is diamond cutting. It is a gold processing which, through the incision made with diamond tips on the surface of the metal, makes the jewel shine by creating micro facets on the surface. Technological design has brought this manufacturing technique to excellent levels, allowing infinite patterns to be created not only on the sphere, but on any desired shape. This is demonstrated by the large necklaces, but also bracelets, earrings and rings, sometimes worked with the addition of colored enamels.

Dettaglio della collana Snowflakes
Detail of the Snowflakes necklace. Copyright:
Gold Art, collana in oro, lavorazione con cataforesi
Gold Art, gold necklace, cataphoresis processing. Copyright:
Una modella indossa collana, bracciale, orecchini e anello Gold Art
A model wears Gold Art necklace, bracelet, earrings and ring. Copyright:

Ancient Persia and micromosaic, jewels by Roshanak Payrovi

It is not necessary to explain why many Iranian women, those who are able, decide to go abroad. Roshanak Payrovi has chosen two new worlds: Italy and jewelry. And after the master’s degree in Jewelery Design in Arezzo, he deepened the micromosaic technique to the point of making it the characteristic of his creations. In Tuscany the young designer followed the teaching of the art historian Paolo Torriti and found the support of the jeweler-artist Alessio Boschi. You also chose to use the micromosaic technique under the guidance of Maestro Roberto Grieco, a Roman artist with over 30 years of experience.

Orecchini in micro mosaico, perle, tormalina
Micro mosaic earrings, pearls, tourmaline

The micro mosaic technique used in the past and rediscovered today is used to create jewelery inspired by ancient Persia. His first collection draws inspiration from Persepolis, the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire (c. 550–330 BC), of which the ruins remain. It is located in the Marvdasht plains, near the southern Zagros Mountains of Iran. It is also one of the major cultural heritages of Iran and the world. Roshanak Payrovi made his debut at Vicenzaoro thanks to The8, a competition dedicated to IED students in Rome and Turin and promoted by Labigem, the Italian Gemology Laboratory.
Roshanak Payrovi. Copyright:
Roshanak Payrovi. Copyright:

Anello ispirato all'architettura dell’Impero achemenide
Ring inspired by the architecture of the Achaemenid Empire

Terzihan from the Grand Bazaar to the world

In the Seventies Murat Terzihan moved to Istanbul from Mardin, a small Turkish town on the border with Syria, where the family had been working jewelery for three centuries. In the large Turkish city overlooking the Bosphorus, Terzihan began working on the Grand Bazaar, one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world (it was founded in 1455). Several decades have passed and today Terzihan has evolved into a luxury jewelry house with boutiques and showrooms in Istanbul, Lisbon, Florida and retailers on five continents.

Pendente con rubellite, topazio, tanzanite. Copyright:
Pendant with rubellite, topaz, tanzanite. Copyright:

The company has not abandoned its artisanal vocation and continues to be led by the Terzihans, with the brothers Can and Cem as general manager and creative director who supported their father. The philosophy of the brand is to enhance the mix of Mesopotamian and Mediterranean roots, between sea and jewels. The style is eclectic, modern, and involves the use of colored stones, together with gold, with kaleidoscopic designs and high-contrast geometric volumes, with some echoes of art deco.

Pendente con topazio, zaffiri rosa e e orange. Copyright:
Pendant with topaz, pink and orange sapphires. Copyright:
Orecchini Accra in oro rosa, diamanti, onice
Accra earrings in rose gold, diamonds, onyx
Medaglione in oro rosa com zaffiri multicolor e onice
Rose gold medallion with multicolor sapphires and onyx
Collana Accra in oro bianco, diamanti, onice
Accra necklace in white gold, diamonds, onyx

A film for Serafino Consoli

The Serafino Consoli brand presents a video, The Shape of Life, which in addition to being a vehicle for communicating jewellery, aims to become a manifesto of the values and history of the brand. Set between Monte Rosa and the Circolo Filologico of Milan, the cultural center of the city, the video is performed by the German dancer and choreographer Anne Jung, with elements of dance and sport: she competed in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

The video is presented as testimony to the stylistic path undertaken by Serafino Consoli, a brand born in 1959 in a small jewelery shop in Northern Italy, in the province of Bergamo, which still bears the name of its founder today. The Brevetto and Serafino collections combine tradition and innovation: the technology introduced by the brand makes the jewelery extremely flexible, able to adapt to any size. In the Serafino collection, for example, the rings can be transformed into bracelets, with two ways of wearing the same jewel.

Serafino Consoli, bracciali e anelli
Serafino Consoli, bracelets and rings

With The Shape of Life we wanted to create a new and innovative communication product. For its production we identified young professionals who brought their creativity and fresh ideas to overcome the concept of the classic commercial. Together we thought of this project, then shot and edited into a real film-manifesto which, in a few minutes and without unnecessary frills, speaks, interprets and transmits the concepts of nature, human relationships, changes. Because the shape of life is changeable like our rings, which last forever, adapting to the passing of time. For us The Shape of Life is not a simple and classic marketing initiative, it is a project that aims to accompany us and represent us as a company and people, because it investigates and compares the sensitivity and beauty that is in each of us.
Ivan Consoli, CEO of Serafino Consoli

The film is produced by the independent creative&production company Jumpp, written and directed by Nicola Martini, under the executive creative direction of Giovanni Verdicchio. The photographic direction is by Luca Costantini, the music is by Daniele De Virgilio.

La locandina di The Shape of Life
The Shape of Life poster

The spring of Ribas Jewellery

Jewelery with a romantic design, inspired by the flower season: a classic jewelery tremble, proposed by Ribas Jewellery for spring 2024. Gold and diamonds are the classic ingredients of the recipe, with the addition of precious stones for a touch of colour. The brand, born in Tel Aviv in 2002 on the initiative of Patrik Ribas, carries the certification of the Israel Diamond Exchange, of which it is a member, as a guarantee of quality and competence: the city is one of the world’s diamond capitals. The company also has headquarters in Vilnius (Lithuania), creative offices in Tuscany and a flagship store in Florence.

Anello e collana con croce di Ribas Jewellery indossati
Ring and necklace with cross by Ribas Jewellery

The jewelry design is traditional, with tennis bracelets in white or yellow gold and eternity rings in yellow gold with diamonds and pink sapphires, to which are also added cross-shaped pendants studded with diamonds. More trendy are the piercings with two models, one in white gold on which there are three small flowers with diamonds and one in yellow gold with a central flower, where the four petals are made up of four 0.17 carat diamonds. The aim is to offer diamond jewelery at a relatively affordable price.
Bracciali tennis, collana con croce, orecchini e anelli in oro e diamanti
Tennis bracelets, necklace with cross, earrings and rings in gold and diamonds

Piercing in oro giallo e diamanti
Piercing in yellow gold and diamonds
Bracciale tennis in oro bianco e diamanti
Tennis bracelet in white gold and diamonds

Dave Meleski president of the Responsible Jewelery Council

Dave Meleski, president and CEO of Richline Group, has been elected president of the Responsible Jewelery Council. RJC is the leading authority on global watch and jewelery standards, working with its members around the world to create a sustainable supply chain from mine to retail. It was formed in 2005 by 14 top-tier brands and financial institutions with the goal of transforming sustainability from an afterthought to a major driving force for change. Today it has over 1,800 member companies in 71 countries. Meleski replaces David Bouffard who leaves the position, after being elected in 2018 for two three-year terms.

This is a critical time for RJC to continue to grow and lead the global supply chain in setting the standards for our industry. Richline has been involved at board and committee levels since the RJC’s inception, and as a global manufacturing company with retail customers around the world, we have helped promote the importance of the RJC as our single voice for compliance standards.
Dave Meleski

Dave Meleski
Dave Meleski

It has been an honor to serve as RJC President for six years – a truly challenging but rewarding experience of a lifetime, especially representing Signet, one of the RJC Founding Members. Companies like Signet and Richline, along with esteemed team members and boards of directors, have transformed the RJC over the past 20 years from an organization with 14 founding members when it launched in 2005 to an organization that grows stronger every month with over 1,800 members to date.
David Bouffard, outgoing RJC President and Signet Fellow of Industrial Affairs


Melanie Grant, executive director of the RJC, will report directly to Meleski. RJC would also like to thank Edward Asscher, honorary president of Asscher Diamonds, for volunteering to run for president and he will remain vice president of the organization.
Modella con gioielli
Model with jewelry

Ribas Jewelery PR goes to Clara Garcovich

Ribas Jewelery will be followed by the communication agency Clara Garcovich. For Ribas Jewellery, a jewelery and diamond company founded in 2002, the agency will manage all integrated and cross-media communication activities, with media relations activities, press office and PR, Digital PR, Events.
Ribas Jewelery was founded in 2002 in Tel Aviv by Patrik Ribas, thanks to his great experience in the diamond and jewelery sector it is now a company recognized worldwide. With headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania, creative offices in Tuscany and a flagship store in Florence, Ribas Jewelery designs, creates, distributes and sells luxury gold jewelery made with diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies and other precious stones. The brand’s objective is to make diamonds accessible to everyone, thanks to an attractive starting price positioning, despite the great quality of the product guaranteed by the Israeli Diamond Exchange of which Ribas Jewelery is a member.

Ribas Jewelery today is undergoing strong expansion, with three mono-brand stores in Vilnius, a store in Kaunas and a flagship store in Italy in Florence, a reference benchmark. We have recently finalized another four new openings in the Baltic countries, but the Italian market is fundamental above all in terms of positioning, hence the collaboration with the Clara Garcovich agency which aims to develop a new strategic communication plan.
Patrick Ribas

Patrick Ribas
Patrick Ribas

The agency, founded in 2002 by Clara Garcovich, deals with PR and integrated communication with a multidisciplinary and unconventional approach, specializing in the fashion, beauty, jewellery, lifestyle, travel & hospitality, food & beverage, design & architecture, automotive and finance sectors, capable of proposing and develop made-to-measure strategies thanks to a creative and innovative team of experts in the language of communication. Starting from 2023, the agency has expanded its services by adding a new consultancy branch for the strategic development of brands.
Bracciali tennis
Tennis bracelets

Il flagship store di Ribas a Firenze
The Ribas flagship store in Florence

Women in the foreground with Ammanii

It is an unusual story that of Amany Shaker, who founded the Ammanii jewelry brand in 2015. She is Egyptian, she attended the American University in Cairo and obtained a Master’s Degree in Negotiational Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding from California State University. Additionally, she created a social services program for parents and children affected by conflict. Finally, she was the Women’s Program Director of the International Church Of Christ in Los Angeles. And between Cairo and Los Angeles she carries out her creative activity in jewelry, inspired by her background in women’s empowerment.

Anello Queen in vermeil con crisoprasio
Queen ring in vermeil with chrysoprase

For example, with a desire to tell stories and unite women by transcending cultural barriers, the brand recently introduced the Malikat collection, named after the Arabic word Queens. A collection that explicitly refers to the movement for women’s emancipation with a tribute to the queens of ancient Egypt, who guided the country, led armies and unified the people. The collection includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings handmade in vermeil, i.e. gold-plated silver, with the addition of semi-precious stones such as chrysoprase, tourmaline or topaz. The jewels are sold online and in the USA.
Orecchini in vermeil con cubic zirconia
Vermeil earrings with cubic zirconia

Orecchini in vermeil con perle di acqua dolce, lapislazzuli e crisoprasio
Vermeil earrings with freshwater pearls, lapis lazuli and chrysoprase
Orecchini in vermeil con perle di acqua dolce
Vermeil earrings with freshwater pearls
Anello amuleto scarabeo in vermeil con tormalina rosa e topazio
Scarab amulet ring in vermeil with pink tourmaline and topaz

The goddess Aphrodite for Atelier Vm

«Aphrodite represents the irresistible power of love and the impulse to sexuality which are at the root of life itself. In every living creature the goddess, if she wants, knows how to ignite desire, which proceeds like a fire, overturning every rule”: words of Plato. More commonly, Aphrodite for the ancient Greeks or Venus for the Romans was the goddess of love and beauty, who reigns over emotions in spring and brings couples together.

Anelli della collezione Afrodite indossati
Rings from the Aphrodite collection

The mythological goddess lives again in the Aphrodite collection of the Milanese brand Atelier Vm. Three jewels that are part of this line: a necklace in 18 or 9 carat yellow gold, with a curb chain, adjustable size between 42 and 40 centimeters, with a price of 640 euros (720 pounds, 800 dollars). The Aphrodite ring is in 9 carat yellow gold and ruby (price 300 euros, 340 pounds or 400 dollars). Finally, the Aphrodite earring, in 18k yellow gold and freshwater pearl (price: 160 euros, 180 pounds or 200 dollars).
Orecchini in oro giallo 18 carati e perla d’acqua dolce
Earrings in 18k yellow gold and freshwater pearl

Collana Afrodite in oro giallo 18  carati indossata
Aphrodite necklace in 18k yellow gold
Collana Afrodite
18k yellow gold necklace

The Progol3D Design Contest with Bulgari

New edition of the international competition aimed at the most important design schools in the jewelery world. Promoting the initiative is Progold, a Vicenza-based company specialized in the production and marketing of alloys and master alloys for jewellery. Objective: to push the gold and jewelery sector towards a more sustainable future thanks to the use of innovative technologies.

Damiano Zito
Damiano Zito, Ceo Progold

For the 2024 edition, the eighth, the competition will be able to make use of a prestigious partnership: Bulgari. The Roman Maison takes the field alongside Progold to support the creativity, technical competence and growth opportunity that this contest represents for the young generations. The theme identified for 2024 will be B-Evolution, a new life for the jewel inspired by the industrial universe seen through the eyes of Bulgari. A hymn to the power of creativity that blends movement and innovation in a unique piece of craftsmanship. Participants in the Progol3D Design Contest are asked to submit drawings or digital images of a jewel designed to be produced entirely through 3D printing. The projects must interpret new ways of thinking about jewelery and encourage progress: this is why the competition provides the design community with an excellent opportunity to visualize innovation-oriented ideas in the jewelery production of the future.

The eighth edition will also see the consolidation of a collaboration also had in the previous edition, the one with Platinum Guild International, an international organization that has at heart the development and sharing of technological knowledge to innovate the platinum jewelery sector as well as to promote its use and marketing. Participating will be over 150 projects designed by 74 students from seven schools from six countries. The technical jury is made up of experts from Progold, Bulgari and Platinum Guild International, who will select the winners who will have the opportunity to see their idea realized.
The award ceremony for the design contest is scheduled for January 21st during Vicenzaoro in the Palladio room – Hall 8 – at 3.30 pm.

President wanted for the RJC

Looking for president to deal with sustainability in the jewelery industry. If you are interested, you can contact the Responsible Jewelery Council, the world’s leading organization in defining sustainability standards for the sector. The new president will have to replace David Bouffard, who will leave on 30 April 2024 after six years. The identikit of the new president, capable of leading the team and board members into the future, includes a clear vision of the evolving landscape of the entire supply chain, from mining to retail, fine jewelery and watchmaking.

Lavorazione di gioielleria nell'atelier Roberto Coin
Jewelery manufacturing in the Roberto Coin atelier

The appointment of the new RJC president is held as a special election and separately from the organisation’s main board elections. The search will conclude on Saturday 27 January, while the vote will take place in February 2024 and the new RJC president will be elected in March, when the handover with Bouffard will begin.

It has been an honor to serve as Chair of the RJC for almost six years – a truly rewarding experience given that I have been involved in the RJC from the beginning, with Signet as a founding member. The entire team and board of directors have transformed RJC from an organization consisting of 14 founding members when it launched in 2005, to an organization that is growing strong with over 1,700 members to date. As we search for a new President, I am confident that RJC has the best leadership for this new era in Executive Director Melanie Grant, who has over 20 years of experience and is internationally regarded as a leading authority on jewellery.
David Bouffard


RJC was formed in 2005 by 14 top brands and financial institutions with the goal of transforming sustainability from a sideshow to a major driver of change. Today we have over 1,700 member companies in 71 countries.
Melanie Grant
Melanie Grant, executive director RJC

C & C, accomplished revolution

C & C Gioielli continues on its way with collections that are an evolution of the goldsmith tradition of Valenza, such as Archetipe II, The Evolution ♦

Valenza vs rest of the world: it is not a game, but a long race. No doubt the Piedmont area is an inexhaustible source of talent and there are companies who can use them, as in the case of C&C Gioielli, which in 2015 has made the 15 years since the breakthrough. The mark, in fact, was refounded by Antonello Cocuzza with a radical process of its business model. Valenza has a goldsmith tradition, but it needs also of the ability to stay in step with the time from an industrial point of view. In a nutshell: craftsmanship translated on a scale capable of competing with other brands.

Anello in oro rosa e diamanti
Ring in rose gold and diamonds

But this to anyone who wants to wear jewel matters little. What he wants is a beautiful jewel, at a fair price. And speaking of fairness, it should be emphasized also the commitment of C&C Gioielli for the use of “conflict-free” stones, that is obtained with the respect of the ethical principles that agree to the Western world. An additional pleasure for the wearer. The style: classic. rose gold, white gold, diamonds. Some semi-precious stones, such as topaz, or nacre and rock crystal.
Anello con topazio e diamanti
Ring with topaz and diamonds

Orecchini della collezione Domino con diamanti e finitura opaca
Earrings from the Domino collection with diamonds and matte finish
Pendente Orecchini della collezione Domino in oro rosa con diamanti
Pendant earrings from the Domino collection in rose gold with diamonds
Anello Colori d'Oriente in oro giallo e diamanti bianchi e brown
Colori d’Oriente ring in yellow gold and white and brown diamonds
Bracciale Colori d'Oriente in oro rosa e zaffiri rosa
Colori d’Oriente bracelet in rose gold and pink sapphires
anello oro bianco
Ring in white gold and marquise cut diamond
Collezione Colori d'Oriente, anello in oro bianco, diamanti e smeraldi
Colori d’Oriente collection, ring in white gold, diamonds and emeralds
Anelli della collezione Archetipe II, the Evolution. Oro bianco, diamanti e lapislazzulo, oro rosa e diamanti bianchi
Rings from the Archetipe II, the Evolution collection. White gold, diamonds and lapis lazuli, rose gold and white diamonds

How to behave in a jewelry store

Do you want to buy a jewel? Know that jewelers judge your behavior and may be more or less available. Here’s what not to do when you enter a jewelery store ♦

What a jeweler thinks of you when you go into his store? You must know it: it’s important. Often between customer and jeweler there is a relationship that lasts for years: the engagement ring, the watch as a gift, the necklace for wedding anniversary… But, as with all businesses, even a good relationship may fall apart. A jewelry salesman does his job, and you have to do yours. So, you must remind what the jeweler wants from you. These six points summarize what is expected from you.

La boutique Repossi, a Parigi
The Repossi boutique, in Paris

1 Even if the jeweler has a friendly relationship with you, do not forget it’s anyway a commercial activity. At the end of the day the jeweler look at what he earned. So, do not take the jeweler for a consultant or expert to consult casually. Many, for example, get into a store to ask for a value on a jewel that, maybe, they want to sell. It is not an attitude pleasing to the jeweler, unless he sold you that piece. Bring into the store a ring or a necklace purchased elsewhere may be fine once, if you are regular customers, but no more. Probably your jeweler has a same item you are asking to evaluate: showing a competitor’s product may irritate him.

Non sottovalutate l'esperienza
Don’t underestimate the experience

2 The jeweler seeks to identify customer’s financial resources and on this basis propose rings, necklaces or earrings that can satisfy the needs. If he is a good professional, he’ll be able to offer a good price too. In return, however, he expects loyalty from the customer. It may be benefit for both parties.

L'interno di Harry Winston, a New York
The interior of Harry Winston, New York

3 Certainly, those who buy a jewel is not a jeweler or a gemologist. But jewelers are bothered by the complete ignorance on the subject. They will be ready to explain the characteristics of an object that you like and why its price. In return they expect the customer to understand why a piece of jewelry is more expensive than another, or more simple differences between different diamonds (of course, reading here helps you ). Then, if the client has some knowledge of basic the jeweler is more positive and, perhaps, more flexible about the price.

Tiffany, a New York
Tiffany, New York

4 Regarding the price: when you look at a price tag, keep in mind how much it costs to set a warehouse, buy gold, precious stones, conceive original jewelry, charge the craftsmen for manufacturing. Manage a jewelry store, especially small ones, is a substantial investment in terms of capital equipment, that it is there in the form of rings and necklaces. The jeweler expects you to realize that keeping a store of precious is not how to run a bakery.

Necklace for sale

5 Before getting into a jewelry store is good to be clear how much you are willing to spend. An uncertain idea about financial resources makes difficult for the jeweler, determine what is the most suitable product for you. In any case, aimless expect high quality jewelry on a budget too low.

A look at the window

6 The jewels are delicate and wear and tear. Necklaces, rings and bracelets needs regular maintenance and cleaning. Most jewelers cleans what you bought in their store for free. Others even offer a warranty on their products. But you must not believe that the jewels can last forever. It is not said. Household chores or every day life can ruin your jewels. And even a diamond, in certain conditions, may deteriorate. Do not blame your jeweler.

Gioielleria a Shanghai
Jewelry store in Shanghai

The unique pieces of Lotus Arts de Vivre

Jewels inspired by the exuberant Thai nature of Lotus Arts de Vivre ♦ ︎

The Bueren family, of German origin, moved to Bangkog in 1962 and founded Lotus Arts de Vivre. The initiative of Helen von Bueren was then continued by her sons Sri and Nicki. Unlike what one might imagine, the Maison’s goal was not to use the artisan skills of Thai goldsmiths to create European-style jewels at a lower cost. The jewels of Lotus Arts de Vivre are, instead, artistic creations that preserve the culture of ancient Siam, the Asian tradition and are inspired by the beauties of nature.

Lotus Arts de Vivre, Wing earrings con ali di scarabeo, diamanti, tormalina
Lotus Arts de Vivre, Wing earrings with beetle wings, diamonds, tourmaline

Born as a hobby, the Maison founded of Helen von Bueren has grown to become a success story. With no need to advertise, Lotus Arts de Vivre achieved success mainly through word of mouth. The brand is also committed to producing its creations with the largest possible number of natural materials, with the aim of transferring the beauty of nature to jewelry. For example, next to metals and precious stones, sometimes jewels use seeds, claws, walnuts, coconut shells, purebred skin, ostrich and emu eggs, beetle wings, ebony and teal woods, shells, bamboo and rattan.
Collana con colletto del periodo Meiji dell'inizio del XX secolo presenta un design intricato ornato con quattro forcine per capelli laccate giapponesi, diamanti baguette e tsavoriti verdi, incastonati su piastre di argento sterling rodiato nero
Early 20th century Meiji period collar necklace features an intricate design adorned with four Japanese lacquer hairpins, baguette diamonds, and green tsavorites, set on black rhodium-plated sterling silver plates

Lotus Arts de Vivre is also proud to have resisted the temptation to enter mass production: instead, it remains a predominantly one-of-a-kind jewelery manufacturer. But, in addition to jewelery, he has also extended production to home decorations, cutlery, travel accessories, sunglasses, new and antique furniture, shoes, belts, rugs produced in Kashmir.

Orecchini con diamanti, tormalina rosa, scarabeo
Earrings with diamonds, pink tourmaline, scarab
Orecchini con perle barocche, diamanti, rubini
Earrings with baroque pearls, diamonds, rubies
Orecchini con smeraldi e diamanti en tremblant
Earrings with emeralds and tremblant diamonds
Orecchini con torace di scarabeo, oro, diamanti, argento
Scarab thorax earrings, gold, diamonds, silver
Orecchini di conchiglia intagliati in oro rosa 9 carati
9K Rose Gold Carved Shell Earrings

The animals on Goshwara Ark

Goshwara, a New York-based high jewelry house specializing in collections based on colored gems, launches the Ark collection, which includes a series of jewels inspired by the wonders of nature. And, in particular, with jewels that interpret the animal kingdom, capturing its essence in a range of sapphires, rubies, diamonds and tsavorites. Featuring a curated selection of meticulously crafted animal-inspired brooch/pendant necklaces, each piece showcases the exceptional artistry of Sweta Jain, the designer who launched Goshwara in 2005. An inspiration that the creator fueled with her trips to Africa in search of gems. The jewels celebrate the animals that populate the planet, swim in the seas and soar in the skies.

Pendente aquila
Eagle pendent. Multi Sapphire & Blue Sapphire Cab Eagle Brooch/Pendant in 18K Yellow Gold

I wanted to focus on the beauty and diversity of animals, while raising awareness about animal welfare and promoting kindness towards them. Today more than ever, it’s important to protect our environment. And being humane to animals is correlated to that. In addition, saving some of the species will give the future generations a chance to enjoy the beauty of these animals the way we had an opportunity to. To that effect, a part of the proceeds from the sale of pieces from the Ark Collection will be donated to animal and environment-related charities.
Sweta Jain, founder of Goshwara

Pendente coccodrillo
Pendentif crocodile. Multi Sapphire & Onyx Crocodile Pendant in 18K Yellow Gold

For example, the cheetah-shaped pendant brooch from the Ark collection interprets the speed and grace of the feline, while the elephant recalls the wisdom of the great pachyderm. But the collection also includes a jewel dedicated to pets, such as dogs. Furthermore, Ark includes pendant brooches with turtle, fish and, for animals with wings, there are dragonfly, owl, eagle.

Pendente libellula indossato
Dragonfly pendant. Multi Sapphire, Ruby & Amethyst Cabochon Brooch/Pendant with Diamonds in 18K Yellow Gold
Pendente ghepardo
Cheetah pendant. Multi Sapphire & Onyx Cheetah Brooch/Pendant in 18K Yellow Gold
Pendente elefante indossato
Elephant pendant. Multi Sapphire Elephant Brooch/Pendant with Diamonds in 18K Yellow Gold. Approx. Stone Wt: (Multi Sapphire) 3.23 Cts, (Diamonds) 0.15 Cts. (White Agate tusks)
Pendente tucano indossato
Toucan pendant. Multi Sapphire Elephant Brooch/Pendant with Diamonds in 18K Yellow Gold. Approx. Stone Wt: (Multi Sapphire) 3.23 Cts, (Diamonds) 0.15 Cts. (White Agate tusks)
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