Collana Constellation con il dispositivo MonSherif
Collana Constellation con il dispositivo MonSherif

The jewel that sends out an anti-violence emergency call

Attacks, rapes, murders: for women the daily news is always a story of violence. But a jewel can ward off danger. It is the idea of MonSherif, a small French company: an ornament that connects to your mobile phone (iPhone or Android) and sends a geolocalized message. It is not the first time that jewels are offered with a hidden electronic device that serves to protect the wearer. But MonSherif is one of the solutions that seems to work best, it has already been used by thousands of women in France.

Bijou MonSherif Mille et une nuits doré
Bijou MonSherif Mille et une nuits doré

The initiative started in 2015 by Dominique Brogi. The electronic device can be hidden inside a pendant, but there is also a minimal version, the size of a button, which attaches to clothes: for example it can be hidden by hooking it to the strap of a bra. MonSherif connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone and allows you to inform or request help with one click. The recipients of the message are those chosen and registered on an app. They can be family, friends, colleagues, anyone who can help. Just a press on the jewel or on the mini version of the device is enough to send a geolocalized text message. A quick double press, however, sends a triple geolocalized alert in the form of a phone call, SMS and email to the recipients. A video connection also intervenes automatically to organize the rescue.
Ciondolo con dispositivo di sicurezza inserito. Metallo argentato e cristalli Swarovski
Pendant with safety device inserted. Silver metal and Swarovsk crystals

Finally, there is a third possibility: a long press records the sound environment or activates an alarm. This last function allows you to acquire evidence through sound recording and can be very useful in identifying the attacker and proving his guilt.

Bottone nascosto MonSherif indossato
MonSherif hidden button

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