Lavinia Fuksas, orecchini e choker indossati
Lavinia Fuksas, orecchini e choker

Lavinia Fuksas, design between rhombuses and triangles

Perhaps creativity cannot be transmitted genetically, but growing up between two famous architects can be useful for developing one’s aesthetic sense. And this is what Lavinia Fuksas, daughter of Doriana and Massimilano Fuksas, two internationally known Italian designers, can tell. Lavinia, however, followed her path. And she is now considered one of the emerging jewelery brands. Merit, if one can say so, also of the lockdown period caused by the covid, which has allowed a time for reflection and planning for the long-held idea of tackling the jewelery market.

Orecchini in oro 9 carati con malachite, onice e madreperla
9 carat gold earrings with malachite, onyx and mother of pearl

Furthermore, one of the characteristics of Lavinia Fuksas jewels, based in Rome, is that they are designed indifferently for men or women. Gender fluid is a trend and, on closer inspection, for jewelry designers to propose rings or earrings without distinction of gender is a great saving and an excellent opportunity.

Anello Jaipur in oro 9 caratis
Jaipur ring in 9 carat gold

The designer’s style is a road with two points of arrival and departure. On the one hand there is the architectural geometry, daughter of the cultural environment in which the designer grew up, on the other the effort to make the figures of triangles and rhombuses, which recur in the collections of Lavinia Fuksas, ductile and not too rigid. She also reveals it with the choice of one of her collections, Jaipur, inspired by the atmosphere of the Indian capital city of gold and gem processing.

Orecchini in argento
Silver earrings

Orecchini in oro bianco 9 carati con cinque smeraldi
Jaipur earrings in 9k white gold with five emeralds

Anello Gadir in oro 18 carati
Gadir ring in 18k gold
Orecchini Jaipur in oro 9 carati e cinque smeraldi
Jaipur earrings in 9 carat gold and five emeralds
Orecchini Jaipur in oro 9 carati
Jaipur earrings in 9 carat gold
Choker in oro e diamanti
Choker in gold and diamonds

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