Gioielli di Dries Criel
Gioielli di Dries Criel

The rapid rise of Dries Criel

He studied law at the University of Ghent, Belgium. But the only law that really fascinated him is that of jewelry. Dries Criel preferred that of a jewelry designer to the profession of lawyer and in 2019 he founded his Maison. With excellent feedback. So much so that in a short time his jewels were chosen by large online stores as well as on Lady Gaga’s body. His jewels are inspired by different aspects, all related to his interests. For example, from his background in modern dance, from travel, from ancient jewels, from architecture, from contemporary art, but also from ancient Egypt. It goes without saying that, in perfect mainstream, they are also genderless.

Anello in oro e diamanti ispirato all'antico Egitto
Gold and diamond ring inspired by ancient Egypt

The jewels are handcrafted by artisans from Antwerp, where Dries Criel, before founding his Maison, obtained a diploma as a diamond expert from HRD Antwerp, the highest European authority for these gems. But previously he also worked in marketing for Louis Reichman Jewelery. Water under the bridge, he is now a designer.

Anello ispirato all'antico Egitto in oro bianco, smalto, lapislazzuli
Ring inspired by ancient Egypt in white gold, enamel, lapis lazuli
Orecchini Brute in oro giallo, smalto e diamanti
Brute earrings in yellow gold, enamel and diamonds
Dries Criel
Dries Criel
Orecchini pendenti in oro giallo e diamanti
Drop earrings in yellow gold and diamonds
Bracciale Infinite Triangle in oro giallo e diamanti
Infinite Triangle bracelet in yellow gold and diamonds
lotus yellow gold ring
Lotus ring in yellow gold
Anello in oro rosa
Rose gold ring

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