Pendente in oro, tormalina cabochon, pavé di diamanti
Pendente in oro, tormalina cabochon, pavé di diamanti

Not just automatons for Van Robot

The word robot was invented by the Czech writer Karel Čapek in his play Rur in 1920. The author imagined a kind of android used to work in a factory. The idea of machines with a vaguely human shape, however, is much older. And even today, with the first real robots produced by big hi-tech companies, it remains fascinating (until someone loses their job because of them). In any case, the silhouette of the robot, in a fifties version, was also liked by Tatiana Van Lancker. So much so that the designer founded her Maison, Van Robot. It goes without saying that much of her jewelery is inspired by the figure of the robot.

Anello in oro 18 carati, tormalina cabochon, diamanti champagne
18k gold ring, cabochon tourmaline, champagne diamonds

The jewels are handmade in 18 carat gold and precious stones in a workshop in Arezzo, one of the jewelery districts in Italy. Tatiana, in fact, spends a lot of time in her house in Tuscany. in Italy. Van Robot was launched in 2020 and the idea of the jewel-automaton, which also expresses irony and lightness, was liked. The brand thus also landed at the prestigious Couture in Las Vegas. Alongside the robot-shaped jewels, the designer also added more traditional jewels, but with a well-defined creativity.
Pendente in oro brunito e acquamarina
Pendant in burnished gold and aquamarine

Tatiana Van Lancker was born in Paris, raised in Sydney, she spent twenty years in London and now lives between Rome and Tuscany with her husband, two daughters and their dachshunds. Her professional background is also eclectic: she has worked as a manager at BSkyB, business director at Soho House, a global platform of physical and digital spaces and founded the interior design studio Studio LVL in London. All jobs that no robot could have done.
Bracciali in oro con pietre preziose e semi preziose
Gold bracelets with precious and semi-precious stones

Pendente in oro, diamanti champagne e bianchi
Gold pendant, champagne and white diamonds
Orecchini in oro 18 carati, morganite cabochon, diamanti, opali a goccia
18k gold earrings, cabochon morganite, diamonds, drop opals

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