Gübelin, Vibrant Wings, sapphire and titanium
Gübelin, Vibrant Wings, sapphire and titanium

Gübelin’s transformable ring

Gübelin is a name that all jewelers know: its precious stone evaluation laboratory is among the most renowned in the world. But the Maison is also a jewelry store that creates high-end jewelry. Like this Burmese sapphire ring, Vibrant Wings. The jewel is inspired by the eternal motif of a butterfly. It is made of platinum and titanium and is set with brightly colored sapphires, diamonds and a ruby. The ruby has a very special meaning for the Gübelin house. It symbolizes the company’s Deeply Inspired philosophy. Each Gübelin jewel is therefore set with a ruby and embodies the Gübelin family’s passion for colored gemstones.

Gouache dell'anello
Vibrant Wings
Vibrant Wings ring gouache

Furthermore, the jewel can be worn as a cocktail ring or as a brooch. The sapphire in the center is 4.88 carats and comes from Burma (Myanmar), with a gemological structure defined as spectacular.

Il rubino simboleggia la filosofia Deeply Inspired di Gübelin
Il rubino simboleggia la filosofia Deeply Inspired di Gübelin

In Vibrant Wings we use titanium to convey both the beautiful colors and weightlessness of the butterflies in this jewel. This extraordinary jewel can be worn both as a cocktail ring and as a brooch. And even the different ways of wearing this haute joaillerie are a tribute to the metamorphosis of a butterfly. Colorful sapphires and diamonds in an exciting mix of cuts reflect the light and remind us of the shimmering wings of a butterfly as it floats past.
Raphael Gübelin, president of Maison Gübelin

Il rubino simboleggia la filosofia Deeply Inspired di Gübelin
Gübelin hand-picked 260 select gemstones totaling over 22 carats

The ring is also lightweight thanks to the use of titanium, a very demanding metal due to its hardness, which requires specialized tools and extensive knowledge. More than 500 hours of work were needed to create the sculptural jewel. Precious stones in a sophisticated mix of cuts and colors, which give life to lively refractions of light. Leveraging its gemological expertise and experience in the processing of colored stones, Gübelin has hand-selected 260 selected gemstones totaling over 22 carats, arranged with a refined aesthetic sense and artisanal sensitivity to give rise to spectacular gradations of color.
Zaffiri colorati e diamanti ricordano le ali scintillanti di una farfalla
Colorful sapphires and diamonds resemble the sparkling wings of a butterfly

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