Anelli della collezione QB indossati
Anelli della collezione QB

Ellesanti news between design and bijoux

New collections, new ideas, new jewelry in a design atmosphere. The Ellesanti brand immerses itself in Milan Design Week with a presence at the Gli eroici furori gallery (via Melzo 30, from 17 to 21 April) to present its new products. The production of the Padua brand is presented with a challenging title: The universe in progress. Beyond the ethical aspirations linked to the relationship with nature, Ellesanti’s jewelery is made with silver, steel and regenerated fabrics.

Bracciale della collezione QB indossato
Bracelet from the QB collection

One of the new features is Vis, a collection of bracelets made in steel, gun metal and satin gold colours. The QB line is instead in silver. It is inspired by the geometric shape of the cube. It includes rings with a satin finish and necklaces with a pendant, obviously cubic. Furthermore, Ellesanti has decided to collaborate with other brands, such as Fular for the creation of clothes “that sign a meeting of elective affinities” and with Thread by the creative Thushini Fernando. Another link was decided with Inge Design, which creates unique furnishings and accessories in reclaimed wood. Finally, Ellesanti participates in the Uncover Everythink exhibition project by Raffles, the Milan Institute of Fashion and Design, which dedicates a section to projects in progress, with Pattern, the result of the visionary capacity of ideas not yet realised, with prototypes and renderings of metal jewels available for students and teachers who wish to experiment with new design paths.
Bracciale in acciaio della linea VIs indossato
Steel bracelet from the Vis line

Bracciali della linea VIs
Bracelets from the Vis line
Collana della collezione QB indossata
Necklace from the QB collection

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