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Collana indossata con 1341 diamanti e uno smeraldo

12 styles of necklaces you need to know

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A short guide to the 12 main styles of necklaces to help you choose the right one. If you want to learn how to recognize the style of a necklace, read here ♦

Think you know all the styles in which a necklace can be made? We have identified 12, the main ones. There are others as well, but they are quite rare. Here, then, is a short guide to learn how to recognize the styles of necklaces.

Collana Butterfly di Sicis
Collana Butterfly di Sicis

1 Sautoir This is a French word for a very long necklace, often with a tassel-shaped pendant at the bottom. The sautoir necklace became fashionable in the 1920s and 1930s, and is often associated with the Art Deco style. It can have a single wire or two or three. The advantage of a Sautoir necklace is that it can also be transformed into a multi-loop bracelet, or as a decoration on the hair and even as a belt. In short, it is a very versatile type of necklace, which is well suited to be used with different types of clothes and in different situations. It has only one flaw: the generous dimensions often make it quite expensive, if it is made of gold.

Sautoir in turchese di Van Cleef & Arpels
Sautoir in turchese di Van Cleef & Arpels

2 Matinée Approximately 50-58 centimeters long, it is often worn with dresses that have necklines, which are therefore emphasized by the matinee necklace. The necklace, however, is usually worn above the neckline. It is a type of jewel that is perfect for different occasions: it adapts easily to different types of clothing and can be worn both on informal occasions and on ceremonial occasions. A classic of the matinee necklace is the string of pearls. And, like, for the sautoir, this necklace can also have several strands.

Collana in diamanti e smeraldi, indossata a Baselworld
Collana in diamanti e smeraldi di Jacob & Co, indossata

3 Princess You don’t need blue blood to wear a princess necklace. It is actually a medium length necklace, between 43 and 45 centimeters in length, which can be worn on virtually any occasion. It is the typical classic necklace and goes better, in particular, with a fairly formal dress. It is often a necklace that favors the use of more or less precious gems.

Collezione Dancing in the Rain Aquamarine, collana indossata
Collezione Dancing in the Rain Aquamarine, indossata

4 Chokers All the rage in the nineteenth century, these ultra-short necklaces made a comeback in the eighties and recently revived. It is not recommended for those with a short or slightly thick neck. On the contrary, it is capable of making those who boast a swan neck stand out. Princess Diana often wore a pearl choker, but the choker can also be a simple chain, or a thread of precious stones: the definition of choker does not indicate the thickness of the jewel, but its length.

La principessa Diana con il choker di perle e tiara
La principessa Diana con il choker di perle e tiara

5 Opera It is a variant of sautoir necklace, between 70 and 90 centimeters long. As the name suggests, it was introduced to be worn on big evenings and is usually made with gold and precious stones. It is not a necklace that can be found in all drawers, in short. Worn in a single strand, the necklace should drop below the bust line or even down to the navel.

Opera, collana doppia in oro giallo e bianco e diamanti

6 Bib The name does not do justice to these necklaces which are often very decorative. Wide on the chest, they must be worn carefully, because their design must be carefully coordinated with the rest of the clothing. They can be ethnic, or with abstract motifs, with beads or crystals. They are demanding necklaces: you have to know how to wear them. There are also very valuable ones.

Collana in platino e diamanti di Van Cleef & Arpels, circa 1939. È composta da oltre 600 diamanti rotondi e baguette: apparteneva alla madre di Faouk, regina Nazli
Collana in platino e diamanti di Van Cleef & Arpels, circa 1939. È composta da oltre 600 diamanti rotondi e baguette: apparteneva alla madre di Faouk, regina Nazli

7 Lavaliére Necklace with pendant that connects to a chain. The main pendant can in turn be connected to fringes or other pendants. It was a popular necklace in the early twentieth century, when Liberty, Edwardian and Art Deco styles reigned. But it is back in fashion, with many variations, especially in high jewelry.

Collana Lavaliére in oro e perle
Collana Lavaliére in oro e perle

8 Multi strand As the name indicates, they are necklaces made up of many connected strings. It is a classic of pearl and bead necklaces. This type of necklace is not tied to a precise length, but simply indicates the possibility of shortening a long necklace by wrapping it in multiple turns around the neck. But be careful: if the elements that make up the necklace are large (large rings for chains, synthetic gems, cultured pearls) it is necessary not to overdo it. In these cases it is better to limit yourself to two turns or keep a single thread. On the contrary, thin chains are indicated to be worn as a multi strand necklace.

Collana Ivy in oro e diamanti a due giri
Collana Ivy in oro e diamanti a due giri di Nanis

9 Necklace with pendant A pendant at the end of the necklace can be a trivial expedient to enrich a simple chain or a masterpiece of fine jewelry. In short, large medallions and pendants must be chosen carefully so as not to attract the eye to something that is worth little. In the case of bijoux, in short, a small pendant is better. An advantage of pendants is that they can often be personalized with dates, initials, dedications: nothing better to attract a glance.

Pendente con acquamarina e diamanti
Pendente con acquamarina e diamanti

10 Riviére This is the name of a necklace made up of one or two rows of precious or semi-precious stones. The stones or pearls have a different size: larger in the front of the necklace, smaller in the one that hugs the neck. This arrangement, in fact, highlights the stones of greater size. Since it is usually an expensive piece of jewelry, these necklaces have a small size, often that of a choker.

Collana rivière
Collana rivière

11 Collar Not exactly a chocker: by this definition we mean a very thin circular necklace that exactly surrounds the base of the neck. Very short, it can also be worn over a collarless t-shirt or summer dress. Often these are very sporty and not particularly precious necklaces. But there are also necklaces of this size in gold and precious stones.
Aster Double Bloom Collar, in oro giallo e diamanti
Maria Canale, Aster Double Bloom Collar, in oro giallo e diamanti

12 Rope Indicates a necklace with twisted threads, to compose a single volume, as if it were a large rope. It goes without saying that cheap necklaces or necklaces that adopt an avant-garde design are part of the category. But, in reality, the lanyards can also be used for luxury jewelry. For example, when a fabric or leather lace is used in conjunction with a gemstone pendant.
Pendente Scavia, con diamante Fancy Yellow
Pendente Scavia, con diamante Fancy Yellow di Diamond Love Bond

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