Anello di Lamb Gioielli di Laura Agnello Modica
Anello di Lamb Gioielli di Laura Agnello Modica

The Contemporary Jewelry Contest is back

Milan Design Week is back and so is the exhibition of the finalists of the Contemporary Jewelry Contest at the Rossini Gallery (13 April – 4 May, Viale Monte Nero, 58, Milan). The exhibition includes the display of over 50 contemporary jewels made by artists from Italy and abroad. The curators Marina Chiocchetta and Sonia Patrizia Catena have selected unique and versatile, multifaceted and heterogeneous pieces, born from the research and creativity of Italian and foreign designers, goldsmiths and artists. The exhibition aims to take stock of the state of the art of jewellery.

Anello di Lalice arte orafa
Lalice Ring Goldsmith Art

The selected authors, in some cases, propose jewels that challenge the traditional perception of wearability, incorporating interactive or transformable elements that involve the user in a unique and engaging experience. The authors are Adagio Lab, Basia Arte Gioielli, DarioJewelDesign – Dario Gargiulo, Flora Sica, Patrizia Giachero, Kleo Glens, Kolata Design, Lalice arte orafa, Lamb Gioielli di Laura Agnello Modica, Local Heavens, Magistri Gioielli, MagmaLab, Maiesta, Mari Design, Marion Sterner, Paola Cisterni, Andrea Scarpa, V Design Lab Jewellery.
Collana scapolare di Maiesta, Giulia Fulgenzi
Scapular necklace by Maiesta, Giulia Fulgenzi

The finalists were chosen by two juries, one inside the gallery and one external, made up of curators, art experts, teachers and designers. The winners, proclaimed during the inauguration of the exhibition on Saturday 13 April, will be offered the possibility of a personal exhibition in the Rossini Gallery, the opportunity to exhibit at the Bijou Museum in Casalmaggiore, at the Spazio Heart in Vimercate and at the Spazio E in Ghemme .
During the exhibition, the artist’s jewels of Gioi Giulia Vignetti, winner of the Rossini Prize, proclaimed during the opening evening of Redefining Jewellery, a project now in its 9th edition and of which the gallery has been a partner since 2012, will also be on display. the sculptural works of the artist Chiò.
Pendente di Kleo Glens
Kleo Glens Pendant

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