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Anne Hathaway

The Hollywood diamonds

The jewels of the stars of Hollywood, including diamonds that cover the wedding and others that do not serve to curb the break ♦ It seems that the jewelry, especially those […]

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Lady Gaga e Taylor Kinney: crisi nonostante l'anello con diamante a cuore da 55 mila dollari

Expensive ring, probable divorce

Have you received an engagement ring? Do you also know the price? We hope it is not too high, because … ♦ A diamond is forever, but divorce also lasts […]

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Taylor Kinney e Lady Gaga, da Instagram

Lady Gaga, ring and champagne

And who recognizes more Lady Gaga, the transgressive star who wore outrageous clothes and same strange attitudes? Maybe it’s changed and it’s all about (or blame, depending on your point […]

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Lady Gaga e il futuro marito, Taylor Kinney

Heart shape diamond for Lady Gaga

Yes, even transgression is going to marry: Lady Gaga  with Taylor Kinney. And, like the very traditional couples,  an ring sprung on the finger of the singer which is famous (also) for […]

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