Anello in platino con tsavorite di 10,9 carati, zaffiri, diamanti. Copyright:
Anello in platino con tsavorite di 10,9 carati, zaffiri, diamanti by Tenzo. Copyright:

Everything about tsavorite

The tsavorite is already more 50 years old: it was discovered in 1967. The story of the tsavorite is very adventurous, and it also includes a murder ♦ ︎

History. In 1967, in Tanzania, Scottish geologist Campbell R. Bridges was walking in the countryside when a buffalo attack him. To save life Campbell jumped into a well where he noticed a bright green rock. He was not able to pull a sample, as he was busy tu save himself. But the curiosity prompted him to do research and seven years later he discovered a gem similar to emeralds: the tsavorite. Mines in Tanzania, however, were nationalized in the 1970s, and Campbell Bridges moved his research to Kenya. In an wild area he again found a tsavorite reservoir.

Orecchini in oro 18 carati, diamanti, tsavoriti
Neha Dani, 18k gold, diamond, tsavorite earrings

Convinced that it was a precious stone, he built a house on top of a tree to defend himself from the fierce animals and enlisted a python to watch the first gems he had found. Later in his estate he also put leopards instead watchdogs. But he did not help avoid his death: in 2009, at the age of 71, Campbell was killed in an ambush by some twenty bandits who wanted to exploit his mining concession. Today, the extration of the tsavorite is entrusted to his son, Bruce Bridges, but goes on a lot of difficulty.

Campbell Bridges e la casa sull'albero che è stata la sua prima base
Campbell Bridges and the treehouse that was his first base

Features. The tsavorite is named after the Tzavo National Game Park on the border between Kenya and Tanzania where it was discovered for the first time and where the only known mines are located. It is a green stone, from a gemmological point of view it is a variety of garnet, particularly grossularia. The merit of spreading tsavorite is Tiffany, who in the 1970s began to make it known: Campbell Bridge was a consultant geologist at the American Maison. It was precisely Henry Platt, chairman of Tiffany, to propose the name of tsavorite to the still unknown stone.

Una spilla di Tiffany in oro bianco con tsavorite, diamanti e perle
A white gold Tiffany brooch with tsavorite, diamonds and pearls

Color. The stone goes from pale green to a very intense green, very bright in all shades. Like all the other garnets, the tsavorite has a high refractive index of light. Unlike other stones, it does not undergo treatments to make it brighter, not heated and not even immersed in oil. Its hardness is similar to that of emerald, but it is more resistant to shocks. Compared with emeralds it is also easier to cut and less susceptible to accidental damage. It is particularly useful for the so-called invisible embedding. Usually the stones are small, it is rare to find rough stones larger than 5 carats. Its price is rising steadily.

Anello in platino con tsavorite e diamanti
Platinum ring with tsavorite and diamonds
Hemmerle, anello in alluminio con tsavorite
Hemmerle, aluminum ring with tsavorite
Selim Mouzannar, orecchini con tsavoriti, avorio, smalto, diamanti
Selim Mouzannar, earrings with tsavorites, ivory, enamel, diamonds
Anello in oro rosa, argento annerito, tsavorite, zaffiri gialli, diamanti
Arteau, ring in rose gold, blackened silver, tsavorite, yellow sapphires, diamonds
Valerio, anello con rubini e tsavorite
Shaill Jhaveri, Valerio, ring with rubies and tsavorite
Bracciale Butterfly in oro nero, opali, tsavoriti, diamanti neri, bianchi e champagne
Wendy Yue, Butterfly bracelet in black gold, opals, tsavorites, black, white and champagne diamonds
Michele della Valle, collana con smeraldi e tsavoriti a forma di edera
Michele della Valle, necklace with emeralds and ivy-shaped tsavorites
Lydia Courteille, anello in oro rodiato, diamanti gialli, zaffiri, tsavoriti e onice
Lydia Courteille, ring in rhodium-plated gold, yellow diamonds, sapphires, tsavorites and onyx

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