Bracciale in argento con ciondolo
Bracciale in argento con ciondolo

White roses for Pandora

Pandora roses also bloom in spring. The Danish affordable jewelry brand offers a series of jewels that have the rose flower as a characteristic element. Beyond the symbolism linked to the rose, one of the flowers chosen for the most varied combinations, religious, political or sentimental, the decorative aspect remains. Pandora jewels, which are part of the Moments collection, have chosen the rose version with white petals of the flower, which is usually given as a gift to express one’s love.

Orecchini in argento con madreperla sintetica
Silver earrings with synthetic mother-of-pearl

The jewels are made of 925 silver, with a synthetic mother-of-pearl rose, made with white bioresin, which has overlapping petals. The earrings, for example, have three prongs that wrap around the flower and a heart-shaped butterfly closure (39 euros). The adjustable length necklace also adds cubic zirconia stones (79 euros), while the pendant also has the engraving Nothing compares to you (69 euros) on the silver surface. Other versions of the same line instead use white or colored cubic zirconia, or transparent pink or orange enamel applied by hand.

Collana in argento con madreperla sintetica e cubic zirconia
Silver necklace with synthetic mother-of-pearl and cubic zirconia
Bracciale in argento con cubic zirconia bianchi e verdi
Silver bracelet with white and green cubic zirconia
Bracciale con rosa in smalto arancio
Bracelet with orange enamel rose

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