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Anello con solitario della linea Six

Diamonds multiplied by Six with Recarlo

The solitaire diamond attached to the shank of the ring by means of six prongs was an innovation that made it possible to increase the light reflected by the stone, […]

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Anello in oro bianco con diamante taglio smeraldo

Pure Inspiration for Crieri

Minimalist, essential and, perhaps also for this reason, precious jewels. The intention of Crieri, Maison di Valenza (Italy), is deduced from the name of the Pura collection: that is, without […]

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Il classico solitaire

Engagement ring: 5 steps

x Five things you need to know first to buy an engagement ring ♦ ︎ When you’re sure you’ve found the right woman, the one you will not regret after […]

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Anello Royale in oro orange e diamante

Annamaria Cammilli Royale

Jewels for queens, certified by family tree, or simply women who are considered as such by their partner. Perhaps thinking about this concept Annamaria Cammilli proposes the Royale jewelry line. […]

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Anello di fidanzamento indossato assieme alla fede matrimoniale

Solitaire ring, what you need to know

Solitaire ring, or simply solitaire. It is the most requested, desired and gifted engagement ring model in the world. But how much do you know about the solitaire ring? What […]

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Solitario Jasmin di Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels shows Jasmin, new solitaire

An engagement ring or a wedding ring are the symbol of a promise that lasts over time: and it is this message that Van Cleef & Arpels entrusts to the […]

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Anello trilogy della collezione Eternity di Recarlo

Recarlo’s Eternity continues with two rings

Eternity: a philosophical concept that translates into rings, like the newcomer that is part of the Recarlo Eternity collection. The type of Eternity ring, in fact, indicates precisely the will […]

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Immagine da Photo Boot, filmato del regista russo Andranik Saatchyan

48 ciak for Recarlo

The love statement (with ring) seen by 42 filmmakers for Recarlo ♦ ︎ There is nothing better than a video to communicate something. There is nothing better than a ring […]

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Desiderio, anello in oro 18 carati con diamanti. Prezzo: 790 euro

The Desires of Bliss

A lights explosion in the jewels of Desiderio collection  by Bliss, recalling confetti of fireworks. In the middle a diamond surrounded by other tiny diamonds, but set to appear a single larger stone. An effect […]

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Devoted, anello in oro rosa con diamante centrale a pera circondato da diamanti taglio baguette

Suzanne Kalan reinvents ring

If the traditional bridal jewelry bother you, look the Suzanne Kalan collection featured at the Couture Show in Las Vegas. There are engagement rings ultra feminine, modern and joyful with […]

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Giorgio Visconti, solitario linea Icona

Visconti, aring under x-ray

If you are  looking for a solitary of character, the one of Icona line by Giorgio Visconti 2015 edition certainly is. It disproves the opinion that this kind of rings stand out […]

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Sorprendila, anello Trilogy  in oro bianco con 3 diamanti da 0,12 carati complessivi. Prezzo: 649 euro

Bliss, Sorprendila with the price

Are defined illusion setting and perhaps the setting used by Bliss for line Sorprendila are really a little magic: for the solitaire, the stone is 0.9 carats, but looks larger. […]

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Giorgio Visconti, anello Passione Visconti in oro bianco, diamanti e rubino centrale

The Ode of Giorgio Visconti

The Ode to light, from the name of Giorgio Visconti’s 2015 collection inspired by nature, is also a hymn to love with the ring Passione. A deep red central ruby […]

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