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The jewels that smell

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Bracciale per aromaterapia indossato

The essential oils of aromatherapy combined with bracelets, necklaces and rings from the Californian company Anavia ♦ ︎ Aromatherapy is a practice of the category of alternative medicine that has many followers. Although the real effectiveness of smelling aromas is discussed and questionable (and is not considered medical by doctors), the idea fascinates a good…

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Veronique Gabai, a necklace for perfumes

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Pendente con profumo in argento

French, born and raised among the perfumes of the French Riviera, Veronique Gabai does what she loves: to enclose the fragrances of Antibes-Juan les Pins in glass bottles. In short: it produces perfumes and cosmetic products with its own brand. An initiative that he decided after working for 12 years in Estée Lauder. But, in…

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Tiffany from jewels to perfumes (also for men)

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I nuovi profumi Tiffany & Love for Him e Tiffany & Love for Her

Tiffany besides jewels: the Maison launches two new fragrances, also for men The jewels have no smell, and not even a fragrance. But the luxury brands, yes. For this reason, as other Maison have done, Tiffany & Co. relaunches perfumes with its prestigious and global brand. The jewelery company headed by Alessandro Bogliolo, in fact,…

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The new Fragrances by Giovanni Ferraris

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Anello oro rosa, diamanti, diamanti blu. Anello oro bianco, diamanti, zaffiri blu. Anello oro rosa, diamanti diamanti bianchi lattiginosi, diamante brown

The new pieces from the Giovanni Ferraris Fragranze collection: pavé of stones, colors, pink gold ♦ Too bad it is useless to smell the jewels. Rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets are neutral to the sense of smell, even if they represent flowers or fruit. Perhaps an exception is the Fragranze collection by Giovanni Ferraris. Actually…

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The platinum ring with three smells

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A Norwegian artist and a German designer-designer have designed a ring that emanates three fragrances ♦ ︎ What can be the scent of a jewel? Now, at least in one case, it can be established. The idea is of the Norwegian artist Sissel Tolaas, who together with designer and goldsmith Georg Hornemann have created a…

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Casato per Demoiselle

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[wzslider]Se c’è un’azienda che si distingue nel panorama della gioielleria italiana, quella è Casato.  E non solo perché, come è lecito attendersi, crea pezzi con una loro originalità, uno stile proprio. Casato fa qualcosa di più e di diverso. Oltre ai gioielli propone anche profumi (come Cloè, Acqua, Lai Mee e Saint Barth), ma anche…

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