Dettaglio della collana Psiche e Cupido
Dettaglio della collana Psiche e Cupido

Jewels by Francesca Amritheatrof for Codognato

The challenge is arduous: to move from the new art deco style of Louis Vuitton high jewelery to the Venetian neo-baroque. At the same time. But it is the challenge taken up by Francesca Amritheatrof, artistic director of watches and jewelery for Louis Vuitton and former design director of Tiffany & Co, who also became creative director of Codognato, a historic jewelery shop in the lagoon city, founded in 1866. One year ago, with the passing of Attilio Codognato at 86, his heirs Mario (curator and director of Berggruen Arts & Culture) and Cristina Codognato (who works as a psychotherapist in London) found themselves in need of creative support. Attilio Codognato, the fourth generation of the family, created refined jewels and was appreciated by collectors all over the world for his creations, inspired by the goldsmith tradition of Venice.

Collana Psiche e Cupido in oro, argento, diamanti champagne, rubino antico e perla di Tahiti
Psyche and Cupid necklace in gold, silver, champagne diamonds, ancient ruby and Tahitian pearl

The choice of Francesca Amritheatrof is not random. The creative director of Louis Vuitton is a family friend, she knew Attilio Codognato well and, moreover, he studied in London together with her son, Mario Codognato: she studied the theme of design, he studied the art market. Francesca Amritheatrof will continue her work with the Paris giant, but she will also take care of the artisanal production of Codognato, which will maintain the link with the goldsmiths who have always created the jewels of the small Maison, which has just moved to Calle Vallaresso. The collaboration has already borne the first fruits: Francesca Amritheatrof’s first collection for Codognato, entitled Ultima Mano. However, it marks a beginning.
Francesca Amfitheatrof di fronte alla nuova sede di Codognato, a Venezia (immagine da Instagram)
Francesca Amfitheatrof in front of the new headquarters in Codognato, Venice (image from Instagram)

Anello Memento mori, in oro giallo, smalto e diamanti
Codognato, Memento mori ring, in yellow gold, enamel and diamonds

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