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Pendente Palloncino in oro bianco e giada

Palloncino by Vhernier also around the neck

If you like something, why change it? Right. Vhernier, however, has chosen to introduce some innovations in his longest-running collection, Palloncino (means balloon). Now, in fact, the balloon is transformed […]

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Orecchino Palloncino con pavé di diamanti neri

The new balloons with diamonds by Vhernier

Although the smartphone has become the favorite game of children, the old balloon that floats in the air tied to a thread is still (fortunately) something that attracts those who […]

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Anello Palloncino con turchese

The Palloncino by Vhernier flies on a ring

The Palloncino (balloon) was the first jewel to take flight in 1984, when the Maison was founded. But the Palloncino collection by Vhernier continues to float in the catalog of […]

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