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Short guide to diamonds

in da sapere/Diamanti
The Rock, diamante a forma di pera da 228,31 carati

Do you know how to distinguish diamonds? What are the four Cs? How are the diamonds evaluated? Here is a quick guide to solve any doubts about diamonds ♦ Diamonds are the most precious stones. But how much are the diamonds of a ring, earrings or necklace really worth? They are all the same? How…

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Why buy a sapphire ring?

in da sapere/smeraldo/zaffiro
Anello a fascia in oro bianco 18 carati, pavé di diamanti e zaffiro ovale

How and why to choose a sapphire ring? Useful tips for buying a ring (but also a necklace, bracelet earrings) with sapphire ♦ ︎ The blue color is beautiful: it is that of the sea, of the clear sky, and also of the most precious sapphire. But you probably know that sapphires are a stone…

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