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For Recarlo luxury in yellow

in vetrina
Anello con diamante giallo taglio cuscino

Luxury is not just white. Recarlo is the Italian brand that more than others has conquered the jewelery stage with its jewels in white gold and colorless diamonds, albeit with some sporadic expansion to blue sapphires. Now, however, the Valencian company adds a new color to its offer: the fancy yellow diamond. The Maison has…

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How important is the clarity of a diamond?

in da sapere/Diamanti
Il diamante in vendita da Sotheby's

How important is clarity in the evaluation of a diamond? Here’s how to find out what is the degree of clarity ♦ ︎ We make clarity on the diamonds. And it is not a expression: clarity is one of the famous four C  that define the quality of a diamond together with the weight (carat),…

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