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Orecchini in oro 18 carati

The bunches of Georg Jensen

Georg Arthur Jensen (1866-1935) was a Danish silversmith, founder of the eponymous brand. Georg Jensen stands for silver, refined design, Nordic purity. The company, in addition to jewelry, produces objects […]

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Anello in oro 18 carati

Marlene Juhl Jørgensen, the value of design

The life of a Danish designer has an advantage: whoever wants to create jewels is surrounded by great masters capable of proposing collections with an unmistakable style. Northern European designers […]

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Anello a fascia in oro giallo e diamanti

Shamballa, precious zen jewelry

Om, Shamballa between Buddhism, bracelets and precious stones ♦ Can you be buddhist zen and sell a 1 million euro bracelet? Yes, you can if you are Mads Kornerup, co-founder of […]

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Anello Curve in oro 18 carati e argento

Georg Jensen on Curve

x Georg Arthur Jensen, born in 1866, was a famous Danish silversmith, founder of the company that bears his name, Georg Jensen. And after so many years, the brand retains […]

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Orecchino singolo Corinthian

Kinraden, Danish design with a bit of Africa

x With Kinraden, gold and northern design are combined with African wood. The mpingo is a small, gnarled tree that grows very slowly. Mpingo, specifically, is the Swahili name for […]

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Anello Snake in oro giallo, quarzo rutilato e diamanti

The snakes by Ole Lynggaard

In Paris Ole Lynggaard presented three pieces of high jewelery. A surprise for the Danish brand, which focuses on design for its jewels that have a very extensive price range. […]

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Anello in oro con opale

Careful to Max Danger

The dangerous ideas of Max Danger: bees and robots become jewels inspired by comics. And they have appeal ♦ What’s more dangerous than ideas? So, perhaps it is not surprising […]

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Orecchini Sweet Daisies con perle d'acqua dolce

Sence’s dreamers

Daydreaming, for those who love to imagine another reality. Dreaming during the day, is a prerogative of romantic souls, poets, artists. And, now, also for those who choose the Daydreaming […]

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Orecchini ispirati alle sculture di Calder con perle di acqua dolce

The two streets of Sophie Bille Brahe

Sophie Bille Brahe summarizes in itself the characteristics of Nordic design: simple, yet surprising, light despite the dimensions, rigorous without missing the imagination. Well-outlined ideas: on her website you can […]

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Anello in oro con quarzi e diamanti

Ole Lynggaard for springtime

The Blooming, the spring collection signed by the Danish Ole Lynggaard ♦ ︎ Among the boast of Copenhagen there is also a magnificent tradition in jewelry. And in the tradition […]

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Orecchino della nuova collezione di Sophie Bille Brahe, oro giallo e diamanti

The flowers of Sophie Bille Brahe

Danish designer Sophie Bille Brahe presented her new collection in Paris ♦ ︎ In Paris, during the week of Haute Couture, she presented a collection of jewels made of small […]

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Collezione Shooting Stars, orecchini in oro e diamanti

Ole Lynggaard, the North Wind

Ole Lynggaard, with Shooting Stars collection the north wind blows on lightness ♦ It is wrong to exchange Denmark, one of the leading countries in jewelry manufacturing, to a place where […]

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Bracciale con onice

Georg Jensen, tribute to Vivianna Torun

The Danish Maison Georg Jensen celebrates Vivianna Torun, the great Swedish designer who defined an era ♦ The myths do not die, simply they take a vacation. They continue to live long in the […]

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The endless variations of Sence

The endless variations of Sence

One of the poles of the jewelry world is in Copenhagen: Sence, led by Danish designer Gitte Holmskov, is part of this elite, also composed by brands like Pandora, Shamballa, […]

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Collezione Casablanca, bracciale. Prezzo: 70 euro

The woman globetrotter of Sence

If according Giuseppe Verdi the woman is mobile, to the Danish brand Sence Copenhagen thinks women are nomad. Not because she are homeless, but because they travel in to the […]

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Helena Christensen

Helena Christensen, gioielli di casa

Il richiamo di casa è irresistibile per Helena Christensen. La top model fa da testimonial per l’azienda di gioielleria danese Ole Lynggaard di Copenhagen. Una campagna stampa in bianco e […]

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La collana Treasure Flute di Sandra Okune

Dall’Uganda per Pandora

Si chiama Sandra Okune. È la vincitrice del progetto promosso da Pandora e da Naba (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti) battezzato Moments in Design. La giuria del premio era composta, tra […]

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