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collana CALLA in oro bianco, diamanti, zaffiri grigi e kogolong

Vhernier extends Calla

A new necklace in kogolong and sapphires is added to the Calla collection by Vhernier ♦ Do you know which flower never fade? The calla. Or, better, the Calla with […]

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Bracciale Calla in oro rosa e diamanti

Calla bracelets by Vhernier

The Calla bracelets by Vhernier, the newcomers to the Maison’s most classic collection ♦ They are called Calla, because the shape of jewels resembles that of the delicate flower with […]

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Vhernier, collana Calla in oro rosa

Vhernier celebrates 20 years of Calla

Vhernier celebrates 20 years of Calla, one of its most famous jewelery lines ♦ ︎ A flower that has not yet faded after 20 years. On the contrary, it promises […]

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Vhernier, bracciali Mini Calla

Vhernier, three bracelets for Itaca

Vhernier sails for the Onlus Progetto Itaca with three Mini Calla bracelets. Images and price ♦ ︎ A jewel for a good cause. Vhernier has created a series of three […]

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Calla, collana in titanio e diamanti

Vhernier, the Calla is made in titanium

The necklace Calla by Vhernier is now made with titanium: image and price. Every great jewelery company has, just like a musician, what are its strong points. But, unlike a singer […]

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Plissé, bracciale in oro bianco lucido a specchio. Prezzo: 12. 600 euro

The thousand faces of Vhernier

Innovate coherently: Vhernier with its new collection Plissé has shown that is possible to keep its own style even if adopting a different language. But, different only seemingly, because if the shapes […]

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