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Mark Davis, gold, diamonds and bakelite

in bracciale/vetrina
Bracciale in bachelite, platino, diamanti

The ultra-vintage bracelets by Mark Davis, the old bakelite brought back to life ♦ ︎ There are simple, popular jewels, like the modular bracelets. There are the jewels of super luxury, like the bracelets of Cartier or Bulgari. And there are niche jewels, reserved for fans of a certain genre, such as vintage jewelry. Finally,…

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The vintage Bakelite and gem bracelets by Mark Davis

in bracciale/vetrina
Bracciali in bachelite, oro

Bakelite jewels are very popular. Bakelite, according to Wikipedia, is a resin obtained from formaldehyde and phenol. This resin is often added to a filler material, such as wood flour, graphite, mica, diatomaceous earth and dyes. In the past it has been used for electrotechnical elements, electrical switches, electricity sockets, pot handles. So what does…

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