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Anello My Letters con smalto nero e galvanica oro rosa

The fashion jewels of Dvccio

Roberta Marinelli and Giovanni Selvi are founders and owners of the Dvccio brand. For those who are not Italian, it is necessary to specify that the name is written as […]

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Orecchini della collezione Ex-Voto

IDoni for those who want to believe

The brand IDoni was launched by Nuova Jolly Oreficerie, a Arezzo-based company leader in the production of medals with the image of the Madonna and crosses: “The idea is that […]

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Bracciale con zaffiri gialli e arancio

Alunno’s line

Fringes, wires and silver chains for making jewelery of great impact: it’s Alunno & Co’s proposal ♦ ︎ At GoldItaly 2017 the jury also awarded to Alunno & Co of […]

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Catene d'oro

Gold / Italy, three days of precious business

Gold / Italy is back in Arezzo, a fair dedicated to gold and jewelery professionals ♦ Gold / Italy returns to Arezzo Fiere Congressi – International Business Forum, an event […]

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Orecchini della collezione Boule

La Boule of Éclat

The silver, white or colored jewels proposed by Éclat: here is the Boule collection ♦ Éclat has come of age: in fact, it was born in Arezzo in 2001 from […]

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Collane di Eurocatene

Eurocatene, silence is golden

The tradition but in modernity and, above all, gold: the jewelry of Eurocatene ♦ ︎ Paolo Mori, president of Eurocatene, wants to maintain a low profile. He is not a […]

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Orecchini in pizzo d'oro

Gold and lace with Neonero

The gold lace of Neonero jewelry, Tuscan goldsmith company ♦ It’s called Pizzo d’Oro, but it is not a line of lingerie, even if the images on the website (a […]

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Gold Italy comes back

Gold Italy comes back

Gold Italy returns to Arezzo in October, a fair dedicated to professional jewelry operators ♦ ︎ It will be golden autumn in Arezzo (Tuscany). From October 26th to 28th, in […]

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OroArezzo 2017. Credits: Lorenza Ricci Studio

Jewelery, Arezzo wins everyone

The statistics of the jewelery and goldsmith sector indicate 1,211 companies active in the province of Arezzo. Vicenza and Alessandria, instead … ♦︎ Italy is a country of saints, navigators […]

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Bracciale tubogas con orologio, oro e diamanti

Falcinelli, Italy with taste of the East

The jewels of Falcinelly Italy: from Tuscany to the rest of the world a wide range of earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets ♦ Fabrizio Falcinelli: when Arezzo rhymes not only with […]

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Collana in oro di Giordini

Giordini Embroideries

The gold of Arezzo seen through the jewels of Giordini, a story begun in 1964 ♦ In 1964 Olga Giordini founded the company that bears his name and which lies […]

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Laboratorio Garavelli, la scelta delle pietre

The 2017 was a golden year for Italian jewelery

On the eve of VicenzaOro, the IEG Observatory on Gold and Jewelry photographs the situation: sales increase. And between Valenza, Arezzo and Vicenza wins … ♦ ︎ Countdown to VicenzaOro […]

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Bracciale in argento. Prezzo: 59,90 euro

Cuorecode, the bracelet with app

Send a message through a bracelet: it is the idea of ​​Cuorecode ♦︎ Alessio Fornacini, Ceo of Forval, an Anghiari precious metal working company (Arezzo, Italy), had an idea: to […]

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Misani, bracciale doppio filo in cuoio 3 mm con elementi in oro lavorato a mano, argento, perle naturali, ametista verde, amazzonite, acquamarina e turchese

(Italiano) Il bracciale super star di Natale

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch […]

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Collana in argento 925 placcato oro 18 kt, con quarzi idro, cristalli e pietre naturali

Nature and color’s Mariasole

Nature and tradition in Mariasole Gioielli, brand of Arezzo. In 1995, Maria Pia and Elisa Cencini, mother and daughter, they founded in Arezzo Mariasole Gioielli. Today Elisa still leads the […]

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Orecchini della collezione Gotico Romantico. Da 140 a 200 euro

Lebole between Gothic and Romance

Gothic, but romantic: skulls and shamrocks, butterflies and crosses in the new Lebole Gioielli line. Barbara Lebole, owner together her mother Nicoletta of jewelry brand that bears their name, for years […]

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Bracciale in ottone e argento. Prezzo: 658 euro

Giorà alternative

Giorà, a jewelery brand of Arezzo which was founded by Giovanna Raspini. Make jewelry in gold country and not to use gold. Yet GiovannaRaspini, classic name of Arezzo, has followed its way […]

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Gold/Italy ad Arezzo

(Italiano) Gold/Italy e un giallo

Ad Arezzo si apre Gold/Italy con molte speranze e qualche preoccupazione. È con l’aggiunta di qualche punto di domanda che si svolge la nuova edizione di Gold/Italy (Arezzo, 22-24 ottobre). […]

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anello oro

Golden Nemesi

Nemesi: from Arezzo making jewelry consisting of a myriad of golden threads. What revenge thought the six Boldi brothers when, in 1993, they founded Nemesi? To the jewelry company in […]

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Collana con fiore

The flowers of Fiorella

In her jewelry shop Orolo, in San Giovanni Valdarno, in the heart of Aretino country, one of the Italian goldsmith circuits, Fiorella Cappelli strives to combine 3D technology with the […]

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