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Un bozzolo di Hbert Duprat

That pendant looks like a cocoon

Would you like to wear a pendant that looks like a fly larva cocoon? Mah. Yet Hubert Duprat, an artist, but also a French jewelry designer, has been inspired by […]

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Bracciale con cristallo nero

Swarovski dark for Halloween

Every year the Halloween party brings with it more or less lively opportunities for fun or, for children, the search for sweets among the neighbors, as the American tradition dictates. […]

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Pianegonda, bracciale in galvanica oro rosa

How to clean gold-plated jewelry

Gold-plated jewels are not all the same. Discover the differences and how to clean gold-plated jewelery ♦ ︎ The proverb teaches: all that glitters is not all gold. True. Because […]

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Campanella con coralli e diamanti

High jewelry with Chantecler Première47 bells

In Capri (island opposite Naples, Italy), in 1945, at the very end of the Second World War, the jeweler Pietro Capuano, aka Chantecler, donated a bronze bell to the American […]

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Anello in oro giallo 18 carati, zaffiri multicolori, tsavorite

Gigi Ferranti in Portofino

Gina Ferranti, an American designer who founded the Gigi Ferranti brand in Brooklyn, New York, has Italian origins. Which she has not forgotten. For this reason, inspired by the land […]

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Vetrina a Open!

Tarì dodges the virus and confirms the business

Open! it’s closed. It sounds like a play on words, but it’s not. Open! is the event organized at Tarì, the distribution and production center of Marcianise (near Naples, Italy): […]

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Collana con acquamarina e pietre dure

Jewels damaged by light and heat

Did you know that light and heat can ruin your jewelry? Yet it is so. There are many jewels that can be compromised due to continuous exposure to light and […]

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Orecchino in oro rosa e diamanti

Hermès Lignes Sensibles

Sixth high jewelery collections by Hermès designed by Pierre Hardy, creative director of the Parisian Maison’s Jewelery since 2010. The collection is called Lignes Sensibles and consists of 45 pieces. […]

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Orecchini a bottone con zirconia cubica

Michael Kors for the fall

Michael Kors is one of the strong and global brands in the fashion world. And, as such, it also regularly presents collections that concern the world of accessories twice a […]

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Collana di 43 perle di giadeite imperiale

Giada beats diamonds at Sotheby’s auction

Top and flop at the high jewelery auction organized by Sotheby’s in Hong Kong. In summary: disappointment with precious stones, enthusiasm for jade. Overall, however, the sale of Magnificent Jewels […]

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Collana di oro bianco, con 5.080 diamanti e rubini birmani. Per realizzarla ci sono volute 4.600 ore di lavorazione

Mellerio, the oldest jewelry in the world

The oldest jewelry company in the world has long since turned 400 years old. Which is of (very distant) Italian origin. Mellerio, whose full name is Mellerio dits Meller, is […]

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Bracciale groumette con cristalli

Morellato’s groumette format

Back to the Future. To be precise in the Eighties, when large chains were necessarily part of the women’s jewels box. Not that it has changed much, after all: the […]

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Orecchini in oro 18 carati con citrini

Fernando Jorge on fire

Flames, fire and sparks: the new collection by Fernando Jorge, a young Brazilian designer based in London, one of the most imaginative creatives around, is inspired by everything around the […]

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Anello in oro bianco 18 carati e diamanti

(Italiano) Fabiani, 60 anni di gioielli

Without too much hype, focusing on large shopping centers and a jewelry catalog that includes rings from affordable prices to those in 18-karat gold and diamonds, Fabiani Gioiellerie has turned […]

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Diamante ovale impeccabile D Color da 102,39 carati

The Japanese who gives super diamonds to his daughters

A super diamond for every daughter. The Japanese buyer of the 102.39-carat flawless oval D Color diamond, sold at auction at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong, has decided to name the […]

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Orecchini in oro e topazio Blue London

Nanis is tinged with Azure

The elements of water and sky are a constant in the work of Laura Bicego, the creative founder of the Nanis brand, a Maison that turns 30 this year. One […]

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Shaun Leane, anello con zaffiro di 10,53 carati

Phillips sells 12 Shaun Leane jewels online

Online sales of jewelery, even high-end ones, are no longer a novelty. Even the historic Phillips auction house (founded in London by Harry Phillips in 1796) is adapting to this […]

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Anello toi et moi

Bronzallure pink and green

The world is getting greener and jewelry is adequate. Diamonds and gold are increasingly monitored to ensure a green origin. And there are those who bet everything on jewels that […]

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Collana indossata Breil Sinuous

Sinuously fringed Breil

Sinuously tempting: Breil‘s new collection is still aimed at a young audience, perhaps even a little transgressive and rebellious. The Sinuous collection focuses on design and the unconventional image of […]

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Anelli della linea Rainbow

Giorgio Visconti’s rainbow

The new The Sound of Love collection by Giorgio Visconti includes four lines of jewels: Melody, Note, Voice, Sound. The music of the jewels, of course, is not heard with […]

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