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Anello con rubini Gemfields del Mozambico

Bina Goenka, incredible India

The extraordinary jewels of the Indian designer Bina Goenka, pieces of goldsmith virtuosity between Mumbai and London. A jewel of Bina Goenka often is exceeding the price of 100,000 Euros […]

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Da sinistra, Penelope Cruz, Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong’o, Diane Kruger con gioielli Piaget. Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Piaget ready for the Oscar with The 355

An international intrigue spiced up with espionage, technology and thrilling. And with performers such as Jessica Chastain, Diane Kruger, Lupita Nyong’o, Penélope Cruz, Lin Mi Sheng. And Piaget. The 355 […]

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Orecchini in oro bianco con smeraldi e diamanti

At the zoo with Marc Alary

Monkeys, antelopes, elephants: the wild (but gentle) animals of the French designer Marc Alary ♦ ︎ Crocodiles, monkeys, elephants: the Marc Alary zoo, French jewelry designer born in New York, […]

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Anello in platino con zaffiro non scaldato taglio pan di zucchero

On the waves with Waskoll

In Paris, the soft and nostalgic lines of the Orient in the jewels of the Waskoll brothers ♦ In Paris, the brothers Cyril and Kirk Waskoll are the heirs of […]

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Anello in oro bianco con zircone blu da 12,62 carati circondato da 153 diamanti

How to distinguish cubic zirconia from zircon

Do you know the difference between zirconia and cubic zirconia? They are two completely different minerals (even in price). This is what zircons and cubic zirconia are and why it […]

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Pulizia di un anello

A scientific research: you have to clean the jewels to kill microbes and viruses

Jewelry can hide dangerous microbes or viruses. Another good reason why jewelry needs cleaning. This was confirmed by a scientific research by the National Institutes of Health ♦ ︎ Periodic […]

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Spilla di Van Cleef & Arpels con turchese, rubini, zaffiri, diamanti su oro giallo

Eleuteri, vintage jewelry from Rome to New York

Vintage jewelry signed by prestigious Maison: it is Eleuteri’s specialty, which has now also opened a showcase on Madison Avenue, in New York ♦ ︎ There is Bulgari, there is […]

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Anelli Dune di Annamaria Cammilli in oro di diversi colori e diamanti

Five myths wrong

How many colors does gold have? Are diamonds really indestructible? Are precious stones everytime more expensive than others? Discover the answers and debunked the myths regarding the jewelry ♦ Even […]

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Orecchini con corallo e diamanti

Aucella in red from four generations

Coral and cameos: they are the specialty of one of the most traditional jewelers of Torre del Greco: Aucella ♦ Coral for four generations grown in the Neapolitan pole of […]

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Orecchini con smeraldi colombiani su oro 22 e 18 carati

The jewels of the gem hunter Judy Geib

The adventurous emeralds (and all the rest) of the gem hunter Judy Geib ♦ ︎ From Pennsylvania to New York to look for emeralds. All right, there are no green […]

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Collana e orecchini di Van Cleef & Arpels

All the Camilla jewelry

The future queen of England is Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and wife of Prince Charles. You want to know what are her jewels? What is the collection of jewels of […]

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Orecchini in oro, smeraldi e diamanti

Alexey Pomelnikov, the art of the tsars

The surprising works of a master of Russian jewelry: Alexey Pomelnikov ♦ ︎ Russia, for jewelry lovers, is almost a mystery: few goldsmiths are able to make themselves known in […]

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Anello doppio dito in oro 18 carati con diamanti, zaffiri gialli e bianchi, tormalina

Ayva, colors for manager

The new jewels by Priyanka Kedia, founder of Ayva, queen of the compositions with small gems ♦ Responsible for strategic inventory distribution, implementation of new tools and processes, order management, […]

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Jewelbox da viaggio

How to sell jewelry on eBay

Do you want to sell a jewel? You can try on eBay. Here are 6 moves to sell your jewelry on eBay ♦ ︎ Do you have a jewel that […]

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Anello con tanzanite, acquamarina, diamanti

Deirdre Featherstone, vintage with colors

Strong, colorful, precious jewels with a vintage nostalgia: the work of the New York designer Deirdre Featherstone ♦ ︎ Platinum is her favorite metal. It is no coincidence that Deirdre […]

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Orecchini Ocean Totem in oro 14 carati, turchese, diamanti di laboratorio

BaYou with Love offers jewelry with gold hidden in computers

BaYou with Love also offers jewelry made with gold hidden in computers. Do you want to know the most important word for jewelry in the coming years? Sustainability. Using gold […]

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Spille di Mikimoto

How to choose the brooch

The brooch is back in fashion: but how to choose it? ♦ ︎ Who knows why, the brooch has gone through years of oblivion. Forgotten, neglected, even despised. The brooch […]

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Bracciale in oro rosa con madreperla

Angeletti caput mundi

Angeletti, a historic jewelery shop in via Condotti, in Rome, which also looks to the foreign market ♦ Via Condotti is the luxury shopping street in Rome. Here, in 1940, […]

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Pendente Lotus con zaffiri rosa, tsavoriti e diamanti

Gimor, spirit of Milan

Directly from the 1960s, the style and precious sobriety of Gimor, a brand that sums up the Milanese spirit ♦ ︎ Sixties, seventies, eighties: those decades are back to get […]

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Le conchiglie utilizzate per la prima collana

Discovered the oldest jewel in the world

When was the jewelry born? Now the answer is there: about 150,000 years ago. At least, the oldest jewel discovered by archaeologists dates back to this period. In short, the […]

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