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Orecchino in oro e diamanti di Nikos Koulis

How to disinfect earrings

Is it necessary to disinfect the earrings? And, if so, what is the best way to disinfect earrings? Many women (but also many men) wonder if a quick refresh is […]

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Anello Gulfstream in oro bianco, ornato di uno smeraldo ottagonale  verde brillante  da 3,52 carati proveniente dalla Colombia, zaffiri tondi e baguette, smeraldi tondi, tormaline Paraiba e diamanti taglio brillante

The waves of the sea for Chaumet high jewelery

For over a century, Chaumet has been a pillar of Place Vendôme, the Parisian square that is the temple of high jewelery. The Maison, famous among other things for its […]

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Anello in oro 18 carati, acquamarina e tsavorite

The good vibrations of Brent Neale Winston

The good vibrations of Brent Neale Winston in New York: high quality jewelry among Hieronymus Bosch and the Sixties ♦ ︎ She has been defined as one of the emerging […]

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Spilla con cameo in argento su onice

Eredi Jovon, cameos and coral of Venice

Personalized cameos and coral jewelry from the Rialto bridge, in Venice, with Eredi Jovon ♦ ︎ Do not be fooled: in addition to bijoux for tourists, the jewelry Eredi Jovon, […]

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XX Ring, in oro rosa e diamanti

Eva Fehren, luxury and simplicity

The jewels in black and white (with a pink and yellow) by Eva Zuckerman, designer of Eva Fehren, who won a Couture Awards: essence of New York ♦ ︎ The […]

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La scelta dell'anello, un momento delicato

When is the engagement ring given?

When is the engagement ring given? What does it mean when a man gives a ring? And what are the rings to give as gifts? All questions that require an […]

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Anello con rara perla di ostrica spinosa Spondylus viola  e striscia blu assieme a spinelli ovali viola su platino

Assael’s rare pearls

Le perle rare e i gioielli straordinari di Assael, Maison con base a New York ♦ Le storie dei grandi gioiellieri sono spesso intrecciate alle storie di grandi commerci di gemme. […]

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Anello Toi et Moi con diamanti di Shay

Moi & Toi, story of a mythic ring

Moi et Toi, a shape of ring that is timeless. Like love. Here are some of the most fascinating rings Moi et Toi ♦ Two diamonds are better than one, […]

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Anello Ali d'Angelo

Pandora rings 2022

Pandora rings for everyone. The Danish company has become famous for its charm bracelets. But for years it has been offering all kinds of jewels. Pandora rings have thus conquered […]

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Bracciale per aromaterapia indossato

The jewels that smell

The essential oils of aromatherapy combined with bracelets, necklaces and rings from the Californian company Anavia ♦ ︎ Aromatherapy is a practice of the category of alternative medicine that has […]

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Anello oro bianco 18 carati con diamanti rotondi taglio brillante colore G purezza VVS

The precious carats by Luca Carati

The collections by Luca Carati, Maison di Valenza, which continues the tradition of great craftsmanship jewelery ♦ In Valenza and around the jewelry is the queen: the area is teeming […]

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Anello impilabili in oro e diamanti bianchi e neri

The cultural bridge of Sethi Couture

Sethi is a common surname in northern India and Pakistani. The word derives from Sreshta which means pure or superior in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language. Following (perhaps) this principle, […]

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Visitatori all'ingresso di Vicenzaoro marzo 2022. Copyright: gioiellis.com

Return to normality for Vicenzaoro

While the jewelery companies are preparing for the winter season, the most interesting for sales, the organizers of Ieg are preparing for Vicenzaoro September (9-13 September). In the first information […]

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Best in Diamonds above $ 20.000: Gismondi 1754

Six months very good for Gismondi 1754

The second quarter of the year was also favorable for Gismondi 1754, a company listed on the Euronext Growth Milan (formerly Aim) list which voluntarily reports its financial results on […]

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Anello in oro bianco e rosa 18 carati, diamanti bianchi e neri, granati verdi, zaffiri rosa, gialli e blu

Flora and fauna by Mio Harutaka

Mother jewelry designer, daughter jewelry designer and owner of two brands: Bijude M (which she considers prêt-à-porter) and Mio Harutaka, which is also her name. Japanese, with an international soul […]

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Orecchini di Ana Khouri con tormalina indicolite e berillo

New jewelers in support of Ukraine

Jewelers in support of Ukraine. In March, some jewelers launched a fundraiser for children who were victims of war. So far they have raised around £ 25,000 for Hope and […]

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Anello in oro giallo 18 carati con 36 diamanti

In Rajasthan with the rich jewels of Sawansukha

The large, luxurious, traditional Indian jewelery gifts signed by Maison Sawansukha ♦ For nearly two centuries the name Sawansukha was associated with the diamond trade. You do not know, probably, […]

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Collane della collezione Cubica

Rosato with cube colors

Founded in 2004 by Simona Rosato, the eponymous brand has always focused on pendants to add to bracelets and necklaces. With the purchase by the Bros Manifatture group in 2011, […]

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Orecchino in oro 18 carati riciclato e diamanti di laboratorio

Egalitarian jewelry with Veins

Can jewelry be used to promote fairness and fight racism? It can be according to Julia Fitzpatrick, who has just launched a new jewelry brand, Veins, based in Paris. On […]

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Vicenzaoro September. Copyright: gioiellis.com

The plans of Ieg, the mother of Vicenzaoro

The future of Vicenzaoro & C. in the plans of Ieg, the company that organizes the main event related to jewelry, but also Oroarezzo, T / Gold and many other […]

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