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Anello Noi in oro bianco e smeraldi

We are only us: Gismondi 1754 celebrates Valentine’s Day

Seen from the outside, they are him and her. Seen by he and she: it’s us. The couple thinks of the plural, especially on Valentine’s day. And, not surprisingly, the […]

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Collana, bracciale e anello indossati

Nanis, the Transformista is still transformed

Nouveaux bijoux dans la collection historique Transformista de Nanis, or jaune et diamants pour des colliers qui changent de forme ♦ Lancée en 2015 pour célébrer le 25e anniversaire, la […]

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Orologio e bracciali Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington’s communication to Aff

Above all watches, but also rings and bracelets: they are the specialty of Daniel Wellington, a brand that will now be managed in Italy in terms of communication by Aff, […]

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Pendente Susie, in argento con diamanti neri. Prezzo: 450 dollari

Proudly ewe, in New York

Julie Lamb proudly jokes about the meaning of her name and transforms it into jewels ♦ Chronicles from New York: Julie Lamb said he had a passion for jewelry since […]

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Orecchini in argento dorato, smalto, pietre semi preziose

Anna and Alex, artistic bijoux

Anna and Alex, the author’s jewelry that are fun like many jewels can not be. Two girlfriends, the same passion: the artistic bijoux. Those that are not accessories that are […]

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Anelli Abbraccio in oro rosa

For Valentine’s Day Vhernier offers a hug

A hug: it is the immediate reaction of those who receive a ring or, more generally, a jewel. If, furthermore, the ring is of high quality, the embrace lasts longer. […]

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Collezione Venezia, collier con diamanti, dettaglio

Leo Pizzo dedicates a collection to Venice

Leo Pizzo loves Venice, the city famous all over the world: a unique place, custodian of many works of art and unfortunately threatened by climate change. La Maison in Valenza […]

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Bracciale Florette in oro bianco, diamanti, tormalina verde

Carelle, the pleasure of the knot

The Knot collection by Carelle, Made in New York jewelry by Chana Regev ♦ ︎ In February 2015, the mayor of New York, Bill De Blasio, promoted an investment of […]

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Analisi delle gemme in un laboratorio Tiffany

Real and false stones, how to recognize them

How to recognize a real stone from a fake? Some tricks are often used for jewels and can deceive those who are not experts. Here’s what to check ♦ ︎ […]

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Bracciali della collezione Smart Pearl

Yana Nesper, pearls with embedded video

Yana Nesper’s idea is fascinating: to enclose images or videos in a pearl jewel. The Smart Pearl collection is based on this innovation, a combination of jewelry and hi-tech. The […]

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Bracciale Love di Les Georgettes, misura 25 millimetri

Les Georgettes bracelets for Valentine’s Day

Even Les Georgettes, brand of the French group Altesse, thinks about Valentine’s Day. The brand, which proposes itself as a sample of customizable jewels and accessories, in this case highlights […]

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Elena Lara Bonanomi, collana in argento e oro

The double jewels by Elena Lara Bonanomi

Thin chains, with a design that doubles: the jewels of Elena Lara Bonanomi ♦ ︎ From Brianza (area north of Milan, Italy) to London. Elena Lara Bonanomi has been infected […]

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Anello Roma 1947, collezione Intrecci

Better Silver is ok by Cerved Rating Agency

Corporate finance: a certificate of solidity arrives for Better Silver, a Vicenza-based company that has been operating for forty years on the international market in the production and marketing of […]

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Orecchini in oro giallo e diamanti

Fope presents the Panorama collection (and also a small riddle)

Fope starts 2020 with an invitation: look at the Panorama. It is not a question of admiring the panorama of the hills not far from Vicenza, but the new collection […]

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David Morris’ high jewelery in the Electric Geometric Collection

David Morris’ high jewelery in the Electric Geometric Collection

High jewelery capable of shock up that of David Morris. During the haute couture week, the British jeweler showed some pieces from his Electric Geometric Collection in Paris. Electrifying jewels, […]

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Dolce & Gabbana debut at Baselworld

Dolce & Gabbana debut at Baselworld

Good hit scored by Baselworld: a prestigious brand, Dolce & Gabbana, arrives at the jewelery and watch fair. In short, after the forfeit of Gucci, another fashion brand, which has […]

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Bracciale della collezione Paillettes

Chantecler renews the Paillettes collection

Paillettes is the name of one of Chantecler’s most successful collections, and also one of the most fun. In 2014, the Capri jeweler thought of this collection as something that […]

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Anello Toi & Moi in oro bianco e smalto nero con zaffiro rosa, smeraldo colombiano, diamanti

Nikos Koulis, unique pieces and an award in New York

Nikos Koulis triumphed in New York. In fact, in January, the Gem Awards, an event organized by Jewelers of America, which are considered the Oscars of jewelry, were held for […]

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Anelli in oro rosa e pietre semi preziose

Fidia jewels, Florentine goldsmithery

From the ancient traditions of Florentine goldsmithery to modern jewelery: the path of Fidia gioielli ♦ ︎ A tradition that comes straight from the Renaissance artisans. And, in addition, the […]

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Chanel, bracciale in oro bianco, diamanti, onice

The Tweed de Chanel high jewelery collection

Do not associate tweed with Old England atmospheres or hunting trips worthy of Downton Abbey: this fabric is golden for Chanel. But not only because tweed is a timeless material […]

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