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Anello in oro 18 carati con tormalina, acquamarina, granato, diamante

The hidden face of Milio shines

Milio, a duo of Russian women (mother and daughter) who creates perfect jewels even where you don’t look ♦ ︎ Mironov, Lyudmila and Olga. In summary, Milio, a brand created […]

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Anello con smeraldo di 8,86 carati

Alexandra Albini, ethics and heretics

The ethical and heretical jewels of the Milanese designer Alexandra Albini ♦ ︎ Milan is one of the capitals of design and for a week a year it becomes the […]

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Il diamante viola-rosa Sakura di 15,81 carati

A 29.3 million pink diamond

When is a 15.81 carat purple-pink diamond worth, which equates to a weight of 3.16 grams? The answer is: $ 29.3 million. It is the price at which Sakura was […]

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Anello in oro rosa con quarzo, tormalina paraiba, rubino

The transparencies of Quore

From gems to jewels: it is a road traveled many times by those who trade with precious stones. Brian Cook, of Tucson, Arizona (where one of the largest fairs dedicated […]

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La cover in oro bianco e diamanti

A jewel case by Damiani for the Apple Watch

Damiani goes back to wearing an Apple Watch. For the smart watch with the apple brand, the jewelry company has created a luxury case. The cover is inspired by the […]

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Orecchino con smeraldi della collezione Genesi by Gismondi 1754

Gismondi jewelry in Baglioni hotels

The jewels by Gismondi 1754, a historic Genoese brand, now will be purchased at the hotel. In fact, the company has signed an agreement with Baglioni Hotels & Resorts, an […]

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Collana con delfino

Bona Calvi by the sea

At the sea with Bona Calvi. The young Milanese designer offers a series of rings, pendants and earrings featuring animals or elements that seem perfect for a marine atmosphere and […]

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VicenzaOro. Copyright: gioiellis.com

VicenzaOro warms up the engines

What will be the return of VicenzaOro September is outlined. The great jewelery fair, which last gave way, due to a pandemic, to the reduced version of Voice, resumes the […]

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Anello in oro 14 carati con zaffiri rosa

Circles and straight lines with Jolly Bijou

From the world of fashion in Paris and London to the world of jewelry in New York: the flight across the Atlantic Ocean was carried out by the French designer […]

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Anello in oro giallo e diamanti bianchi

Jamie Wolf, jewels at dance step

From stage to laboratory, from paso doble to carats, from exercises at mirror to sketches on paper: Jamie Wolf was a star in two different worlds, that of ballet and, […]

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Gioielli d'epoca a GemGenève 2018

There are about a hundred the brands for next GemGenève

There are already a hundred jewelry and precious stone companies that have booked a space at the next GemGenève, the third edition of the event held in the Swiss city. […]

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Bracciale tennis con cubic zirconia rossa

New bracelets from Mabina

The new products from Mabina Gioielli for spring include a line of tennis-style 925 silver bracelets. At the center of the bracelets there is a heart-cut colored cubic zirconia stone. […]

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Cristina Squarcialupi, presidente di Unoaerre

Unoaerre in the Goldsmiths Club

Unoaerre is the member number 23 of the Goldsmiths’ Club, an association that brings together some of the major companies in the sector. We are very proud to rejoin the […]

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Anello in oro e diamanti della collezione Mad Love

The sins of Hannah Martin

Sin is not a sin according to Hannah Martin, a British designer who goes beyond the ︎ conventions ♦ “This mysterious, driving power beguiles, controls and manipulates the house in which […]

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Anello con moneta d'oro antica 18 carati

Coins and gold threads, Nina Bukvic’s jewels

Ancient coins and gold threads. At the moment, the jewelry production by Nina Bukvic revolves around these two elements. The coins, in particular, are a constant in her proposal, as […]

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Romantic Gothic for Lebole Gioielli

Romantic Gothic for Lebole Gioielli

The Gothic style, alongside the passion for Japan and its myths, has always inspired Lebole Gioielli earrings. And this is not surprising, given that the designer Barbara Lebole loves to […]

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Anello in oro 14 carati con zaffiri, topazio bianco

The long roots of Madhuri Parson

Having a grandfather who sells precious stones wholesale in London, Paris and Geneva is a good starting point. In addition, Madhuri Parson has a family that has been doing business […]

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Collier Ailanthus Altissima, in oro giallo 18 carati e giada birmana

MWParis among East and West

The atmospheres of the myths of East and West in the unusual jewels of MwParis by Thu-Thao Le Thi ♦ She is named Thu-Thao Le Thi and she is a Parisian designer. For truth, she was […]

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Diamante con piccole inclusioni

How to recognize a diamond true or false

Are you sure that the diamond on your ring is genuine? Here are 5 tricks to find out if (probably) your diamond is genuine ♦ A classic case: you want […]

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Anello Maia in oro 18 carati, diamanti e zaffiri

Ana Khouri between Maia and social responsibility

While there are those who emphasize using recycled gold to demonstrate her good intentions, there are also those, like Ana Khouri, who beat everyone with her Brazilian non-profit organization Projeto […]

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