Orecchini in oro rosa con tormaline watermelon
Orecchini in oro rosa con tormaline watermelon

Nak Armstrong, Texas designer

The jewels of Nak Armstrong, which celebrates its first 25 years of activity.

Austin, Texas: in the city that in everyone’s mind is populated by people with big Stetson hats, decorated leather boots and Caddillac, there is a jewelry designer who has won the heart, aesthetically speaking, of the First Lady. He’s called Nak Armstrong, and his jewels, have seduced Sandra Bullock and other Hollywood stars as well as as Michelle Obama.

Bracciale in oro rosa e diamanti
Bracelet in rose gold and diamonds

The Nak jewels are quite original. It’s as the earrings, rings and necklaces were passed through the images of a kaleidoscope and then reassembled. The designer makes no secret of loving tissue intricacies, shadows and the architectural volumes: these elements, like a mosaic, are combined with the help of precious stones and gold or silver. Among other things, Nak Armstrong is also known for his skill in working metals, which allows  him to create jewels that look so geometrically unusual, somewhere between aztec engravings and extraterrestrial graffiti. Nak began designing jewelry in 1990, but debuted with his collection only in 2011, after founding Anthony Nak.

Anello con spinello rosso e spinelli multicolori
Ring with red spinel and multicolored spinels
Orecchini Stem con tormaline e opale
Stem earrings with tourmalines and opals
Orecchini Bahia Banana, con tormaline verdi
Bahia Banana earrings, with green tourmalines
Anello con tormaline rosa e verdi
Ring with pink and green tourmalines
Collana rivière con pietra luna
Rivière necklace with moonstone
Anello con diamanti
Ring with diamonds

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