Collana con targhetta personalizzabile
Collana con targhetta personalizzabile

LeBebè is renewed with Primegioie Proteggimi

LeBebè, the jewelery brand aimed mainly at new mothers and the world of children, renews the Primegioie Proteggimi collection. The collection aims to celebrate the most important moments of the first years of life and to do this leBebè has decided to complete the path undertaken over a year ago, which culminated in spring with the presentation of the new leBebé brand identity. The rebranding operation had the aim of redefining the positioning of the brand which, with the beginning of 2024, will also materialize for Primegioie.

Collana con angioletto
Necklace with little angel

The new logo is inspired by the game of marbles, small glass spheres that have entertained entire generations of children. The movement and circular shape of the marbles are reflected in the design which has an affinity with the leBebé logo. Each letter of the Primegioie logo represents a path through which the marbles can flow and the color of the new logo adds to the coordinated image and the lively and engaging communication materials.
Bracciale con angioletto
Bracelet with little angel

The Proteggimi collection has been renewed with a new interpretation of the Madonnina, which presents a more delineated silhouette that is colored with different glazes. Furthermore, it introduces the shape of the little angel. The jewels are in 9 carat yellow gold for bracelet proposals, with and without customizable tag, and pendant. The Madonnina bracelet without tag has a coral detail, while the one with the shape of the little angel is in turquoise.

Bracciale Primegioie
Primegioie bracelet
Collana con ciondolo
Necklace with pendant

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