Anello decisamente troppo stretto
Anello decisamente troppo stretto

How to remove the ring from the finger 

Here’s how to remove the ring that no longer comes out of your finger: watch the movie to discover this little trick ♦

The right system for removing a ring that will not slips away from your finger. Sooner or later it happens: a sudden swelling, or the pounds that accumulate day after day and go (also) on the hands. Result: the ring that they always carry, maybe the wedding ring, refuses to be removed. The traditional remedy is the soap, you know. With a bar of soap slight around the area is easy that the ring is able to slip off without too many problems. Yet it is not always possible. There are cases in which the ring resists any attempt. In this video we show you how to solve the problem. You need just a lanyard, better if slightly elastic, and a little ‘patience, but you have to hurry so as not to stop the blood.

Anello stretto
Ring too tight

But the circumference of the fingers can change from day to day. If the temperature rises, for example, the hands tend to swell. If you are stressed, your blood pressure may increase, even increasing the size of your hands. Furthermore, it is not strange to notice that a ring that you have not worn for a long time has become tight. And if you try to put on a tight ring, in addition to the difficulty, you also risk preventing or slowing blood circulation. That’s no good.

How narrow? Sometimes though, the ring is not so tight that it can’t fit. To find out if a ring is too tight, try rotating it around your finger: there should be no marks on the skin. If the ring leaves a mark it means that it is too narrow. Obviously you don’t even have to feel pain or tingling at the base of the finger when you take it off. And of course, even if you can’t pull the ring off it means it’s too tight.

Il sapone: un metodo che spesso funziona
Soap: a method that often works

In practice, we proceed like this: you pass one end of the cord under the ring, using a small pair of scissors or another metal tool. Then it is rolled very tight string around your finger towards the nail. At this point you turn the terminal part of the string that is passed between the ring and the finger in a circular motion in order to “undo” the ring from his finger. It works.


Problema risolto!
Problem solved!

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