Anelli su dita diverse
Anelli su dita diverse

Which finger does a wedding ring go on

Do you want to know which finger is the right one to wear a ring? It depends on your hands, but also on the meaning of the ring. Here is a quick guide with things to know on which finger to wear a ring.

The rules for wearing rings: in addition to personal taste, there are some general principles regarding how to wear them. For example, rings with oval or elongated stones look more elegant and visually make the fingers longer and prettier. Large rings and large jewels are not suitable for people with small bodies and hands, who should think about finding lighter alternatives commensurate with their size. Etiquette experts recommend avoiding large, showy rings until 5pm, especially when it comes to expensive jewelry. It is no coincidence that that type of jewel is referred to as a cocktail ring. Finally, it is not superfluous to remember that choosing a beautiful ring is not enough – it is necessary to have clean fingers and nails. A ring draws attention to the hands: it is better to use creams suitable for the skin and properly care for the nails. Wearing numerous rings on one or more fingers was once considered a sign of bad manners. Today this is not the case, as long as you choose well and have thin, tapered fingers.

L'anello con acquamarina indossato da Merghan Markle
L’anello con acquamarina indossato da Merghan Markle

On which hand to wear the ring? It also depends on the culture and customs of the country where you live. For many oriental peoples, the left hand is Yin (a concept that symbolizes female, moon, darkness, earth and water, passivity and cold) and the right hand Yang (male, light, solar fire, hot). A ring on either finger is equivalent to enabling or enhancing these characteristics.

Anello al pollice
Anello al pollice

On the thumb

The ancient Greek associated it with manly dignity. Nowadays, however, wearing the ring on the thumb is a sign of determination and personal achievement by any means possible, of a fiery temperament associated with a strong interest in the sexual sphere. The ring on the left thumb (yin) means assertiveness, a person who is able to express his ideas clearly and convincingly, and the desire to impose his will on others, while on the right (yang) he expresses a flexible and extroverted.

Collezione Ink, anello in oro
Peruffo, collezione Ink, anello in oro indossato sul dito indice

On the index finger

According to the ancients, the index finger was linked to Jupiter and therefore to the concept of authority. Wearing a ring on the index finger would therefore represent the desire for power. On the left hand, however, it would show a desire for transgression. According to the theory of yin and yang, in the first case leadership is sought, while on the right it means being ready to accept the leadership of others and the willingness to take a passive role. But not everyone agrees on this. In any case, it is important that the index is lean, healthy, well-groomed. Wearing a ring on this finger is sure to attract attention.

Anello al dito medio
Anello al dito medio

On the middle finger

This finger expresses the desire to be admired, to boast about: even Marilyn Monroe wore a large diamond ring on her middle finger when she sang to the notes of the famous song Diamonds are girl’s best friends. According to the Yin theory, the ring in the center means that the wearer has the ability to distinguish between right and wrong and is able to make decisions about it, while the concept of yang (right hand) means the inclination to seek guidance from others.

Anello all'anulare
Anello all’anulare

On the ring finger

Indicates the family status of a person. The habit dates back to the ancient Romans: they believed that in this finger there was a nerve that goes straight from the ring finger to the heart. Furthermore, they are the ones who introduced the habit for married women of wearing a ring, as a sign of marriage. Even today, the ring on the ring finger indicates that the wearer is a person who has already made a sentimental commitment to another. In the yin tradition, wearing a ring on the ring finger means being creative and resourceful, able to solve problems easily, while in the yang side it is the desire to teach others how they can be creative and use their skills for their own profit.

Anello chevalier indossato
Anello chevalier in oro rosa indossato

On pinky finger

It is the symbol of artistic and creative quality, of eloquence and persuasion, of cunning and resourcefulness. Not only that: the chevalier ring worn on the little finger is a sign of noble ancestry: in this case the ring has engraved the noble family crest. In the East, a ring on the little finger indicates a distinctly communicative but also manipulative yin, while on the right hand, yang, it signals one’s ability to grasp everything that everyone else is trying to say.

Anello della collezione Vie Privée indossato
Giorgio Visconti, anello della collezione Vie Privée indossato sul dito medio

Anello con lapis indossato
Anello con lapis indossato sul dito indice

lumaca indossato
Anello coccodrillo da falange indossato sul dito indice

Anello al pollice
Anello al pollice

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