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Il PalaExpo che ospita GenGenève

GemGèneve get 200 exhibitors

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The second edition of GemGèneve approaches and touches the 200 exhibitors. Here is the key to success ♦ ︎

Are jewelery fairs seriously ill, or only Baselworld has a big fever? The question bounces from one smartphone to another of the operators. If we consider the outcome of the last edition of Baselworld, that is decreased in a few years from 1600 to about 500 companies present, we could indicate the Swiss event formula the problem to be solved. Especially since, just a few kilometers away, in Geneva, another fair born of the initiative of two Baselworld’s former exhibitors, seems to meet surprising consents.

Il PalaExpo che ospita GenGenève
Il PalaExpo che ospita GenGenève

GemGenève, born last year from the idea of two jewelers, Thomas Faerber and Ronny Totah, displeased of the Basel formula, could have had an uncertain destiny. Instead it seems a success. In fact, the second edition of GemGenève announces around 200 exhibitors. That is a little less than half of Baselworld. Not bad for a fair born from a year and without a consolidated experience in organizing events of this kind.

Gioielli d'epoca a GenGèneve
Gioielli d’epoca a GenGèneve

It should also be noted that GemGenève (9-12 May) is only a month and a half after the closure of Baselworld (26 March) and 15 days before Couture in Las Vegas. Yet it has received support. To increase the specific weight of the appointment, the two founders went to the Jewelery show in Hong Kong to find new participants. Among which there will be, for example, the Albion Art in Tokyo, one of the Japanese fine jewelry houses, or the diamond specialist Dehres. Furthermore, there are many precious gem dealers who have decided to opt for GemGèneve, much less expensive, with simple and no-frills logistics. And some Maison, like Gorgoglione, have decided to be present at both events.

GemGenève 2018
GemGenève 2018

Furthermore, the fair is easy to reach: it takes place practically in the same area as Geneva airport and those arriving by car will find parking in the same building as the exhibition. In short, what is the right formula? Baselworld aims to become an active platform throughout the year, and promises a show, as was the case with fashion shows and jewelery in the midst of exhibitor booths. GemGenève focuses instead on low cost, with a minimal and sober style. The answer at buyers.

Sfilate a Baselworld 2019
Sfilate a Baselworld 2019

Booth di GemGenève
Booth di GemGenève

Gioielli d'epoca a GemGenève
Gioielli d’epoca a GemGenève

Gioielli d'epoca
Gioielli d’epoca a GemGenève 2018

Tormalina water mellon
Tormalina watermellon

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