Anelli con monete romane
Anelli con monete romane

Ancient Rome on Jorge Adeler’s jewels

Coins of the Roman Empire and rough gems. 18-karat gold and large baroque pearls. Jorge Adeler‘s world is vast and complex. Starting with his story: the name Adeler is of Scandinavian origin. But Jorge Adeler was born in Argentina. Globetrotter, in 1973 he moved with his family to the United States, in northern Virginia, and gave life to the Maison that bears his name. Today the company is run by her two daughters, Valentina Adeler Armor (graduate in gemology from the GIA) and Wendy Adeler Hall (vice president of marketing).

Orecchini con monete che raffigurano la dea romana della Felicità
Earrings with coins depicting the Roman goddess of Happiness

Jorge Adeler jewels mainly follow two strands: unique precious stones, often not faceted, exotic pearls and ancient coins, adapted and inserted on rings, bracelets and earrings. For example, natural aquamarine in an 18-karat gold setting with diamond details, or coins embossed with the Roman goddess of Happiness. A mix, which, among other things, is also offered in a series of jewels in a men’s version. In short, they are jewels for strong tastes, perhaps more American than European. But certainly original.

Orecchini in oro e zaffiri
Gold and sapphire earrings

Orecchini con acquamarina naturale e diamanti
Earrings with natural aquamarine and diamonds

Anello con quarzo lemon
Ring with lemon quartz
Bracciale con moneta antica su oro
Bracelet with ancient coin on gold
Anello in oro rosa con opale boulder australiano
Rose gold ring with Australian boulder opal
Bracciale con varescite su oro e cordino in pelle
Bracelet with varescite on gold and leather cord
Anello con perla barocca di acqua dolce e diamanti
Ring with baroque freshwater pearl and diamonds

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