Collana con perle occhio di tigre

Alo Yoga meditation jewels

Yoga jewelry. But it is not necessary to wear them while practicing an asana exercise. The idea comes from Alo Yoga, an American company specializing in clothing dedicated to those who practice the ancient Indian discipline or, more easily, the muscle relaxation technique widespread in the West. In any case, Alo Yoga, alongside leggings and sweatshirts, now also offers a collection dedicated to those who practice yoga or meditation.

Modella con le collane di Alo Yoga
Model with Alo Yoga necklaces

The capsule collection includes four pieces: necklaces composed of spheres of stones such as quartz, tiger’s eye, white turquoise and black onyx. The necklaces are made with 108 beads, a number that should be useful for reciting mantras. In the center is the Be Here pendant in 18k gold-plated palladium. The jewelery is made by an all-female team of Tibetan artisans and a portion of each sale will be donated to the care and education of children at the Manjushree Vidyapeth Orhpanage in the eastern Himalayas. The price is 215 euros or dollars.

Collana con perle occhio di quarzo rosa
Necklace with rose quartz eye beads
Collana con perle occhio di onice nero
CNecklace with black onyx eye pearls

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