Saskia Dieez, orecchini con cristallo di rocca
Saskia Dieez, orecchini con cristallo di rocca

All about the rock crystal

What you need to know about the rock crystal, a very flexible gem, which can turn a jewel into a masterpiece ♦ ︎

It seems valuable, but it is only when it becomes a jewel: the rock crystal is a mineral that, when used for rings and necklaces, buys a certain value. But his nobility depends on treatment and, above all, from jewelry design. According to Wikipedia, the hyaline quartz, commonly also called rock crystal, it is a completely colorless variety of quartz. Usually it is perfectly transparent, with glass-like appearance and the artificial crystal, from which you can easily distinguish, as all other minerals, for the feeling of cold when you wise with his tongue. So if you want to know if a jewel is really made with rock crystal, you can try to give him a little lick.

Great Maison like Picchiotti, Chanel or Boucheron use rock crystal for high jewelery.

Anello con leone scolpito in cristallo di rocca, oro bianco e diamante
Chanel, ring with sculpted lion in rock crystal, white gold and diamond

Hyaline quartz, which is widespread all over the world, contains a great variety of inclusions. Unlike milky quartz, rich in various elements, rock crystal is completely transparent. For centuries it has also been considered a material with magical powers: this mineral was considered a stone with hypnotic and divinatory abilities, capable of inducing trance and for these reasons it was used in occultism. Today, however, it is used for jewelry, especially by designers who love very cold, minimal shapes. There are also colored varieties of quartz such as citrine, amethyst, smoky quartz, milky quartz, pink, which however have a completely different appearance. In any case, there are many jewelers who have decided to use rock crystal, with very different results.

Anello in oro bianco con cristallo di rocca e pavé di diamanti
White gold ring with rock crystal and pavé diamonds by Boucheron

Does rock crystal have benefits on the body and spirit? Absolutely not, except offering the satisfaction of wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry and, therefore, it can probably put you in a good mood. There is no need to believe in supernatural properties to appreciate a beautiful gem, wear it without asking yourself too many questions (and above all without listening to those who invent medieval nonsense).

Orecchini con cristallo di rocca intagliato di Suzanne Belperron e René Boivin
Carved rock crystal earrings by Suzanne Belperron and René Boivin

How do you clean rock crystal? Rock crystal is a rather soft mineral, so much so that it is often carved to take on the most diverse shapes. For this reason, care must be taken not to bump it or put it in contact with other jewels with harder stones, such as diamonds or emeralds, which could scratch or scratch the rock crystal. Cleaning, on the other hand, is very simple: soak the jewel in water with a scant drop of neutral liquid soap. Soak for ten minutes and then gently scrub the jewel with a soft toothbrush. Then, rinse off.

Anello in oro con cristallo di rocca e madreperla
Gold ring with rock crystal and mother of pearl by Ippolita 
Spilla in oro bianco, diamanti, agata gialla e cristallo di rocca
Brooch in white gold, diamonds, yellow agate and rock crystal by Vhernier
Anello con cristallo di rocca intagliato e tanzanite sugarloaf
Ring with carved rock crystal and sugarloaf tanzanite by Ajoomal
Orecchini di Mr. Lieou in cristallo di rocca
Mr. Lieou earrings in rock crystal and diamonds


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