Bracciale in vermeil con ciondolo scarabeo in tormalina e topazio
Bracciale in vermeil con ciondolo scarabeo in tormalina e topazio

Women in the foreground with Ammanii

It is an unusual story that of Amany Shaker, who founded the Ammanii jewelry brand in 2015. She is Egyptian, she attended the American University in Cairo and obtained a Master’s Degree in Negotiational Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding from California State University. Additionally, she created a social services program for parents and children affected by conflict. Finally, she was the Women’s Program Director of the International Church Of Christ in Los Angeles. And between Cairo and Los Angeles she carries out her creative activity in jewelry, inspired by her background in women’s empowerment.

Anello Queen in vermeil con crisoprasio
Queen ring in vermeil with chrysoprase

For example, with a desire to tell stories and unite women by transcending cultural barriers, the brand recently introduced the Malikat collection, named after the Arabic word Queens. A collection that explicitly refers to the movement for women’s emancipation with a tribute to the queens of ancient Egypt, who guided the country, led armies and unified the people. The collection includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings handmade in vermeil, i.e. gold-plated silver, with the addition of semi-precious stones such as chrysoprase, tourmaline or topaz. The jewels are sold online and in the USA.
Orecchini in vermeil con cubic zirconia
Vermeil earrings with cubic zirconia

Orecchini in vermeil con perle di acqua dolce, lapislazzuli e crisoprasio
Vermeil earrings with freshwater pearls, lapis lazuli and chrysoprase
Orecchini in vermeil con perle di acqua dolce
Vermeil earrings with freshwater pearls
Anello amuleto scarabeo in vermeil con tormalina rosa e topazio
Scarab amulet ring in vermeil with pink tourmaline and topaz

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