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The new frontiers of jewelry printing presented by 3DZ

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Digital jewelry printing was science fiction 20 years ago, it was an experiment with questionable results ten years ago, it’s a reality today. The technologies for making real jewels capable of keeping up with those obtained with the traditional technique are different. One of these is the one presented at TGold, a fair combined with Vicenzaoro by 3DZ, a company from Castelfranco Veneto (Treviso) founded in 2010 and specialized in consultancy on the adoption of 3D printing in companies and in the sale of world brands of 3D printers and scanners. At Vicenzaoro 3DZ presented printers capable of what are defined as technical miracles. These are the 2500Wax, the Figure 4 Jewelry and the Demi 430, novelties for the post-processing of 3D printed pieces.

Gianfranco Caufin, area manager di 3DZ
Gianfranco Caufin, area manager di 3DZ

The novelty concerns the post-processing. It is a new automated system for the removal of wax supports from 3D printed pieces: Demi 430, a machine from the Post Process company. The machine allows a new method of cleaning wax models, safer, faster, with reduced manual intervention and quality results. The 3D printing technologies presented by the company for the creation of jewelry and accessories include MJP 2500 Wax and Figure4 Jewelry by 3D Systems, a world leader in the production of 3D printers for the jewelry sector. And then the 3D printing materials for jewellery, waxes and resins, in particular Visijet Wax Red Jewel, 100% meltable, elastic and resistant wax for any type of design, including watermarks and very thin thicknesses. The new material was created for the compact, fast, high resolution and high yield MJP 2500 Wax 3D printer. Figure 4 Jewelry, on the other hand, is the ultra-fast resin 3D printer for direct casting models and master models for rubber molds; Micropoint holders are easy to remove, for a smooth surface finish and reduced post-machining.
Stampa a cera
Stampa a cera

Collana Reflection della collezione Atlas in oro 18 carati e argento ossidato
Collana Reflection della collezione Atlas in oro 18 carati e argento ossidato, gioiello stampato in 3D

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