Bracciali della collezione Santorini
Bracciali della collezione Santorini

The colors of Santorini for Mabina

The Milanese brand Mabina Gioielli evokes summer, the beaches, the Aegean Sea, the colors of the Mediterranean and the charm of a volcano. Everything in the Santorini collection, inspired by one of the most famous islands in Greece. But it’s not just the shade of blue that prevails. The Santorini collection uses a palette that also includes the bright colors of flowers such as the red-violet of the bougainvillea or the pink of the peach petals. The collection includes four sets, worn in the images by model Federica Nargi.

Gioielli Santorini indossati da Federica Nargi
Santorini jewels worn by Federica Nargi

Earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces are made with natural or rhodium-plated rose gold silver, with the addition of stones obtained by combining rock crystal and colored glass, with the effect of an opalescent consistency. The jewels are presented in a monochrome version, that is, with all the stones of the same color, or in a mix of different shades.
Bracciale e anello indossati
Bracelet and ring worn

Mabina also has the excellent idea of adding some tips for jewelery care, which are worth taking up and publishing here:

Water, sunlight or contact with chemical compounds (creams, perfumes, detergents, etc.) can damage or discolor the jewelry. It is advisable to avoid wearing them during exercise. It is physiological that with wear and rubbing between different materials, a slight oxidation can form. To clean, simply immerse them in warm water with a few drops of soap with a natural pH, remove the dirt with a toothbrush and finally dry them with a soft cloth. Mabina recommends treating your jewelery with the same care you reserve for your most expensive things. Rhodium plating Rhodium plating is a treatment done on the surface of the jewel to give it light and brilliance. To maintain this effect for as long as possible we recommend not cleaning it with abrasive cloths or liquids, but simply using soft cloths and water.

Anelli della collezione Santorini
Rings from the Santorini collection

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