Collana di perle della collezione Giovane Ribelle
Collana di perle della collezione Giovane Ribelle

Pearls for him with Mabina

Pearls for him too from Mabina. In the era of gender fluid and genderless fashion, even pearls are no longer a female exclusive. This is demonstrated by rappers and rock stars who wear bracelets and necklaces with small spheres on stage and off. The Mabina brand follows the trend with various pearl-based proposals dedicated to men, mounted on rhodium-plated 925 silver. Like the Unique collection, with necklace and bracelet that use a silver chain link and a white or black cultured pearl in the center.

Collezione Unique
Unique Collection

Another collection for him is Giovane Ribelle, in which the classic string of white cultured pearls is combined with studded cylinders in silver and black cubic zirconia. The version with black cultured pearls is interspersed with silver studs. Same style for the bracelets. Those who love contrasts can choose necklace and bracelet from the Sunset collection, with a white cultured pearl, turquoise spheres and silver elements with black zircons. A gray cultured pearl is set among black agate spheres and black zircons on rhodium-plated silver, a black cultured pearl is set among lapis balls and black zircons on rhodium-plated silver.
Collezione Sunset
Sunset Collection

Other alternatives: the Tropical collection includes a white pearl in the center of an adjustable cord, with silver cylinders and black cubic zirconia. The variations include a cord and blue cubic zirconia, or with a cord and green cubic zirconia with a gray pearl. Finally, there is the Shaker bracelet, half a silver chain and half a string of white cultured pearls, and the Monomania single earring, a small silver circle with a pendant pearl, flanked by the simple lobe single earring with a solitary or surrounded pearl. from black cubic zirconia (for the white pearl) or white (if the pearl is grey).
Collezione tropical
Tropical Collection

Collezione Shaker
Shaker Collection
Collezione Giovane Ribelle
Giovane Ribelle Collection

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