Bracciale Puzzle in oro bianco e diamanti bianchi e neri. Copyright:

The Akillis Puzzle

Life is a puzzle and love relationships increasingly resemble the ability to fit together the different pieces that make up two personalities. The French brand Akillis, however, sees the puzzle as a collection capable of also reminding us that if the pieces fit together, the spiritual communion, as well as the physical one, is perfect. But with a warning: the ability to unite is not necessarily relegated to the life of a couple. It can be simply a bond of friendship, or related to the family, for example, to reiterate the closeness with children, grandchildren, sisters and brothers, cousins, etc.

Bracciale Puzzle in oro 18 carati e diamanti
Puzzle bracelet in 18k gold and diamonds

With these premises, the Puzzle collection is proposed with the classic design of the tiles used for the board game, with elements used for rings, pendants, bracelets with charms, earrings or earrings. There is also a Mini Puzzle collection with smaller sized pieces. The jewels are in white, yellow or rose gold, with or without white or black diamonds, while a bracelet also uses titanium and black diamonds.
Bracciale in titanio con diamanti neri
Titanium bracelet with black diamonds

Anello per due dita in oro bianco e diamanti
Ring for two fingers in white gold and diamonds
Pendente a forma di zebra in oro bianco e diamanti. Copyright:
Zebra-shaped pendant in white gold and diamonds. Copyright:

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