Orecchino in oro e smeraldi
Orecchino in oro e smeraldi

Nadine Aysoy, back to the gems

Precious stones, family affair: so Nadine Aysoy has returned to her passion of origin ♦ ︎

There is a whole jewelery category that was born literally surrounded by precious stones. The childhood experience, in short, has decided their destiny, favored it, and perhaps granted something more than others. It is part of this Nadine Aysoy patrol, born in the diamond world capital, Antwerp, in a family of precious stone traders. Her grandfather, PN Ferstenberg, was awarded the Belgian government with the title of Dean of the Diamond Industry. As a child, Nadine often visited her grandfather’s office and was fascinated by the stones. Yet, when she was 14, Nadine’s family moved to Switzerland.

Orecchini con zaffiri rosa e orange, smalto
Earrings with pink and orange sapphires, enamel

Life has gone another way: Nadine graduated in a leading business school and started working as an investment banker in Zurich, then in New York, Los Angeles, then settling in London in 2003. But, she says, her passion for jewels has never diminished. In 2008, the designer returned to Switzerland, where she finally had the opportunity to realize her dream: drawing and making jewels. Thanks to a return to her roots: in Antwerp met gemstone experts, grandfather friends and acquaintances. An experience that has allowed Nadine Aysoy to enter the main door of the jewelery world.

Anello in oro e gemme colorate
Ring in gold and colored gems
Collana in oro e gemme colorate
Necklace in gold and colored gems
Anello in oro e zaffiro rosa
Ring in gold and pink sapphire
Anello in oro 18 carati e rubino cabochon
18k gold and ruby cabochon ring

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