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Anello con importante diamante fancy intense yellow

Extraordinary Bomare

The extraordinary stones byBomare, brand founded in Geneva by Marc Boghossian ♦ ︎ Before Boghossian was Boghossian, that is a high-end jewelry brand admired all over the world, there was […]

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Lily James con gli orecchini Diamond Rain Fringe

Rain of diamonds signed Tatiana Verstraeten for Lily James

Professionally known Lily Chloe Ninette Thomson, 33, is best known as Lily James. She is an English actress who, like other stars, made her appearance at the recent Met Gala. […]

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Analisi dei diamanti

Retail diamonds online with Dimexon

Dimexon is one of De Beers’ leading intermediaries, with sales offices around the world. The company specializes in round cut diamonds and is a partner of many top-rated watch and […]

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Le modelle Qun Ye, Aya Jones e Grace Elizabeth con collane della collezione Graffabulous

Graffabulous, Graff’s magnificent jewels

Puns, puns, are a lovable trait of the British people. The londoner super jeweler Graff also takes part in this hobby, launching his high-end collection under the name of Graffabulous, […]

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Messika in black and pink for spring 2022

Messika in black and pink for spring 2022

Black and pink, a fascinating combination. Strong and sensual colors at the same time, in harmony with spring. Messika presents a new extension of the Lucky Move Color collection. Launched […]

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Collana in oro rosa e diamanti

Entice, teacher of luxury

Necklaces and earrings royals: the new diamonds by Entice shine even more. Since 2004 Entice has become the brand of Indian family Kothari, from Jaipur, who with KGK Group has […]

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Where Yeprem dares

Where Yeprem dares

Dare to be Yeprem. The idea of ​​the Lebanese Maison specializing in dizzying diamond jewelry pays tribute to female emancipation with the intention of satisfying pride and shedding light on […]

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Il maxi diamante trovato nella miniera di Karowe, in Botswana

War splits the Responsible Jewelery Council

The war unleashed by Russia in Ukraine is also upsetting the world of diamonds. After the measures against Alrosa (a Russian mining company) decided by the United States, it is […]

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Anello doppio in oro bianco con rubino, diamanti bianchi e smalto nero

Nikos Koulis always says Oui

The renewed Oui collection signed by the famous Greek designer Nikos Koulis ♦ ︎ Saying yes is simple, but to say Oui one must be French, or be Nikos Koulis. […]

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Diamante di Alrosa ricavato da una pietra  grezza di 179 carati

Does war raise the cost of diamonds?

Will the war in Ukraine also raise the price of diamonds? The question is legitimate. In fact, Alrosa, a state-controlled mining giant that controls 90% of the country’s production and […]

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The Fuchsia Rose, un diamante rosa-viola intenso di 8,82 carati

Surprising diamonds and jewels at Christie’s auction

The large temples are back, the diamonds with six zeros are back. The next stop for enthusiasts and collectors will take place in New York, where Christie’s is planning a […]

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Anello per tre dita Aria Jane in oro rosa e diamanti

The geometries of Melissa Kaye

Geometric, rigorous, but pleasant jewels of the New York designer Melissa Kaye ♦ ︎ For ten years Melissa Kaye has been dealing with complicated financial products in the world’s most […]

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Esame gemmologico di un diamante

The Ukrainian crisis raises the price of diamonds

There are more important things than jewelry, when life is at stake. But this does not take away the fact that the operators of the jewelry, and even those who […]

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Collana indossata con 1341 diamanti e uno smeraldo

A cascade of diamonds with Yeprem

There are Maison that have been offering the same jewels for decades. Legitimate. But there are others that amaze with special effects. And they really are very special when it […]

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Anello a grappolo Wild Flower

Graff’s wild flowers

A rose is a rose. It is a passion flower, but also very formal. Wild field flowers, on the other hand, are freedom. And women today, more than ever, want […]

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Orecchini con diamanti fancy yellow al centro e diamanti baguette bianchi

The jewels (and an extraordinary ring flower shape) by Yair Shimansky

A couple of years ago, in New York, Vogue Italia organized a reunion of designers sensitive to environmental sustainability for an event entitled The Protagonist. One of the guests was […]

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Fedi eternity in diamanti

Why are they called diamonds (and 21 more surprising news)

Diamonds, the most known and loved gemstone, hides many secrets: here are 22 of them you need to know ♦ ︎ You know that diamond is the hardest material that […]

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Anello con tanzanite, zaffiri rosa

Sharon Khazzam, Color Style

The colors of Sharon Khazzam, veteran designer of jewelry in New York ♦ Sharon Khazzam addition to being a triathlete is passionate about art. And it is the magic of […]

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Orecchini della collezione ZIg Zag in oro bianco, diamanti, tormaline rosa

The triangle of Olga Pekarevskaia

The shape of the triangle at the base of the collections of Maison Maya Gemstones by Olga Pekarevskaia ♦ ︎ Olga Pekarevskaia says that a couple of years ago she […]

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Punto luce di Lightbox

Lightbox sells (laboratory) diamonds loose

A 2-carat diamond not mounted on a jewel and sold for 1600 dollars. Possible? Yes, if it is a diamond that, instead of being extracted from the earth, was produced […]

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