Bulgari Exceptional and Rare Fancy Vivid Blue diamond ring, Laguna Blu at Sotheby's auction
Bulgari Exceptional and Rare Fancy Vivid Blue diamond ring, Laguna Blu at Sotheby's auction

How to choose diamond’s ring

Round, square, heart-shaped … What is the shape of the diamond you like best? Here is a brief guide on how to choose the right diamond cut for rings.

How to choose the diamond for a ring? Small or large: it depends on the money available, all right. Well, of course, it is an important criterion, but it is not the main one: we have already talked about the characteristics of the stone, but now it is time to decide which cut is most suitable. Because, if the cut of a diamond is perfect, the stone reflects the maximum amount of light and therefore has a great impact on the final appearance of the ring, which should be adapted to the personality that receives it. Or the idea of ​​who gives it away. So what is the best diamond shape? Here is a small guide to the main diamond cuts.

Anello con diamante di 13,70 carati di Bulgari
13.70 carat diamond ring by Bulgari
  1. The quality of the diamond matters, but in some cases (especially for smaller stones) the difference between the different classes that serve to define the appearance of a diamond is imperceptible. For this, for example, there are also small and inexpensive diamond jewelry. Of course, for a 1-carat diamond the difference between color D and H can also be seen with the naked eye.
  2. Requires certification: diamonds must be guaranteed by a gemmology institute that certifies the weight and characteristics of the stone.
  3. The origin of the diamond is not a secondary aspect: there are more and more jewelry brands that guarantee that diamonds are extracted in an ethical and environmentally sustainable way.
  4. Don’t expect to find uncommon cut diamonds in low-priced jewelry: in most cases the stones will be circular in shape.
  5. A one-of-a-kind diamond jewelry is more expensive, but it can probably be worth more when sold.
Salvini, anello solitaire in oro bianco e giallo, con diamante
Salvini, solitaire ring in white and yellow gold, with diamond

Brilliant (round cut)

Why: The brilliant cut is the most popular in engagement rings because it offers perfect sparkle. In addition, it has a regular shape, which fits well into that of a ring. Furthermore, the circular cut of a diamond never goes out of style. Indeed, it can be said that the brilliant cut of a diamond is considered almost natural for this type of stone. In short, you can never go wrong with a diamond.

For whom: This diamond shape will certainly be appreciated by those with a classic taste and love of tradition. But, in reality, no one will ever turn up their noses in front of a solitaire who mounts a bright brilliant. Furthermore, a round diamond is often surrounded by a crown of small stones that serve to increase the reflections of the central stone: a device that works very well with a gem of this type.

Anello con diamante taglio princess
Ring with princess cut diamond

Princess cut

Why: The princess cut gives a superior shine to the round cut and is perfect for naturally elegant ladies, those who are immediately noticeable when they enter a room. In short, it is a very refined cut (not surprisingly it is called princess), but also quite rare. Also because not all rough diamonds are suitable for cutting in this way.

For whom: the woman who wants an unmistakable jewel will like it, perhaps combined with a wedding in grand style, like in fairy tales. But it is also a usually quite expensive cut.

Anello con diamante taglio cuscino
Ring with cushion cut diamond

Cushion cut

Why: the cushion cut resembles the boxy shape of the princess, but is softer. It has the shape of a pillow, in fact, and is much appreciated by the British for its slightly vintage taste. In short, it is a traditional cut, which fits well with rings with a classic design.

For whom: the person who wears a cushion-cut ring does not seek attention at all costs, but on the contrary loves a sober, not exhibited, but solid richness. A cocktail, a concert hall, an anniversary party for the wedding will be ideal occasions to wear a cushion cut diamond ring.

Anello con diamante taglio smeraldo
Emerald cut diamond ring

Emerald cut

Why: originally the emerald cut used only for colored stones, especially for emeralds of course. This rectangular cut was later adapted to diamonds as well, and with some success. The rectangular shape, with a wide top and four edges, however, is suitable for stones of a certain volume (and with a high cost). An aspect that needs to be carefully evaluated.

For whom: the emerald cut stands out immediately. It’s for a strong, spirited woman who likes to show off her wealth (or that of her partner).

Diamante blu da 12,11 carati, taglio marquise, montato su anello
12.11 carat blue diamond, marquise cut, set in ring

Navette or marquise cut

Why: the marquise (or navette) cut has the same number of facets as the brilliant cut, but it is less common, because it is more difficult to make. In fact, the central area is much brighter than that towards the tips, but if done correctly, the refraction of light, albeit asymmetrical, is of great value. It is said that it was invented at the behest of the Sun King who wished to have a stone in the shape of the mouth of the Marquise de Pompadour (for this reason it is called marquise). Certainly a stone with this cut has been set in the jewels of many royal and aristocratic collections. Also because it has the advantage of being able to be combined with other gems.

For whom: intended for those who want to stand out from the crowd and seek the highest quality. A marquise-cut diamond ring will always look great. It can be the ideal shape for women looking for a distinctive, rare, excellent piece of jewelry. It is expensive.

Diamante ovale impeccabile D Color da 102,39 carati
102.39 carat flawless D Color oval diamond

Oval cut

Why: the oval cut is liked because it breaks the monotony of the round cut, but without exaggerating. It is a modification of the traditional brilliant, but has one less facet. The advantage is that, compared to the brilliant, it makes a stone of the same carat weight appear brighter. On a solitaire ring it reflects light on multiple fingers and is suitable for small to medium hands. It’s not easy to find in small sizes, though.

For whom: It is a type of cut that is suitable for all women. Not too different from the brilliant classic, it is also suitable for those who love tradition and custom. At the same time, it also pleases those who want a little novelty.

Anello con diamante a pera su platino
Pear-shaped diamond ring on platinum

Pear cut

Why: The pear cut is one of the classic shapes for diamonds. It was once a cut used only for large stones, but today it is also accepted for medium carats in the case of the main stone of a ring. Often the pear cut is also used to compose jewels with different stones. To make the most of the diamond must maintain perfect symmetry between the apex and the bottom and the sides towards the tip (as small and sharp as possible) must have the same curvature.

For whom: It is a rather aggressive cut if intended for a single stone. A pear-shaped diamond stands out immediately: it is often worn with the tip facing outwards and this gives it an additional aggressive look, almost like a weapon. Resolute and determined women like it.

Heart cut

Why: The heart cut is not easy to find on the market, although there are brands that specialize in jewelry with this type of cut. The heart is a kind of romantic version of an oval diamond. Its particular shape is a perfect love dedication. But an equally proportioned and symmetrical stone can be difficult to find.

For whom: The heart, a typical fantasy cut, will be appreciated by a dreamer, romantic, sweet, sensitive woman. There are still some, thankfully.

Anello con diamante a taglio marquise
White gold ring with marquise cut diamond

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