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How to choose a pendant

A pendant at the end of the necklace, a beautiful pendant that attracts attention, is what it takes to enhance your body. But, beware: a pendant, or a pendant, must be chosen well. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect pendant, a pendant that complements your necklace and your appearance. Before choosing the pendant or pendant, however, you must be sure that you have worn a necklace with the right size for you. If you have any doubts, you can read this article which explains how to choose the length of the necklace.

Pendente in oro rosa e diamanti di Alex Ball
Rose gold and diamond pendant by Alex Ball

The pendants of a necklace can be added later, or they can be purchased together with the jewel. Often the pendants are detachable and this allows, for example, to wear even a simple chain. Buying a pendant together with the necklace on which it will be fixed is the simplest choice, because it allows you to immediately evaluate the relationship with the pendant. A pendant, in fact, must not be too small compared to the thickness of a chain and, in the same way, a large pendant hanging on a thin thread could give the impression of coming off at any moment. And, in fact, this can happen every now and then.
Pendente in oro, madreperla, rubellite e ametista. Copyright:
Pendant in gold, mother of pearl, rubellite and amethyst. Copyright:

Compare the weight
Therefore, the first aspect to consider when choosing a necklace with a pendant is the relationship between the chain or cord and the weight of the matched jewel. The pendant must not weigh more than the chain that holds it.

Versione choker con pendente
Choker with pendant by Nanis

Attention to style
Chain and pendant must be combined: if you do not buy the jewel already assembled, pay attention to the style of the two pieces, which must be homogeneous. If the chain is vintage, for example, it will look better with a pendant from the same era. Not only that: choose metal of the same color. Yellow gold, for example, can have very different shades, which depend on the alloy used: check that the shades are the same.
Collana con pendente e anelli
Necklace with pendant and rings by Yeprem

Collecting pendants
A collection of pendants to add to a chain is an excellent idea. It allows, for example, to choose the right pendant for every occasion. In addition, with the purchase of a single chain you will have many different jewels available. You can also choose to collect pendants according to a criterion. For examples, based on the subject of the pendant (flowers, fruits, animals, symbols, objects) or according to a style (art deco, art nouveau, seventies, etc.) or, again, choose pendants from the same Maison.
Pendente della Chic collection
Fair Line, pendant from the Chic collection

How to wear it
It’s easy to get away with “as you like”. In reality, this is not the case. The first thing to consider is your size: are you tall, short, medium? The pendant volume must be proportionate to your body. It is useless to wear a tiny pendant that will become invisible if your hobby is playing basketball. And just as disproportionate will be a great pendant if your height or, better still, lowliness, does not make you stand out in the crowd.
Pendente Pandora O indossato
Worn Pandora pendant

Pendants and décolleté
A pendant is often worn to enhance the décolleté. Right. But keep in mind that a pendant is like a sign that says: look here. Also in this case it takes a bit of common sense. If the décolleté hides a teenager size, it is useless to emphasize this aspect with a flashy pendant. But this also applies to women with an eye-catching bust size: there is no need to emphasize it with extra large pendants. Once you have chosen the right volume of the pendant, avoid that it arrives exactly where the neckline ends: it is better to stop first (this obviously depends on the size of the necklace). Another tip: a pendant should enhance you, not the jeweler who created it. If the pendant is gold, make sure that the color of the metal is the one that best suits your skin tone. If you have any doubts, read How to combine jewelry with face and skin.
Collana e pendente Mezzaluna in oro rosa e diamanti, indossato
Al Coro, Mezzaluna necklace and pendant in rose gold and diamonds, worn

Which style to choose?
The pendant should reflect your style and mood. The most classic pendant there is is the diamond, or several diamonds, with a small setting attached to a thin chain. It is a jewel that will never fade, but it has only one flaw: if you do not have an adequate budget to buy a large stone or a jewel with many small diamonds, it risks being almost invisible. Another timeless jewel is the gold pendant with precious or semi-precious stones, with or without accompanying diamonds. To always remain among the classic pendants, another variant is that of the pendant with one or more pearls.
Gobbi, gioielli indossati della collezione Fairytale
Gobbi, worn jewels from the Fairytale collection

Pendants with message
For years, the jewelry has also offered pendants, even at very affordable prices, which consist of metal, gold, silver or steel medals, engraved with a message, or a date or a zodiac sign. In many cases these medals are customizable, for example with the partner’s name or a special date. Most of these pendants, however, are intended for a very young audience, although there are exceptions. Before buying one, however, think about it: the message engraved on the medal should not tire you after a couple of times you have worn the pendant.
Ciondolo della collezione Très Jolie
Pendant from the Très Jolie collection by Pasquale Bruni

The Victorian medallion
At one time, women wore rather large pendants, and most importantly, with a hidden secret. The medallions that open and conceal a photograph, a tuft of hair or a message inside are cited in dozens of novels from the last century or even earlier. But the reality is that they have never gone out of fashion: very romantic, they are often heart-shaped or oval.
Collezione Comanion by Jörg Heinz: il guscio esterno del ciondolo si apre e si chiude ruotandolo e rivela il suo prezioso segreto
Comanion collection by Jörg Heinz: the outer shell of the pendant opens and closes by rotating it and reveals its precious secret

The spiritual pendant
Each religion has more or less observant faithful. For those who feel a special bond with their faith, there are pendants with religious symbols. For example, the cross for Christians. Cousins ​​of this type of pendants, because they are linked not to a religion, but to popular traditions and beliefs, are pendants with symbols linked to luck or to keep negative events away, such as the four-leaf clover, the hand of Fatima, the eye.
Thomas Sabo, collezione Rebel at heart, con croce
Thomas Sabo, Rebel at heart collection, with cross

Collana Louis Vuitton indossata
Louis Vuitton necklace worn

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