Orecchini Sophie
Orecchini Sophie

Hearts for Boccadamo

Hearts for everyone: red, in most cases, but also blue or colorless white. Boccadamo, an affordable jewelry brand, also presents itself at the Valentine’s Day event by focusing on the timeless icon representing the pulsating organ in which, according to tradition, feelings of affection are contained. Valentine’s Day has always been an opportunity to exchange a gift and the shape of the heart is an unmistakable message. For the occasion, Boccadamo offers jewels from the Sophie collection, in rose gold plated silver, with ruby red or blue cubic zirconia, heart cut, wrapped in a heart in white cubic zirconia pavé.

Anello Sophie
Sophie ring

But hearts also characterize the Mya Chain line, with oval chain bracelets and pendants with cubic zirconia and red, pink, green or blue stone. Or the Jolie line, with bronze bracelets and harmonic steel core, plated in rose gold, rhinestone tennis loops and seven, needless to say, heart-shaped pendants.
Bracciale Jolie
Jolie bracelet

Mya Chain, bracciale
Mya Chain, bracelet
Orecchini Sophie, versione blu
Sophie earrings, blue version

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