Golden quarter for Pandora

It is a positive moment for the jewelry sector and Pandora is also reaping the benefits. The financial statement data relating to the third quarter of the year indicate organic growth of +11%, which becomes +9% with the perimeter unchanged. The expansion of the network, underlines Pandora, has led to +4% growth. In particular, the Danish company in Europe records +4%, in the United States an improvement to +5% and the Rest of Pandora continues its strong momentum with +22%. Also according to financial data, the gross margin reached an all-time high of 79.0%, thanks to the mix of channels, cost efficiency and price increases.

L'attrice Rosario Dawson con i gioielli Pandora Brilliance, con diamanti di laboratorio, lanciati nell'agosto 2022 in Usa e Canada
The actress Rosario Dawson with Pandora Brilliance jewels, with laboratory diamonds, launched in August 2022 in the USA and Canada

The Ebit profitability indicator is also high, at 16.5% in the 2023 quarter, in line with expectations and for the whole year it will stand at around 25%. It should be noted, for those interested in purchasing not the jewels, but the Pandora shares, that the buy back has reached 4.3 billion Danish crowns since last February 8, with a total purchase forecast of 5.0 billion by February 2024.
Gioielli Pandora per l'estate
Pandora jewelry for summer 2023

In other news: Pandora has kicked off a new chapter in Phoenix’s strategy to transform the perception of the company as a complete jewelry brand and accelerate growth. The increased investments in the brand are already yielding good results, with the launch of several global campaigns and events in the fashion world which have led to greater consumer involvement in all the main touchpoints. Moments and Pandora ME delivered +7% and +12% growth, respectively, while Timeless continued to post even stronger growth of +21%. Lab-grown diamond jewelry generated +84% sales, despite starting from a low base.

We are very pleased with this quarter’s results. Our brand investments are attracting more consumers to our stores. We have achieved strong growth at scale, while our record-high gross margin underpins our unique business model. We have raised our full-year guidance and continue to see very compelling opportunities for Pandora just as we begin the next chapter of our growth strategy.
Alexander Lacik, President and CEO of Pandora

Alexander Lacik, President & Chief Executive Officer Pandora
Alexander Lacik, President & Chief Executive Officer Pandora

Pandora for Christmas

Christmas has already arrived with Pandora. The Danish jewelry brand offers a series of jewels accompanied by the claim Loves, unboxed. It is a revisitation of the great classics of Pandora jewellery, with pieces from the Moments collection which features a large use of white cubic zirconia pavé on silver, or in a 14 carat yellow or rose gold plated version. Like the Crescent Moon and Stars necklace or earrings. This is not a new collection, but a selection of jewels that Pandora is highlighting in view of the festive period.

Bracciale con maglia geometrica in argento e ciondolo albero di Natale
Bracelet with geometric link in silver and Christmas tree pendant

In addition to the brand’s classics, among the jewels dedicated to the winter festive period there are also pendants and elements directly linked to Christmas, such as the sleigh charms, Santa Klaus, decorated tree, stars, snowman, snow-covered house. All symbols of the most celebrated season of the year. They are always made of silver, with the addition of cubic zirconia and in some cases with red enamel touches, the classic Christmas colour.

Bracciale placcato oro rosa con ciondolo Babbo Natale
Rose gold plated bracelet with Santa Claus charm
Bracciale in argento con elemento casetta innevata
Silver bracelet with snowy house element
Bracciale in argento con elemento omino di neve
Silver bracelet with snowman element
Bracciale in argento con elemento slitta
Silver bracelet with sled element
Bracciale in argento con elemento stella
Silver bracelet with star element

Pandora for Halloween

The origin of the Halloween celebration, which in some countries coincides with All Saints’ Day, is uncertain. What is certain, however, is that the idea of celebrating it is very widespread: the most popular Halloween activities, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries, include trick-or-treating, related disguises, taking part in Halloween costume parties, carving pumpkins or turnips such as lanterns, lighting bonfires, but also throwing apples, pranks, watching horror films. The world of jewelery has long taken the opportunity to propose themed collections. Pandora is doing it again this year.

Pandora charm cuore spettrale
Pandora spooky heart charm

The Halloween pumpkin charm that glows in the dark is made of 925 silver. With grooved details, a scary face and heart-shaped eyes, this charm with applied enamel glows in the dark (price 49 euros). The Little Devil Pandora Me mini pendant charm is inspired by the world of emojis and is made of 925 silver. It has two brilliant-cut purple crystals in place of the eyes, while the characteristic smile completes the facial expression. The back of the charm is decorated with an enamel tail and the unmistakable devil’s horns (price 25 euros). The Spooky Heart Pendant charm is decorated with transparent purple enamel, which fades from top to bottom. The 925 Sterling Silver wings with fluted details add a scary element to the design, along with a smile with two vampire teeth engraved on the front of the charm (price 59 euros).

Charm zucca
Pumpkin charm
Charm little devil
Charm little devil

Diamonds or cubic zirconia?

Buy a jewel with cubic zirconia, that is, with a synthetic stone that looks like a diamond? Here’s what you need to know about cubic zirconia which is actually … ♦ ︎

Diamonds or cubic zirconia? Those who cannot afford the most loved precious stones are often satisfied with their imitation: cubic zirconia, which is found on jewels that are cheap and shine just the same. But many have asked us to know more: what are the stones called cubic zirconia really? Here’s what you need to know about cubic zirconia, a widely used stone, for example by Pandora and many other jewelry brands with low prices. With a premise: these stones are often sold as zircons. But it is a different stone. Attention: cubic zirconias are also different from diamonds grown or created in the laboratory, which have a chemical structure completely the same as that of natural diamonds. Synthetic or laboratory diamonds cost less than natural diamonds, but much more than a cubic zirconia crystal.
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Cubic zirconia is often referred to by the initials CZ. If you read CZ in the description of a jewel, then know that it is a synthetic material.

Pandora, charm oro giallo 14 carati con zirconia cubica
Pandora, 14K Yellow Gold Cubic Zirconia Charm

What is it

Cubic zirconia is obtained in the laboratory, it is not a natural stone. But it looks a lot like a diamond. On the contrary, those who are not experts will certainly confuse it as a diamond: it has the same appearance, it is cut simily. Not only that: in addition to the classic colorless appearance, it can also be colored and resemble fancy yellow or blue diamonds. Of course, if you then try to sell a cubic zirconia you will not receive much. Indeed, probably no jeweler will buy a ring with a cubic zirconia mounted.
Cubic zirconia was born in 1976 as a low-cost synthetic diamond. It is obtained by dissolving together a chemical element, zirconium, with zirconium dioxide powder and heating everything at a very high temperature. Since it is a synthetic stone, cubic zirconia is perfect: it does not have the inclusions or defects that can be found on a natural stone. Among other things, the CZ is almost as hard as a diamond: on the hardness scale of Mohs is to 8.5, while a brilliant is the most hard element of all and reaches 10.
How to distinguish a diamond from a cubic zirconia?

Bracciale in galvanica black gun con cubic zirconia
Pianegonda, bracelet in black gun galvanic with cubic zirconia

It is not easy for your eye, and even for a jeweler, who, however, carefully examining the stone with a microscope can identify whether it is synthetic or natural.
If you want to know if the ring that someone gave to you, is with diamond or a cubic zirconia you must necessarily subject the stone to some technical tests.
For example, diamonds are heat conductors, while zirconium oxide is an insulator. In theory, in sum, a diamond heats up before a zirconia. In practice, it takes special tools to ascertain it. Another aspect: hardness. To determine if it reaches 10 or stops at 8.5 without ruining the stone, also in this case it need laboratory instruments. A spectrometer also checks the density of the stone: cubic zirconia is 1.7 times denser than a diamond. Another aspect: the index of refraction: the diamond crossed by a light ray has an index of 2.42 with respect to zirconia, which stops at 2.15-2.18. Then there are other aspects, such as dispersion and color. Cubic zirconia, paradoxically, is almost always more perfect than a diamond. The natural ones on the market, with the exception of exceptions, have a classification lower than the maximum level.
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The price
Cubic zirconia are synthetic stones with a much lower price than a diamond. But, as for natural stones, their cost depends on weight, that is carats. Moreover, not all cubic zirconia are equal: there are some that are better and, therefore, cost more. Finally, do not confuse cubic zirconia, or zircons, with diamonds created in the laboratory, which are much more expensive and almost indistinguishable from natural stones. The real zircons, however, the ones you see in the image below.

Autentici zirconi naturali. Copyright:
Authentic natural zircons. Copyright:
Orecchini con zirconia cubica o cubic zirconia, spesso proposti semplicemente (e spesso ingannevolmente) come zirconi
Earrings with cubic zirconia or cubic zirconia, often proposed simply (and often deceptively) as zircons
Rebecca, Elizabeth linea Elegance anello in bronzo placcato giallo e zirconia cubica
Rebecca, Elizabeth Elegance line ring in yellow plated bronze and cubic zirconia
Yvone Christa, anello in argento placcato in oro 22 carati con una zirconia cubica
Yvone Christa, 22K gold plated silver ring with a pink cubic zirconia
Anelli della collezione Radiant Bloom, in lega metallica rosa e zirconia cubica
Pandora, rings from the Radiant Bloom collection, in pink metal alloy and cubic zirconia
Pandora, anelli in argento con zirconia cubica verde
Pandora, silver rings with green cubic zirconia

Pandora will open up to 275 stores

Phoenix, the mythical animal that rises from the ashes and was resurrected from the oblivion of school textbooks thanks to Harry Potter, is also the name of the strategy announced two years ago by Pandora. Now the Danish company says that that business idea is working and that next year it will be combined with the opening of over 250 stores globally. Not only. Pandora wants to conquer new markets. The strategies of the big jewelry company arose from the recent Capital Markets Day, an event dedicated to the economic-financial aspect of the company, which is listed on the stock exchange.

Lavorazione di un gioiello Pandora
Processing of a Pandora jewel

Phoenix is centered on the concept of sustainability, which can attract new and younger consumers, explained CEO Alexander Lacik. Concepts that have translated into investments and also product choices, such as that of offering jewelery with diamonds created in the laboratory. The next goal is to transform investments into greater revenues, even if the accessible luxury sector is particularly crowded. Furthermore, Pandora has to deal with an unknown number of imitators. The focus is on markets yet to be developed, such as those of South Korea, Japan and India. The company has already identified 7,000 possible locations for new stores in the regions where it already operates. From 2024 to 2026, Pandora plans to open between 225 and 275 stores, as well as 175 to 225 shop-in-shop stores. Last year, for example, Pandora partnered with Macy’s to open 28 shop-in-shops after a soft launch in five stores the previous year.
Alexander Lacik, President & Chief Executive Officer Pandora
Alexander Lacik, President & Chief Executive Officer Pandora

As regards the financial aspect, Pandora expects to reach an estimated turnover of 870 million dollars by 2025, thanks to an increase in sales in the USA and China, a country which, however, proves not easy to conquer. In countries where Pandora is strong, such as the United Kingdom, Italy and Australia, the company expects moderate sales growth, while in markets where it has a less strong base, such as the United States, Germany and France, it expects to grow more significant market shares.
Uno store di Pandora
Pandora store

Other news: all the new stores will have the new format, Evoke 2.0, inspired by multi-channel and with video screens that guide the customer in their choice, as well as spaces dedicated to click & collect, as well as engraving services to personalize jewellery. A concept inaugurated at the end of 2021 in Milan and London.
Bracciale in argento con charms
Pandora bracelet in silver with charms

Game of Thrones returns with Pandora

Game of Thrones continues. But not on television. It is Pandora that polishes the myth of fantasy based on dragons and duels with a collection made up of 12 jewels, including the Dragon Egg Charm, the House of the Dragon Crown Ring and the Dragon Earrings. The collection is the result of the collaboration with Warner Bros Discovery Global Consumer Products. The result is Game of Thrones x Pandora, which transforms symbols and characters from the Game of Thrones saga into the Danish company’s classic silver jewels. Each piece in the collection is inspired by a story and invites the wearer to express themselves by reliving the themes explored in the series.

Anello a forma di corona in argento placcato oro 14 carati
Crown-shaped ring in 14k gold-plated silver

Here are the first three: a dragon egg charm made of silver and covered with a texture that imitates scales, with a slit where cubic zirconia have been set. It also represents the beginning of the story that lasted eight years and 73 episodes. A ring, however, recalls the Targaryen Crown of House Targaryen. It is a 14k gold-plated ring, with the house sign in the center and geometric details. The third piece is the dragon-shaped earrings, finished by hand. Made of silver, they can be worn individually or together on the same ear.

Anello in argento della collezione Game of Thrones
Silver ring from the Game of Thrones collection

The symbols of ice and fire are contained in the 925 sterling silver Dragon Ring: it has the shape of a vortex. One end represents the dragon’s tail, decorated with four red crystals created in the laboratory, while the other end represents the head, with two red crystals as eyes (59.00 euros). The Murano Glass Ice and Fire charm uses two different colours. On the sides of the charm there are two dragons in 925 Sterling Silver decorated with details that form the heads, scales and tails (59 euros). The Geometric Mesh Bracelet with House Coat of Arms Clasp in silver features a clasp with the iconic symbols of the Game of Thrones. One side is that of the Stark family with the Direwolf made with openwork workmanship and the Winter is coming engraving. The other side represents the mythology of the Targaryen family, with the three-headed dragon seal made of 14k gold-plated metal alloy and the Fire & Blood engraving (89 euros).
Bracciale a maglia geometrica
Geometric mesh bracelet

Charm in vetro di Murano
Murano glass charm

Charm a forma di uovo di drago
Dragon egg charm

Orecchini in argento
Silver earrings

Collezione Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones collection

New Pandora Signature products

Autumn news for Pandora’s Signature collection. The design of the collection is characterized by pavé and geometric lines with the Pandora logo always highlighted. They are jewels designed to be worn every day alone or combined with each other. All jewels are made of 925 sterling silver, while some selected models, such as the Pandora I-D Bangle, have a two-tone finish with 14k rose gold plating and pavé, while the stones used are cubic zirconia.

Collana Signature
Signature necklace

With such distinctive design codes, the Pandora Signature collection embodies an essence of modernity and originality.
A. Filippo Ficarelli

All jewels in the Signature collection are hand-finished by skilled craftsmen. The Rigido Signature Bicolore bracelet (150 euros) for example, uses silver and a 14-carat rose gold-plated metal alloy. The profile of the band changes from squared to rounded in the center. The square half features seven rectangular stones spaced along the outer surface. The location corresponds to the engraved letters of the Pandora logo along the side of the square profile. The snap and zipper closure makes it easier to put on and take off the bracelet.

Orecchini Signature
Earrings Signature

We are extending our style universe to more classic jewelry, in a simplistic yet elevated way.
Francesco Terzo, SVP Creative Directors

Anello Signature
Ring Signature
Bracciale dorato
Golden bracelet
Bracciale rigido con placcatura oro rosa 14 carati
Bangle with 14k rose gold plating
Bracciale SIgnature in argento
Signature bracelet in silver
Orecchiniu con placcatura oro e cubic zirconia
Earrings with gold plating and cubic zirconia

How to clean a Pandora bracelet?

How to clean Pandora jewelry? Here are the tips for keeping Pandora jewelry bright

Pandora jewelry is among the most popular. Proposed years ago only in the silver version, especially the famous bracelets with charms, they are now also available in the Pandora Rose version, which consists of an alloy of silver and copper, with a plating used to prevent oxidation, or in Pandora Shine: silver with an 18-carat gold plating. On the jewels, moreover, there are also crystals and cubic zirconia, synthetic gems that resemble the diamond. Pandora jewelry also has another characteristic: they are usually worn often, even every day. They are, in fact, the classic jewels for everyday life: bracelets, earrings and necklaces that you choose without thinking too much, also because their price is quite affordable and you are less afraid of losing them.

Gioielli della linea Pandora Me indossati
Worn jewels from the Pandora Me line

Precisely for this reason, however, Pandora jewels can mist up earlier due to prolonged contact with the skin, or due to dust, or the wear of the plating. It is therefore important to regularly clean Pandora jewelry. For example, how to clean Pandora jewelry with pink alloy (but the method also applies to others)? Here’s how to do it: the tips are from Pandora itself. The shine of the metal can be maintained by regularly polishing the jewels with a soft cloth: just rub gently, paying attention to the surfaces where crystals or cubic zirconia are set. Too vigorous cleaning could ruin the subtle plating of Pandora Shine jewelry.

Elemento in Pandora Shine Simba
Pandora Shine Simba

Often Pandora jewels, which are finished by hand in the laboratories that the Danish company has made in Thailand, also have details in colored enamel. Enamel is a very resistant material, but over time, perhaps because the jewel is subjected to contact with other objects, it could be damaged. Precisely for this reason it is better to avoid rubbing the jewel with too rough materials, which can make the situation worse.

Gracie Abrams in Pandora
Gracie Abrams in Pandora

The jewels can also be washed gently in warm soapy water to remove any traces of grease left by the skin. When still wet, jewelry can be cleaned better with the use of a soft bristle toothbrush. But, attention: it is better to avoid the use of liquids used for silver polishing and ultrasonic cleaning. Handle clean jewelry with care: it is better to store them separately to avoid scratches.

Anello in argento e cubic zirconia
Ring in silver and cubic zirconia
Pandora, collezione Zodiaco
Pandora Rose necklace
Collana Pandora Rose
Necklace Pandora Rose
Bracciale Reflexions, in Pandora Shine
Reflexions bracelet, in Pandora Shine

Pandora changes the name of its new laboratory diamonds

August is a hot month for Pandora: after announcing the results of the second quarter and presenting several new features of the Moments and Signature platforms, the Danish brand has announced a new name for its range of jewelry with diamonds created in the laboratory. The Diamonds by Pandora line now becomes Pandora Lab-Grown Diamonds. Clearer, because it does not create ambiguity or surprises for those who buy them: now it is immediately unequivocal that they are artificial diamonds. And transparency towards the consumer is also a request from the American authorities.

Orecchini Pandora con diamanti di laboratorio
Pandora earrings with laboratory diamonds

The new jewels will be presented at the end of the month, but the company has anticipated the new strategy, which includes 57 new styles in three new collections. Jewelery with synthetic diamonds will be part of several families: Pandora Nova, for example, concerns laboratory-grown diamonds with a brilliant cut, the classic round diamond for a solitaire ring, and a princess cut. The stones have a proprietary four prong setting.
L'attrice Rosario Dawson con i gioielli Pandora Brilliance, con diamanti di laboratorio, lanciati nell'agosto 2022 in Usa e Canada
Actress Rosario Dawson with Pandora Brilliance jewels, with laboratory diamonds, launched in August 2022 in the USA and Canada

Pandora Era is the line that proposes itself as a reinterpretation of the most classic jewels. Pandora Talisman, on the other hand, is a collection of pendants, but a luxurious one. Pandora’s lab-grown diamonds will be selected for fine cut, near-colorless, VS+ clarity and set in 14K white gold, 14K yellow gold, or sterling silver. They will weigh between 0.15 and 1 carat. They will initially be available in 700 stores and online, but only for the US, Canada, UK and Australia. Additional collections will launch by the end of October 2023 in Mexico and Brazil, with the full launch scheduled for Q1 2024. Pricing starts at $290.
Rendering degli anelli della collezione Pandora Brilliance
Rendering of rings from the Pandora Brilliance collection with lab diamonds

Zodiac signs for Pandora

Jewels and zodiac signs: this time it is Pandora who proposes a collection linked to astrology. These are new pieces from the Moments collection. Zodiac signs are not the only novelty presented in summer 2023 by the Danish brand: earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets with pendants made with engraved writing are added to the Moments line. The new geometric mesh introduced months ago is also used for the new jewels, which seems to have obtained a good acceptance: now it is enriched with two new finishes: yellow gold plating and 14-karat rose gold.

Un ciondolo con segno zodiacale placcato oro giallo
A yellow gold plated star sign pendant

The charms dedicated to the zodiac are obviously centered on the symbols of the constellations, with pavé and the name of the sign engraved on the back. Two snake chain designs expand the possibilities of wearing the charms: the modular horseshoe pendant necklace and the new small modular hoop earrings, matching jewels the new friendship charms in the shape of traditional symbols of luck such as the horseshoe, the four-leaf clover and the hearts.

Ciondolo della sorellanza
Sisterhood Charm
Ciondoli dell'amicizia
Friendship Charms
Bracciale a maglia geometrica con placcatura oro 14 carati
Geometric Link Bracelet with 14K Gold Plating
Orecchini placcati oro giallo
Yellow gold plated earrings

Pandora grows on new markets

Pandora traveling the world. But, unlike the Pandora’s box of Greek mythology, which contained all the evils that have poured into the world, the Danish jewelery brand of the same name distributes more and more bracelets and rings, necklaces and earrings on the globe. The economic results of the second quarter 2023 indicate an organic growth of 5%. Analyzing the result, it emerges that the growth on a like-for-like basis is +2%, while the +4% is due to the expansion of the network, i.e. the opening of new points of sale.

Store Pandora a Torino
Store Pandora in Turin

Business is not going the same way everywhere: in Europe sales are substantially the same as last year and in the United States Pandora has to resign itself to -4%, although it is improving. What is strong is the rest of the world, growing by +12%. The financial data also indicate a gross margin up to 78.1%, an increase compared to the corresponding period of 2022, but an Ebit (gross profit) of 20.2%, down by almost 2% compared to the previous year, due to a redistribution of costs and investments foreseen for growth. The company expects that at the end of the year it will be broadly in line with that of 2022.
Charm Pandora
Charm Pandora

The Danish company has released the data together with the guidelines of its strategy. Phoenix is the name given to the journey to make Pandora a global brand of affordable jewelry. The new jewels, according to the management, have a positive response. In particular, the geometric mesh bracelet is in good demand and supports the resilience of Moments, which neither grows nor decreases. Other platforms continue to post solid growth, with Pandora Me posting another double-digit quarter (+17%) and Timeless +7% LFL. Also arriving are new collections of diamonds produced in the laboratory. For the whole of 2023, Pandora expects organic growth between +2% and +5%, with EBIT at around 25%.
Lavorazione di un gioiello Pandora
Crafting a Pandora jewel

Pandora’s Secrets

Pandora is the most popular jewelry brand in the world. Everyone has worn or at least seen a Pandora jewelry up close. In 2022 Pandora sold three jewels per second. Yet not everyone knows the history of this company. For example, did you know that Pandora jewelry, which is a Danish company, is made in Thailand? And that its founder is a maniac of confidentiality, who doesn’t give interviews or even let himself be photographed? So much so that he bought a house in Singapore.

Collane della linea Disney Little Mermaid Pandora indossate
Disney Little Mermaid Pandora necklaces worn

Pandora is the world’s largest jewelery brand with a turnover of DKK 26.5 billion in 2022 (approximately €3.5 billion or US$3.8 billion) and a retail network of approximately 2,500 stores, with 600 million customers on online stores alone, and more than 32,000 employees. But it was born from a simple family business. To be precise, by a couple: the Copenhagen goldsmith Per Algot Enevoldsen and his wife Winnie. After opening a small jewelry store in 1979 in Copenhagen, the two often traveled to Thailand to buy materials and jewelry to import. But, before Pandora became Pandora, the couple focused on wholesale. Indeed, in 1987 the retail was stopped.
Alexander Lacik, President & Chief Executive Officer Pandora
Alexander Lacik, President & Chief Executive Officer Pandora

After hiring a dozen designers, production was brought entirely to Thailand in 1989, where production costs were, and still are, much lower. The two, Per and Winnie Enevoldsen, moved to live in Bangkok with their son Christian, and were supplying affordable jewelery for the European mass market. The company has grown to include an assortment of rings, necklaces, earrings and watches, but has currently stopped producing them. One of the features of Pandora is also to protect some solutions, such as the metal alloys used, with a patent. The success of the bracelets with charms convinced the couple to focus on direct sales in the 2000s.
Una rara immagine di Winnie e Per Enevoldsen
A rare picture of Winnie and Per Enevoldsen

The bracelet with charms to compose and customize was the key to success. It was first launched in the Danish market. The couple first came up with the idea of creating a piece of jewelry with interchangeable charms that can be added and removed according to the wearer’s preference. The success convinced Pandora to focus on foreign markets, starting with Germany and the United States, then Australia in 2004. In 2005, the Danish company opened a large-scale artisanal facility in Gemopolis, the jewelery industry area in Bangkok. In 2017 it opened a factory in Lamphun, near Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand, and in 2018 another Triple A production site also in Gemopolis.
Il sito produttivo di Lamphun, in Tailandia
The production site in Lamphun, Thailand

The Lamphun site is a real citadel. It employs over a thousand employees, almost all very young, who wear a burgundy uniform. Pregnant women add light blue aprons. There is also a spirit house, a small votive altar to the Buddha where employees can recite a prayer in the morning before going to work, but a room dedicated to Muslim prayers has also been provided. Not only. In addition to the canteen, there is a grocery store, a nursery, an infirmary, and even a DJ who creates music for the employees on the console and a digital space where programs are produced. In Thailand Pandora produces the jewels, but they are designed in Italy and Denmark.
Lavoratrici nella fabbrica di Lamphun
Female workers in the Lamphun factory

Since its foundation almost a quarter of a century ago, Pandora has grown to become listed on the stock exchange, also thanks to the idea of creating a widespread chain of franchised stores. In 2008, the private equity fund Axcel acquired 60% of the company and two years later, in 2010, Pandora was listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. The founders and their son Christian are now based in Singapore, where they have purchased two luxurious apartments in the Orchard area, in a condominium on Boulevard Vue. Facilities include a swimming pool, jacuzzi, spa suite with heated stone bed and sauna.
Uno store di Pandora
A Pandora store

How to recognize the real Pandora jewels?
As with all successful things, there are those who copy. And there are also those who sell fake Pandora jewels. How to recognize the real Pandora jewels? The company itself explains it: all sterling silver jewelery is stamped with the capital letter S for silver, followed by the declared purity in parts of pure silver per thousand: S925 (92.5% pure silver). Additionally, all Pandora gold jewelry is stamped with a capital G for gold, followed by the purity, expressed in parts of pure gold per thousand in the gold alloy: 14k, G585 (i.e. 58.5% pure gold) or 18k: G750 (75% pure gold). However, the quality marks on Pandora jewelry manufactured before June 2011 only contain numbers, not letters.
The standard trademark on Pandora jewelry is ALE, which stands for Algot Enevoldsen, the father of the brand’s founder, Per Enevoldsen. The letters ALE are stamped on the jewels, except on some of the smaller pieces. However, some countries require other specific stamps for jewelry and Pandora obviously complies with the requirements by adding additional stamps.
Charm Pandora con inciso S 925 Ale
Pandora charm engraved with S 925 Ale

Why is it called Pandora?
According to Greek mythology Pandora was the first woman. Zeus, the king of the gods, commissioned Hephaestus (a god of fire) to fashion a woman from the earth, upon whom the gods bestowed their choicest gifts. Pandora thus had a box with all sorts of misery and evil inside. When the jar was opened, out of curiosity to see what was inside, evils flew to Earth, except hope.
Gioielli Pandora estate 2023
Pandora summer 2023 jewels

Sea-flavoured Pandora

Pandora for the summer. The most popular jewelery brand as always renews its proposals with the arrival of the summer. And for 2023 here is the Pandora Moments collection dedicated to summer. New pendants, new charms, rings and earrings inspired by the marine sky and the animal world. Turtles, jellyfish, but also butterflies, the sun and the moon become elements of the bracelets and necklaces. They are all made of silver, even in the 14-karat gold-plated version, together with materials such as painted crystal, Murano glass.

Orecchini in argento Pandora Moments
Pandora Moments silver earrings

But also synthetic stones, such as the opal created in the laboratory, or enamel. Light blue is the dominant color, but there are also pink and blue, as well as yellow and silver used for metals. For example, the new Bee pendant has a body made from a cabochon cut yellow crystal and hand painted with black enamel. Or the Butterfly pendant has shaded blue Murano glass wings, held in place by folded tips.

Anelli in argento Pandora
Silver rings Pandora

A novelty is represented by the introduction of a new bracelet in blue woven leather, as an alternative to the classic silver version. An option that probably aims to reach an even wider audience with a cheaper solution. Fun fact: Pandora claims that each piece passes through an average of 25 different hands of craftsmen.

Bracciale placcato oro rosa 14 carati
14K rose gold plated bracelet
Orecchini placcati oro 14 carati
14K Gold Plated Earrings
Collane placcate oro 14 carati con pendenti
14K Gold Plated Necklaces with Pendants
Elementi di Pandora Moments 2023
Elements of Pandora Moments 2023
Bracciale in pelle azzurra con charms
Light blue leather bracelet with charms
Bracciale in pelle blu con charms
Blue leather bracelet with charms
Bracciale in argento con charms
Silver bracelet with charms

Pandora in the waves with the Little Mermaid

If you’d like to swim in the sea like a fish, but without giving up a certain outfit, you’ve probably dreamed of looking like the Little Mermaid at least for a moment. And if the romantic story of the aquatic woman has moved you, you might like the new Disney x Pandora series dedicated to the Little Mermaid. Sea, fish, waves and love: a mix that the Californian production company proposes again with the new edition of the film interpreted by real-life actors, plus a gigantic dose of special effects.

Bracciale in argento con charm Sirenetta
Silver bracelet with Little Mermaid charms

The complete collection consists of seven jewels, such as 14-karat gold-plated shell-shaped earrings (79 euros), or the 14-karat gold-plated Conchiglia Magica pendant (69), engraved with the message My voice is a treasure on the spiral . Each piece is crafted in sterling silver or 14-karat gold-plated, with colorful accents. The charms of the collection can be collected and combined with the different Pandora Moments, Studded and Snake links. Highlights are the Ariel charm, crafted in sterling silver with an iridescent mermaid tail, the silver dangle charms Sebastian and Ursula, representing the movie’s favorite sidekick and notorious villain, each crafted with lacquered faux pearls, and a shell charm that sparkles with 14K gold plating.

Collana con perla e anello in argento
Necklace with pearl and silver ring
Orecchini e collana in argento placcato oro 14 carati
Earrings and necklace in 14K gold plated silver
Anelli La Sirenetta indossati
The Little Mermaid rings worn
Orecchini La Sirenetta indossati
The Little Mermaid earrings worn

Pandora in pink gold

If you love the shades of rose gold, but you have a limited budget, there are alternatives. Pandora, for example, presents several jewels with rose gold color in the Timeless line. They are all made, however, with a metal alloy that is simply plated in 14-karat rose gold, decorated with thin rows of pavé with small cubic zirconias. A solution that allows you to contain the cost. For example, the Pavé Band Double ring. It is hand finished and features two rows of pavé in the center and one row of pavé with slightly smaller stones facing out to each side, with a slightly rounded square profile. Price: 129 euros.

Anello Pandora placcato oro rosa 14 carati e cubic zirconia
Pandora ring plated in 14k rose gold and cubic zirconia

Also from the same line are the Cerchi Pavé Fascia Double earrings, made with the aforementioned 14-karat rose gold-plated metal alloy. They have a slightly rounded square profile front, decorated with two rows of pavé in the center and a row of slightly smaller stones on each side that create a three-dimensional effect. The back of each circle has a shiny surface. Price: 99 euros. The Pavé Fascia Double necklace is also made with the same mix and features a fixed curved bar with a slightly squared profile, as well as a double row of cubic zirconia. It is adjustable to two lengths. Price 149 euros.

Collana Pavé Fascia Doppia
Pavé Double Band Necklace
Orecchini Cerchi Pavé Fascia Doppia
Earrings Circles Pavé Double Band

Pandora balanced in the first quarter

Monitoring Pandora accounts also means keeping an eye on the trend of the entire jewelry market. Pandora is a global company and records, beyond its own managerial choices, also the trends that cross the precious sector. The Danish group, according to the financial results for the first quarter of 2023, seems to be going through a phase of slow growth. From what? From the problems of the world economy, it is the response of the company, which defines its performance as positive, but resilient. The increase in the cost of raw materials, especially gold and silver, is being felt. And in an environment of inflation it is difficult to make sales of mid-range jewels shine.

Store Pandora a Torino
Store Pandora a Torino

Specifically, organic growth in the first quarter of the year was 1%. But if the assets are compared with those of the corresponding period, on a like-for-like basis, the balance sheet indicates 0%. That is, the hands have remained steady: growth was zero in key European markets, the United States dropped to -7% (as in the fourth quarter of 2022), but all this was offset by the remaining markets, where Pandora grew by 12%. The result is also mitigated by the expansion of the network, which has favored a growth of 3%, with strong margins.

Collana in argento e cristalli Pandora Moments
Collana in argento e cristalli Pandora Moments indossata

Speaking of margins: the gross result tends to rise and reaches 77.5%, a slight improvement. But the Ebit margin (gross profit) is at 21.5%, down by 1.5 percentage points compared to the corresponding quarter of 2022 due, says the company, to the accounting scan between revenues and costs. In the end, the 2023 Ebit will be substantially in line with that of 2022, thanks to a policy of price adjustments, which will be increased further. The company remains financially healthy and, like many other listed companies, is planning a buy-back to support the stock.
Bracciale Pandora con cuore, chiave e lucchetto in argento placcato oro
Bracciale in argento placcato oro 14 carati

What are Pandora’s plans? The company says it has further solidified the Moment collection’s position as a global leader in the jewelry product category with the launch of a new geometric link bracelet. The new bracelet has seen strong demand in most geographic areas. Investments in other platforms (jewelry lines) have recorded results that are defined as encouraging. Timeless had a strong quarter and growth of 11%, while Pandora Me was up 21%. Diamonds by Pandora is proceeding as planned. That is, not much is known yet. The company is also preparing for a relaunch in China, in the wake of the post-covid crisis.
Aurora Ruffino con gioielli Pandora
L’attrice Aurora Ruffino con gioielli Pandora

We started 2023 well with resilient growth and solid margins. Our investments in uplifting the brand are paying off, with good performance in our flagship Moments business and strong results from our new platforms, Timeless and Pandora ME. It is clear that we are increasingly the preferred jewelery brand, especially on gift occasions. The macroeconomic outlook remains uncertain, but we are confident in our ability to adapt and thrive, as we have demonstrated in recent quarters.
Alexander Lacik, president and chief executive officer of Pandora

Alexander Lacik, ceo di Pandora
Alexander Lacik, presidente e Ceo di Pandora

Pandora for Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day for Pandora too. For May 2023, the Danish jewelry giant offers new pieces from the Pandora Mother’s Day Moments and Timeless collections. Three, in particular, the jewels selected: the new Love and Mom Amore Eterno earrings are made of 925 sterling silver and sold in pairs. One earring features the word Love, while the other is shaped like the word Mm, with the central letter in the shape of a heart and decorated with a sparkling stone. Price: 29 euros. The Luminous Stones Infinite Heart clasp bracelet has an openwork heart clasp. It features cubic zirconia crystals along the rim and an asymmetrical infinity symbol that traverses and encircles the heart.

Orecchini Love e Mom Pandora
Orecchini Love e Mom

On the back of the clasp is the engraving Family forever and Always. The bracelet has two threads (the raised dividers) which divide it into three sections. Price: 69 euros. The Mom, Eternal Love necklace is also in 925 sterling silver and features the word Mm written in italics, with the central letter in the shape of a heart decorated with three small stones. The necklace has a sliding clasp that allows you to adjust the length. Price: 69 euros.

Il bracciale con Cuore Infinito Pietre Luminose
Il bracciale con Cuore Infinito Pietre Luminose
Collana Mom Amore Eterno
Collana Mom Amore Eterno
Gioielli Pandora per la festa della mamma indossati
Gioielli Pandora per la festa della mamma

More Italy at the top of Pandora

New management structure for Pandora. Massimo Basei is the new Chief of Retail Operations of Pandora. The Italian manager has been promoted (he was General Manager, Southern Europe, Middle East & Africa) and will report to CEO Alexander Lacik, and will also be part of Pandora’s Executive Leadership Team. The Danish company also announced that its nine market clusters will now report directly to CEO Alexander Lacik. Not only that: the Chief Commercial Officer Martino Pessina resigns.

Massimo Basei
Massimo Basei

The organizational change is explained by the company as an evolution of the long-term growth strategy of Pandora, Phoenix. Having rebuilt the company’s operational foundation, the brand is now turning its focus outward to further accelerate brand desire and deliver a world-class customer experience. The change will allow for greater concentration and faster decision-making.
Store Pandora
Store Pandora

Basei will be responsible for global retail operations across Pandora’s 6,500 stores in more than one hundred markets. This includes network expansion, franchise relationships, omnichannel experience, store development and global merchandising.
Clienti nello store fiorentino di Pandora
Clienti nello store fiorentino di Pandora

We are pursuing our high-speed growth strategy as reflected in our strong financial performance. With this change, we accelerate our efforts to deliver an even better experience to millions of customers around the world. I am delighted that Massimo is taking on the role of Chief of Retail Operations. Over the past 13 years, he has made Italy one of Pandora’s largest markets and has built an exceptionally strong position for the brand. I thank Martino for taking important steps forward in our retail operations, expanding our network of stores and evolving our omnichannel approach.
Alexander Lacik, CEO of Pandora
Alexander Lacik, ceo di Pandora
Alexander Lacik, presidente e Ceo di Pandora

Basei joined Pandora as country manager for Italy in 2010 and then became responsible for Southern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He currently lives in Milan with his wife and three children: they will move to Copenhagen during the year. The manager holds a master’s degree in economics from the University of Trieste. Sara Bergiotti, currently commercial director of the Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa cluster, will assume the position of general manager of the cluster.
Pandora, gioielli della collezione Moments indossati
Pandora, gioielli della collezione Moments indossati

Lab diamonds for Pandora’s Cinderella

For those who have sometimes felt like Cinderella, unjustly kept on the sidelines, but also for those who simply love the fairy tale character, who promises revenge on injustices, Pandora offers new charms. Also in this case the pendants are produced under license, the result of the agreement between the Danish giant and the Californian cinema giant. The subject is, in fact, the fairy tale of Cinderella, which helps to commemorate the group’s one hundred years: the birthday is set for October 16, 2023. In this series, the Cinderella cartoon is remembered with a pumpkin and a magical carriage.

Ciondolo Minnie, scarpe in oro 14 carati
Ciondolo Minnie, scarpe in oro 14 carati

But not only that, there is also Minnie wearing gold shoes. She is not part of the fairy tale, but of the Diney world yes. But the novelty also consists in the fact that each charm is made with a diamond created in the laboratory. The use of synthetic stones, which have the same chemical composition as natural ones, is one of Pandora’s most recent innovations. The Enchanted Carriage, for example, is in silver, hand-finished and characterized by a swirl motif with openwork workmanship. It is offered in a limited edition. The stem and the door are in 14-karat gold, the window is decorated with a diamond created in the laboratory. The inscription Disney 100 is engraved on the back of the carriage. Price: 169 euros.
Bracciale con Minnie
Bracciale in argento con Minnie

Bracciale con Carrozza incantata
Bracciale con Carrozza incantata
Ciondolo Minnie, retro
Ciondolo Minnie, retro

Ciondolo Minnie, scarpe in oro 14 carati
Ciondolo Minnie, scarpe in oro 14 carati

Carrozza incantata con dettagli in oro e scritta Disney100
Carrozza incantata con dettagli in oro e scritta Disney100

Jewels and watches at the Oscars

The red carpet of the Oscars, which this year was champagne-colored, that is yellow, gave as always a parade of big and small actresses with their jewels. It is worth mentioning a counter-current choice, that of the model Ashley Graham, who attended the 95th Academy Awards with Pandora Timeless and Pandora Diamonds jewels. In short, not a high jewelery maison, but a very popular brand, and moreover with synthetic diamonds.

Ashley Graham con gioielli Pandora agli Academy Awards. Photo: Getty Images
Ashley Graham con gioielli Pandora agli Academy Awards. Photo: Getty Images

But it was an unusual choice. Most of the participants opted for fine jewellery. The Parisian Maison Messika has enlisted a small army of actresses for its jewels: Danai Gurira, in a purple dress, with the Little Mermaid High Jewelery earrings and the Toi & Moi pear-shaped diamond ring, Camila Mendes in a vintage Versace dress, with Concorde ring and Roaring diamonds, Poorna Jagannathan with My Twin rings, the Move Uno multi-bracelet and the My Twin trio earrings. British actress Jodie Turner Smith also wears Messika jewels, with the Messika ring by Kate Moss High Jewelry Spirited Wind and Kris Jenner with a super Roaring Diamonds necklace and Little Mermaid earrings.
Danai Gurira con gioielli Messika
Danai Gurira con gioielli Messika

Yeprem diamonds, on the other hand, were Jurnee Smollett’s choice at the Vanity Fair party, with earrings by the Lebanese Maison. As well as Jenna Dewan, with diamond earrings and Natalia Bryant at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Tiffany jewels, however, for Lady Gaga, Florence Pug, Michelle Williams. From the Italian Maison Pasquale Bruni, the jewels of the actress and singer Dove Cameron at the Elton John Aids’s Foundation Academy Award Party: Choker from the Daughter of Flowers Collection in white gold and diamonds.
Jenna Dewan con orecchini by Yeprem
Jenna Dewan con orecchini by Yeprem

But there was also room for men, often associated with fine watches. This is the case, for example, of Jon Kortajarena with Hublot’s Orlinski Titanium White Pavé 40MM watch, as well as Zachary Levi, who opted for the 40mm Classic Fusion Orlinski King Gold timepiece also from Hublot.
Jon Kortajarena con l'orologio Orlinski Titanium White Pavé 40MM di Hublot
Jon Kortajarena con l’orologio Orlinski Titanium White Pavé 40MM di Hublot

Zachary Levicon il  Classic Fusion Orlinski King Gold da 40 mm sempre di Hublot
Zachary Levicon il Classic Fusion Orlinski King Gold da 40 mm sempre di Hublot

Dove Cameron con gioielli firmati Pasquale Bruni
Dove Cameron con gioielli firmati Pasquale Bruni

Jurnee Smollett, con gioielli by Yeprem
Jurnee Smollett, con gioielli by Yeprem

Natalia Bryant, con gioielli by Yeprem
Natalia Bryant, con gioielli by Yeprem

Camila Mendes in Messika
Camila Mendes in Messika

Jodie Turner Smith  con gioielli by Messika
Jodie Turner Smith con gioielli by Messika

Poorna Jagannathan   in Messika all'Elton John AIDS Foundation's 31st annual Academy Awards viewing party
Poorna Jagannathan
in Messika all’Elton John AIDS Foundation’s 31st annual Academy Awards viewing party

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