Anelli in titanio, oro e diamanti, zaffiri
Anelli in titanio, oro e diamanti, zaffiri

Titanium in chains by Anteo Gioielli

Titanium, chains, diamonds, precious stones. With the addition of rings that show the hand-painted portrait of the house dog or cat. Anteo Gioielli is one of the goldsmith companies in the Valencia district, but with aspects that distinguish it from the others that populate the city. The first aspect concerns, in fact, the use of titanium to create large groumette bracelets with different colors, as that particular metal allows, together with inserts in gold, pavé of diamonds and pavé of stones such as sapphires and rubies. With the same shape, but in reduced dimensions, the rings are proposed. The line of these jewels is called Magnifica. The use of titanium and its particular oxidation gives the alloy a unique colour, explains the company.

Bracciale in titanio, oro e diamanti della collezione Magnifica
Titanium, gold and diamond bracelet from the Magnifica collection

Chains make up the main menu of Anteo, a company founded by Davis Paolo Fonsato. Tennis bracelets and chains with pavé diamonds are proposed for women and men. Another jewel that characterizes the company, alongside the more classic jewels such as gold or eternity wedding rings, are the chevalier-type rings that bear hand-painted portraits of dogs or cats chosen by the client, the client, on the surface. A way to walk your pet without a leash.

Anteo Gioielli, collezione Magnifica Glamour in titanio, oro, smalto e diamanti
Anteo Gioielli, Magnifica Glamor collection in titanium, gold, enamel and diamonds
Bracciale in titanio blu e zaffiri
Blue titanium and sapphire bracelet

Bracciali in titanio, oro e pavé di diamanti
Titanium, gold and diamond pavé bracelets

Anelli con zaffiri, rubini e diamanti
Rings with sapphires, rubies and diamonds

Anello in titanio con ritratto di gatto
Titanium ring with hand-painted cat portrait

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