Moraglione 1922, pendente della collezione Anastasia in oro, zaffiri rosa, diamanti, perla

The winners of Première contest in Oroarezzo

As has been the case for 33 editions, Oroarezzo offers the Première contest, which selects the jewels proposed according to an assigned theme. This year the theme was Love and Beauty, chosen for this edition by the art director Beppe Angiolini. There were 53 creations in the competition, presented by as many companies and displayed in the Oroarezzo welcome lounge, at the entrance to Arezzo Fiere e Congressi. Five categories awarded by the jury (Design, Fashion, Tradition, Sculptures to wear and Talents reserved for under 30s), with 17 companies awarded and a special mention. Here are the winners.

Alunno & Co. with Filaments; Femar with the Insieme soft gold bracelet; Kitty with the gold thread and enamel choker. Kiss on the neck. Patros with Cleo self love.

Alunno & C, bracciale Filamenti
Alunno & Co, Filamenti bracelet

D’orica with the Desert Rose necklace; Giloro with the Cupido carved gold and crystal ring; Ready to manufacture with Venus curves.

D’orica, collana Rosa del deserto
D’orica, Desert Rose necklace

Anima, vintage-inspired gold and diamond necklace; Lucchetta 1953 with golden flight, gold necklace with open cage-shaped pendant; Moraglione 1922 with the Anastasia collection; Veneroso with Twenty Seconds, gold and red enamel necklace.
Anima, collana in oro e diamanti di ispirazione vintage
Anima, vintage-inspired gold and diamond necklace

Sculptures to wear
Coar by Roberto Intorre: Onda necklace in bleached silver from the Riti e reti collection; Luiber, gold silver bracelet, composed of spherical elements of different sections; Silver Light Group, ring with the symbols of love.
Coar by Roberto Intorre: collana Onda in argento sbiancato della collezione Riti e reti
Coar by Roberto Intorre: Onda necklace in bleached silver from the Riti e reti collection

Special prize
For the creative excellence that she contributed to recognizing in the Arezzo Goldsmith District to Graziella Braccialini with Forgiveness liberates the soul and erases fear, a gold metal necklace; Unoaerre Industries with Nuances, necklace with natural stones; Giordini for the Japanese Love bracelet, in gold.
Graziella Braccialini, Il perdono libera l’anima e cancella la paura, collana in metallo d’orato
Graziella Braccialini, Forgiveness frees the soul and erases fear, gold metal necklace

Ex aequo for the Technical Professional Goldsmith Institute of Arezzo to the sketch by Chiara Angeli with an elegant necklace with a Korcion pendant element, a spherical gem. For the Giovagnoli art school in San Sepolcro to Asia Barberi for the Braccianello, a bracelet with a central gem set, from which the chains with the rings start. The winners will be given the opportunity to see their creations made, free of charge, thanks to the collaboration of local partner companies on the occasion of the fourth Italian Jewelery Summit to be held in Arezzo in December 2024.
Lucchetta 1953, Volo dorato, collana d’oro con pendente a forma di gabbietta aperta
Lucchetta 1953, Golden Flight, gold necklace with open cage-shaped pendant

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