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Anello in oro rosa 18 carati e diamanti della collezione Cubini

Hulchi Belluni, new jewels, diamonds and Feng Shui

The new jewels by Hulchi Belluni: born in Belgium, they are produced in Italy, but they also have a hint of the Orient ♦ Martine Hul is a diamond pavé […]

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Anello con diamante centrale a taglio Henri Daussi Cushion

The thousand reflections of Henri Daussi’s cushion

History and diamonds by Henri Daussi, a name and a guarantee like the city in which it was born, Antwerp ♦ ︎ In Antwerp, diamonds are like baguettes in Paris […]

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Love Cables Knuckle Ring a doppio cerchio in oro rosa con diamanti

Kimy Gringoire’s new life

Evolution or revolution? It happens, at some point in life, that you want or need to start over. And this is what happened to Kim Hye Mee, a Korean designer […]

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Anello in vermeil oro rosa con diamanti

Joelle Jewelery, the tradition that is in fashion

Savransky is the name of a family of diamond traders, based in Antwerp, the European capital of the most sought-after precious stone. But Joelle Savransky began her career in the […]

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Anello flessibile in oro bianco e diamanti

Gold, diamonds and GioMio

Gold, diamonds and the sober elegance of GioMio, fruit of the imagination of Georges Sabbagh ♦ ︎ The name perhaps sound Italian, but was born in Antwerp, the European capital […]

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Orecchini in oro bianco, diamanti navette e tormalina Paraiba

The links of Salima Thakker

Salima Thakker, perfect example of cultures that meet: the designer was born and works in Antwerp, an Indian father and a Belgian mother. Antwerp is the European capital of diamonds […]

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Anello in oro rosa e bianco, con diamanti bianchi e brown della collezione Rijad

Antonellis, Italy made in Antwerp

Antonellis: name that seems Italian, but Belgian design, here are the jewels of the great North. The phenomenon of Italian Sound Branding is not confined to food products. Cheese which […]

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Anello della collezione Catena in oro rosa e rubino cabochon

The precious legacy of Nadine Aysoy

They are called Catena and Celeste. Two Italian words for the collections of Nadine Aysoy, a Belgian who lives and works in London. In short, an international breath for this […]

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Anelli in oro rosa e diamanti brown

Diamonds are called Bloch

Little is known about the Bloch family of Antwerp. Yet from 46 years Bloch was one of the most popular jewelers in Belgium, but with a wide range of export […]

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Orecchino della collezione Distrito Federal II in oro bianco, diamanti tormalina verde

You and Kim Hye Mee

The modern and reversible rings of Belgian designer Kimy Gringoire Lejeune and her brand Kim Hye Mee ♦ She is named Kimy Gringoire Lejeune and she founded the brand Kim […]

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anello fiore in oro rosa 18 carati e tormalina rosa

The double World of Kim Hye Mee

The jewels of the Belgian designer, of Korean origin, Kim Hye Mee: simple geometries that hide complex solutions ♦ She defines herself as “rough and refined at the same time.” Kim […]

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Il diamante da 910 carati

Sold the Diamond Legend

The world’s fifth largest diamond, The Lesotho Legend, is sold for 40 million dollars ♦ In which jewels will the fifth largest diamond in the world be transformed? The diamond, […]

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